Ruby Red 40th Anniversary Party

Ruby Red 40th Anniversary Party

When we feature customer stories we are typically looking at the beginning of “happily ever after,” whether that is a wedding or a gender reveal party. Today, we’re taking a look at a couple who celebrated 40 years of marriage with a knock down anniversary party. This party was especially fun for me as the couple happens to be my fabulous in-laws! So allow me to introduce you to two of my favorite people in the world, Jack and Leann.

Featured Anniversary Party: Jack and Leann

How they met

It was at St. Francis Elementary School in Bakersfield, CA. Amidst nuns and uniforms, something magical happened. He was in third grade, she in second. He saw that vibrant, smiling blonde and vowed he fell in nine-year-old love. But before either one could act on the crush, she was gone.

They met again in college, and after two weeks of dating he asked her to marry him. Nine months later, on August 18, 1978, they tied the knot.

Featured Anniversary Party: Jack and Leann

Forty years, two kids, and five grandkids later they are still caught up in their whirlwind romance.

Ruby Red Anniversary Party

Pardon the scowling child. He is my son ;)

Most folks describe marriage as a 50/50 relationship. Both parties meet halfway, and it’s in the middle where the magic happens. This isn’t true for Jack and Leann. This couple shows up with a 100% on each side. They are completely invested in each other’s outcome, and that’s why we had to celebrate their beautiful marriage with a truly epic party.

The party

Leann’s parents, Maryann and Jerry–known to all as Nama and Pop–have a great, big backyard that is used by the family for every holiday and event. Even with Bakersfield’s notorious August heat, we managed to power through and have a blast outside. Heat hack: we rented a few gigantic fans to help offset the heat. Leann’s daughter, also named Maryanne, was in charge of the decorations and she did a stellar job. The color/symbol for a 40th wedding anniversary is “Ruby Red.” We had fun incorporating what happens to be one of Leann’s favorite colors. Using repurposed pallets, Maryanne made a photo display to highlight different milestones in their marriage.

Featured Wedding: Jack and Leann

Balloon creations by Paradise Balloons were set up all over the yard for ambiance. What was so wonderful about this company is they brought everything in, set it up, and came the next morning to clear them away. If you’re planning a party and want instant ambiance, I highly recommend you find a company like Paradise Balloons.

Featured Anniversary Party: Jack and Leann

Featured Wedding: Jack and Leann

We kept it simple and actually purchased centerpieces from the local Vons grocery store. They did a fantastic job. It’s nice to know you don’t have to secure a high-end florist to get beautiful results. While I’m a huge fan of said high-end florists, the budget doesn’t always allow for them. So if you’re looking for floral options, keep in mind that grocery store florists can be a great resource!

Featured Anniversary Party: Jack and Leann

The food

If there is one thing you want to splurge on at any party, it’s the food. We secured catering from three of Bakersfield’s best restaurants. Like I said, we splurged. Leann and Jack’s kids and spouses were in charge of serving. That said, I did not get to enjoy eating until around 10 PM, and even so Jake’s Tex Mex was heaven.

Featured Anniversary Party: Jack and Leann

Featured Anniversary Party: Jack and Leann

Jack, ever the constant Grandpa, enjoyed his meal with his youngest grandson, Ezra, on his lap. Leann, always the life of a party, probably didn’t take time away from the dance floor to actually eat.

Ruby Red Anniversary Party

My one culinary contribution was this Sparkling White Peach Sangria. My husband voiced his doubts, “peach??” But yes, after finding the recipe on Pinterest it will now be my go-to beverage to bring to parties.

Ruby Red Anniversary Party

The dancing

Beyond eating, toasting, and kids running amok, the best part of the evening was the dancing. Somehow, we managed to book the most sought-after DJ in Bakersfield. I have never seen someone quite like DJ Donald. He manages to get every last guest out there on the dance floor and even choreographs dances throughout the night.

Ruby Red Anniversary Party

Ruby Red Anniversary Party

Ruby Red Anniversary Party

Of course, working for a company like Superior Celebrations, I knew without a doubt we needed confetti cannons. As it was a surprise for everyone, it happened to be quite the feat to coordinate. I left my husband, Matt, in charge of the ten cannons and he now believes he has a future in event productions. {Insert eye roll}.

Ruby Red Anniversary Party

Ruby Red Anniversary Party

When the confetti went off, everyone was screaming and jumping around. It was absolutely magical and I had at least fifteen different people tell me it MADE the evening. I can now say without any bias that confetti cannons enhance every event. We used the biodegradable Multicolored Wedding Confetti for easy clean up.

Overall, it was like attending the very best wedding reception: good food, good friends, and great dancing. It was a blast to celebrate two people who work at keeping their marriage strong, and make the world better just by being together.

A huge shoutout to Keri, from for capturing all the photos from this wonderful event. Follow her on Instagram to see her fabulous work.

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Featured Wedding: Sabrina and Corey

Featured Wedding: Sabrina & Corey

It’s such a joy to see how customers use our products to enhance their day. We’re blown away by the creativity and vision of every wedding, party, and gender reveal. Today, we get to share a fun wedding story with you from our customers Sabrina and Corey, who tied the knot back in October 2017. Sabrina captivated me with their love story and the inspiration for her backyard wedding. Their gorgeous micro-wedding is full of amazing details that will inspire you to seriously consider a small wedding. So without further adieu, here’s Sabrina Rowe!

Featured Wedding: Sabrina and Corey

Flower Crown by Amy Marie Events

How They Met

One of my favorite things about our story is that we met as freshmen at Denbigh High School, in Newport News, Virginia. Corey’s best friend, Josh, approached my locker because I was the “new girl” at school. I was quickly distracted by this curly haired, shy, brunette boy, Corey, who could barely look at me. And at that moment I just knew I HAD to know him. Turns out he felt the same way. We spent all of our high school years hanging out, but always secretly admiring each other. It wasn’t until we were 18 and graduated when we finally kissed and he asked me to be his girlfriend. Unfortunately, I turned him down! I felt we were too young, and knew our relationship would be too strong. We both needed to grow up some more. My exact words were, “I really do believe one day we’ll cross paths again and be ready for each other.”

Featured Wedding

High School Graduates!

We remained great friends, and then on a what felt like it was “meant to be night” 6 years later, we rekindled. He asked me out and I knew I would be stupid to say no. It was like our feelings never stopped, and it was love at second chance. September of 2012 we made it official and never looked back! We managed to have 2 sons, buy a home, and 5 years later we married!

How He Asked

Our proposal story is very simple. We spend many nights enjoying each other’s company by the fireplace in our home.  On July 5, 2017 he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I cried yes, then held and kissed him. It wasn’t until 10 minutes later he put his head down and said, “I’m so sorry…..I don’t have a ring.” I laughed and told him that was the last thing I ever thought of. Spoiler alert: he later surprised me with a beautiful rose gold morganite ring.

Why They Had A Micro-Wedding

It’s a newer term, but a micro-wedding is basically a traditional wedding on a much, much smaller scale. While it may have bothered some people that we didn’t invite everyone, it was a no brainer for us to have a micro-wedding. Our primary goal was to finally celebrate “us.” Not our family, not our friends, but Corey Rowell and Sabrina Figueroa. We had a guest list of 30 people including of our parents, siblings, his grandmother, and our wedding party. We chose our closet friends to make up our wedding party and it was perfect.

One really special thing about our wedding party is that it was full of surprises. No one knew we were engaged until we sent out invitations by mail. Then they surprised us as one by one they began to pay for our vendors. It was extremely overwhelming, and so very generous.

The Best Part of the Day

Our wedding took place in our backyard, and our family took the boys for the night before so could prepare everything. I remember being terrified that the weather would turn bad, but we woke up early and discovered we would have a beautiful 73 degree day. I know this is untraditional, but we spent the whole morning together doing finishing touches. Our whole relationship has always been about being a team, and that is what we were on the morning of our wedding.

Featured Wedding: Sabrina and Corey

My favorite memory is the moment we finally stopped and  looked around at the finished product. We were both sweaty and flustered, but also blown away by the beautiful result. Corey looked at me and said, “Sabrina, look at what you created. Our wedding is going to be beautiful!” That’s when I cried.

Featured Wedding: Sabrina and Corey

The Details

Whenever I used to dream about my wedding I envisioned it as a Mamma Mia style wedding. Boho is my absolute favorite decor motif, and I wanted to incorporate that in our big day. My very talented florist, Amy, from Amy Marie Events totally made my vision come to life.

Featured Wedding: Sabrina and Corey

Bouquet by Amy Marie Events

I helped with the decorations and centerpieces, and Corey built our gorgeous wedding arch.

Featured Wedding: Sabrina and Corey

Centerpiece by Sabrina

Featured Wedding: Corey and Sabrina

Custom arch by Corey

Deanna Miner turned my hair into something rivaling Rapunzel’s, and Maria, from Maria Grace Photography took all of our photos.

Featured Wedding: Sabrina and Corey


Featured Wedding: Sabrina and Corey

Cake by Bella Cakes

The Grand Finale

I remember telling Corey that we absolutely HAD to have confetti cannons. My argument was because our wedding was so small it would blow it up.  And…I was right! I left our officiant in charge of handing them out, and thank God I did because I completely forgot to lay them out. We were pronounced husband and wife, and as we kissed THEY BLEW UP! Confetti blossomed everywhere, and it was beautiful. Our first married kiss will always be remembered that way.

Featured Wedding: Sabrina and Corey

We spent the rest of our evening eating BBQ, dancing, and enjoying our friends and family. It was absolutely everything I dreamed of for my wedding.

A huge thank you to Sabrina for sharing your story with us. It’s so fun to connect with customers and learn the back story of one beautiful day. Your wedding is the perfect example of love, community, and collaboration. We wouldn’t have been able to connect if not for tagging us, so if you’re interested in featuring a wedding or event please tag @superiorcelebrations on Instagram or just use the #superiorcelebrations so that we can connect!

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5 Fabulous Gifts for the Father of the Bride

Five Fabulous Gifts for the Father of the Bride

There’s a whole score of wedding movies that lend perspective to the various players in any wedding. The Wedding Planner, My Best Friend’s Wedding, Bridesmaids, and The Wedding Singer all tell you exactly who they are representing in their titles. My personal favorite wedding movie is the timeless classic Father of the Bride. Besides the hilarious exchanges between Steve Martin and Martin Short, the movie offers a poignant look at the often overlooked father of the bride. I have it on good authority that dads with daughters cannot make it through this movie without shedding a tear. It’s scientific fact.

Image via Amazon

Image via Amazon

We thought it would be fun to take a closer look at the father of the bride and figure out how to make him feel special. He really only gets two moments of attention during the whole day. There’s the dramatically charged question, “Who gives this woman to be married today?” and then there’s the sentimental father-daughter dance.  Of course, the day is not about dad, but it’s a pretty big deal for him. Don’t believe me? Just watch Father of the Bride and you’ll get it.

So brides, we’ve got five thoughtful gifts that knock dad’s socks off.

Gifts for the Father of the Bride


Speaking of socks, this personalized pair is both practical and sweet. I love that it plays up on that major moment for him–walking his girl down the aisle. He can wear them on your big day and save them for special occasions after. There are a number of stores that sell this footwear, but we prefer It’s Your Turn Socks because they even have an option to gift to the father of the groom. You’re welcome, new daughter in law.

Available for purchase on Etsy

Available for purchase on Etsy


If your dad is prone to waterworks, you might as well make sure he’s prepared. A customized handkerchief is a perfectly thoughtful way to show him you care. Bonus tip: get a matching one for mom, too!

Photo and handkerchief by Snugaheart

Photo and handkerchief by Snugaheart

Tie Patch

Another sweet accessory you could gift your dad is a patch for his tie. Like the socks, no one but you two will know it’s there, but it is a very sentimental gesture. You can also gift one to the father of the groom.

Photo by Snugahug

Photo by Snugahug

Art Piece

Do you have a special song to dance to with your dad? Everyone knows the father-daughter dance is one of the sweetest parts of the reception. Whether you choreograph an elaborate dance that ends up going viral (wink) or choose to slow dance with dad, the song lyrics from your dance will always be special to him. Wait for your photographer to give back your photos, and then you can make a personalized print with your dance lyrics. This is one of those gifts that will be enjoyed forever.

Wedding Souvenir

If you watch Father of the Bride, you’ll notice that the two biggest conflicts for George Banks (Steve Martin) are losing his little girl and paying for the wedding. Much of the hilarity arises from his inability to accept that weddings cost a fortune. This theme is nothing new in the world of wedding planning, and you can have some fun with it when it comes to your father of the bride gift. A word of caution would be to only play up this joke if your dad has a solid sense of humor.

You don’t have to spend much to go the extra mile with your gift for father of the bride. What really matters is that you show him your love and appreciation. Whether it be a pair of socks, a cheesy mug, or a handwritten letter just make sure he understands how you value him. We hope these ideas help you as you plan your wedding. As always, be sure to share with us on Facebook and Instagram and tag #superiorcelebrations.

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The Best Fourth of July. Ever.

The Best 4th of July. Ever.

It’s never too early to be thinking about America’s birthday. It has a way of sneaking up on you–probably because of how lazy we tend to be during summer–and this is just one of those holidays you don’t want to miss. That said, we have a fantastic sale going on to help you celebrate the Fourth in full force!

Today we’re featuring some of our favorite food, activities, and decor for the perfect Fourth of July celebration.

The Best Fourth of July Food

Let’s start out with the most important item on the agenda: food. The Fourth is a holiday where Americans momentarily part with their diets and restrictions and indulge in outrageously decadent summer food. You could say it’s very much like Thanksgiving in that way.


By far the most popular Fourth of July menu option is BBQ. You can keep it as simple or complicated as you like. Most people with kids opt for burgers and hotdogs, but if you’re feeling a bit more ambitious we recommend these Fall Off the Bone BBQ Ribs.

What is interesting about these ribs is that they tenderize all day long in a slow-cooker and then get nice and charred on the grill after.

If you have a lot of mouths to feed and don’t want to slave away over a hot grill this recipe for Spicy Dr. Pepper Pulled Pork is a dream. Cooked in a Dutch Oven or crock pot, this meal serves up to 18 people! Eat it in a sandwich, taco, or by itself, you can satisfy that BBQ craving without even turning on the grill.


An excellent and easy side dish to serve are BBQ Deviled Eggs. This recipe combines two of the most glorious foods–BBQ and deviled eggs. You’ll need to make about twice as many as you *think* you’ll need. They are sure to go fast!

If you want to give your guests something to talk about long after the Fourth is over, check out this recipe for Hot Corn Dip. This is one of those foods that I know without even tasting it would be like Kryptonite for me. If you have stronger will power than me, I beg you to make it. I want to spend the Fourth knowing that somewhere out there, there are people indulging in this heavenly dish. I just don’t think I can be one of them *sob.


Let’s move along to the sweeter side of things, shall we? We recommend you keep desserts simple and transportable as they will be most likely be consumed around the time you watch the fireworks show. Like the idea of making something that is both salty and sweet? Check out this Patriotic Popcorn which combines popcorn, marshmallows, M’n’Ms and Pretzel M’n’Ms. To die for!

Another sweet and simple dessert idea are these cheesecake bites from The Kitchen is My Playground. Red, white, blue and just a hint of healthy these are great for adults and kids alike. The cheesecake base is a simple concoction of confectioner’s sugar, cream cheese, and almond extract. A super simple recipe, this is one that you can let your kids “help” with by lining up blueberries.

Finally, if you want to really dazzle your younger crowd and please the adults chocolate dipped Oreos are the way to go. Slide them onto a stick and you have Oreo Pops! These are sure to be a crowd pleaser and while they may look intimidating–they are a cinch to make.

The Best Fourth of July Activities for Kids

If you’re like me, and are a parent to small children, you know that a day long event that leads up to fireworks is going to have your kids antsy. “Mom, when is it time for fireworks?” “Mom! Can we do fireworks now?” “Mom! Is it time for the fireworks to start yet?” I have found that the easiest way to field these questions is to have plenty of activities to keep them busy. After all, I want to spend the day enjoying friends and family, not getting irritated by my very persistent five-year-old.

Coloring Station

I recommend having a craft table set up with various projects your kids can do with minimal guidance. For example, having a small coloring station lined up will keep your littles busy for hours. With endless free printables out there, you can print pages off ahead of time and surprise your kids with new coloring “books.”

[Click HERE for free printables]


Another simple but fun activity for kids is to have a chalk-work fireworks challenge. My kids perk up to anything with the word “challenge” attached to it. “Bet you can’t fill the whole driveway up with chalk fireworks!” That’s all it would take to send my two kids out for a solid hour of chalk-work fun.


For an activity that might require a *little* adult supervision/help, check out this fun fireworks craft that incorporates salt, glue, and food color for a 3-dimensional result.


Now, this last activity will DEFINITELY require adult supervision, but this will be the thing they talk about and remember for years to come.

Enter sparklers.

Our color sparklers are 10″ long and burn for about 40 seconds. These are guaranteed to make your kid squeal with glee.

Color sparklers: perfect for your kids to enjoy on the 4th of July

If you want to have a longer-lasting effect then we suggest the 20″ wedding sparklers. Don’t let the word “wedding” deter you. These babies will burn for 120 seconds and will absolutely mesmerize your kids!

image1 (2)

A third option are the Fluorescent Sparkler Torches. These 17″ long sparklers deliver more of a glow than an actual sparkler effect. Just make sure your  little Jedis know not to use them as light sabers 😉

We also have patriotic LED foam stickspatriotic glow sticks, necklaces, and bracelets for your kids to enjoy while they watch the fireworks show. I like these items because they help me locate my kids in the dark and my kids get a huge kick out them!

The Best Fourth of July Decor

It doesn’t take much to spruce up your house or yard for July Fourth entertaining. A few flags here, a couple stars there and BAM! You’re Uncle Sam approved. However, should you want to go the extra mile we have found a few ideas that deliver big with minimal effort.

Painted Lawn Stars

That’s right, you can totally paint your lawn. I know my kids would flip a lid if we did this. They would also probably think that its totally ok to paint the lawn whenever they want to…so make sure you communicate that this is a once-a-year kind of thing.

Fourth of July Decor Painted Lawn Stars 3

[photo and tutorial: The Concrete Cottage]

 Patriotic Mantel

While you have the spray paint out for your lawn you can easily whip up this adorable mantel look. Jars, twigs, and spray paint oh my! It’s so easy it’s ridiculous. These would also be very cute as centerpieces.


[photo and tutorial: Landee Lu]

 Fireworks Centerpiece

We have a special place in our heart for anything fireworks related. This adorable paper fireworks centerpiece is perfect in every way. The best thing about this decor piece is that it’s just paper and straws! How easy is that?

[photo and tutorial: Design Improvised]

We could go on and on, but as you can see the possibilities are endless when it comes to your July 4th celebration. We hope you walk away inspired and ready to make this Fourth of July the best one yet!

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Our Best Tips for a July 4th Wedding

Our Best Tips for a July 4th Wedding

For most Americans, the 4th of July conjures up images of BBQ, country music, friends, family, and fireworks. What happens when you have an Independence Day themed wedding? Pure Americana magic, that’s what.

Today we’re sharing how to get the most from your 4th-of-July-themed wedding. From flowers, to food, to fireworks, we’re covering all the bases for your magical day.

Floral Inspiration

4th of July Wedding Flowers and Inspiration

With a July 4th wedding you will obviously want to incorporate red, white, and blue in your flower scheme. However, there are some fun and surprising touches you can add for some extra romance.

What’s fun about this little red, white, and blue floral arrangement are the pops of yellow from the Billy Balls flowers. Yes, they are called Billy Balls. You can geek out with the best of botanists talking about these rad little flowers.

Another way to showcase your Independence Day flowers is to tone down the traditional colors and really play up the white. The white flowers enhance the wedding theme and let the Americana concept take the back seat.

4th of July wedding flowers. Great ideas here!

[photo: Sarah Shreves]

The sky-blue streamers hanging from the bouquets add a nice contrast to the navy blue dresses. If you look closely, you’ll notice that the bride’s bouquet eliminates all colors outside of white and ivory. Her streamers are white and the overall effect makes her the dominating focal point for the photo. This is a beautiful and classy way to stay within a July 4th theme.

July 4th wedding inspiration. Beautiful flower ideas!

[photo: Sarah Shreves]

There is a final, and bold way to deliver on the Independence Day theme. Using only red roses, this Pennsylvania wedding knocked the ball out of the park with this bold and dramatic choice.

What happens when you use only red for your florals? THIS happens. Absolute, total, epic drama. We love it. Boots aside, there is nothing quaint about this photo. The color here speaks volumes. Such a gorgeous assembly of contrasting colors.

Food Inspiration

July 4th wedding food

July 4th is the absolute best date to showcase summer foods. The possibilities are endless, which makes planning all the more fun. We recommend starting with a BBQ base, as most of your guests expect BBQ on Independence Day.

BBQ gives you the perfect foundation from which to brag. We love this bold and outrageous menu that pulls from all the best of the bbq world.

Another fun detail to incorporate is the classic Coca Cola bottle. Serving them as a beverage acts as both a decor piece and cute favor for your guests.

What’s more American than apple pie? A fun twist on traditional wedding cake is to serve pie instead. Pies pair deliciously with BBQ, and just look at how gorgeous this spread is!

Serve pies at a July 4th Wedding instead of cake!

Mini pies are perfect for guests who want to hurry up and get back on the dance floor. You could fill your dessert table with pies, eclairs, cookies, and even popcorn.

Decor Inspiration

July 4th wedding decor ideas

When it comes to July 4th wedding decor being playful and imaginative is your best bet. For example, if you choose to have a photo booth for your guests, consider making it a focal point for your reception decor. This California couple decked out an old VW van to be a darling photo booth. The marquee light signs really draw the eye to this fun and unique take on the photo booth.

If the bride and groom are from different states a fun decor piece to use is a state sign. This couple highlighted the journey of their love story with state cut-outs on an adorable sign.

Perhaps the easiest and most obvious decor piece to use at your July 4th wedding is the American flag! This serves as a reminder to your guests that not only are they celebrating your wedding, but their country’s independence. The flag is also a great backdrop for stunning photos.

Fireworks InspirationJuly 4th wedding fireworks

Ok, if you’re having the a July 4th wedding, hands-down the most important element of your event is the fireworks display. You HAVE to have great fireworks. Not only will this be the highlight of the evening, but it will be the optimum time to get photos.

Our wholesale division at Superior Fireworks can supply all your fireworks needs. Here are some of our favorite shots from a customer with a beautiful venue in Louisiana, Southern Oaks Plantation.

Fireworks at a 4th of July wedding

How’s that for some red, white and blue? Your guests will get the very best fireworks show in the country! Choreograph it with your favorite love songs and you’ve got the perfect, romantic finale for your big day.

Fireworks at a July 4th wedding

For information regarding our fireworks, please visit our sister site and take a look around. Additionally, sparklers are another fun element to include in your July 4th reception. Check out How to Photograph a Sparkler Wedding Sparkler Exit to get the very best out of your sparkler photos.

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Summer Bucket List

Summer Bucket List

Summer is in full swing! Have you made your bucket list yet? Here are a few ideas to get the most out of your summer!

1. Movie marathon days.

Summer is the perfect time to revisit family favorites like Toy Story 1, 2, and 3, Lord of the Rings, and Harry Potter. There are also so many great shows on Netflix and Hulu to binge-watch!

Summer Bucket List Ideas

2. Beach day.

If you’re close to one, plan on several beach days this summer. Building sandcastles, catching sand crabs, and boogie boarding are some of our family favorites. And did you know that everything tastes better at the beach? Well, as long as you can keep the sand out of your food, that is.

3. Outdoor nap.

There’s nothing more relaxing and rejuvenating as taking a nap outside. Whether it’s by the pool, at the beach, or in your own backyard, make it a goal to get some shuteye outside.

4. Make S’mores.

S’mores are an iconic part of summer. If you can’t make them over a fire, there are so many fantastic recipes on Pinterest to bake them indoors. I like this S’mores dip for a less-messy option.

Recipe from Cleverly Simple

Recipe from Cleverly Simple

5. Make a bonfire.

Speaking of s’mores, bonfires provide a fun, and unique way to hang out with friends and family. At the beach, in the desert, or at a campsite, bonfires give you the perfect reason to roast hot dogs and marshmallows, bust out the cheesy camp songs, and stay up late with friends.

6. Fly a kite.

When is the last time you played with a kite? I honestly cannot remember the last time I did, so that’s going on the to-do list.

7. Reading challenge.

Can I get an amen from all the moms? When your kids got out of school for summer, chances are they joined friends in a reading challenge. Why not have the adults jump in, too? Set a goal and discover some new favorite books this summer. Here’s a great list to get you started!

Head over to Everyday Reading to grab your list!

Head over to Everyday Reading to grab your list!

8. Watch a baseball game.

Sure, it’s hot and the price for a hot dog is outrageous, but watching baseball game in the summer is a must!

9. Concert in the park.

Most communities have various concerts and movie nights that are totally free to attend. Bring your own chairs and blankets and enjoy entertainment outside.

10. Glow in the dark party.

We’ve talked about this a few times on the blog. Whether you’re planning a fun party for your tween, or wanting to jump on the latest trend for glow-in-the-dark fitness classes, summer is a great time to try it out!

Summer Bucket List Ideas

11. Launch a confetti cannon.

Seriously, if you have little kids and don’t mind a little “controlled chaos” confetti cannons provide a solid hour of entertainment for them.

12. Visit a water park.

There’s nothing quite like sharing gallons of chlorine with a thousand people, is there? I personally love water parks because they tire my kids out for days, and amusement park food is sinfully delicious.

13. Volunteer.

Summer is a great time to focus on giving back to your community. Volunteer your time and energy at church, your local rec center, a library, or a homeless shelter. See how you can get involved and encourage your kids to do so too. If you’re not too sure how to get started check out this post on how to find volunteer opportunities.

14. Eat from a food truck.

From Find LA Food Trucks

From Find LA Food Trucks

You can find some fantastic food by visiting farmers markets and local food truck nights. Burgers, falafal, lobster rolls, grilled cheese, shaved ice and street tacos are just a few of the dishes you’ll find from food trucks.

15.  Unplug for 24 hours.

It’s a real challenge to get away from technology and social media, but it is so good for the soul when you do. Have a day where you completely unplug and just enjoy nature and each other.

So how’s that for some summer fun? We hope you feel inspired to get out there and make more fabulous memories for Summer 2017!

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The Ultimate Memorial Day Menu

The Ultimate Memorial Day Menu

Memorial Day, the last Monday in May, is a significant day for most Americans. We all know at least one person who serves in the military. Memorial Day is the day we stop and remember those who died while serving our country. A long weekend, Memorial Day is the perfect opportunity to spend time with friends and family and celebrate the freedom we have while honoring those who defended it.

Memorial Day is also an optimal day for cooking and eating. The weather is perfect for for breaking out the grill and kicking off BBQ season. Hurray for long nights spent cooking out on patios and sipping sweet tea! We have scoured the web for drool-inducing recipes and put together a spectacular spread from drinks to desserts. This is your ultimate Memorial Day menu.

The Ultimate Memorial Day Menu


For a low-calorie, refreshing drink that can be enjoyed by all, whip up this easy Strawberry Blueberry Limeade. This drink is so pretty it makes any meal festive. For kids, serve in capped Mason jars with straws!

Strawberry Blueberry Limeade

Adults can enjoy this Watermelon Blueberry Coconut Daiquiri. The daiquiri is made with coconut milk, frozen watermelon, and frozen blueberries and is relatively easy to put together. You could easily make a virgin version and it’s sweet enough to serve as dessert!

Watermelon Blueberry Coconut Daiquiri


If you’re going to serve appetizers at your Memorial Day party, you have to somehow incorporate bacon. Unless you’re a vegan, in which case, I’m sorry. Cheddar Bacon Ranch Dip is the ultimate treat to serve your guests. Paired with chips, you’re in dip heaven. Served with veggies, you can appease a guilty conscience.

cheddar bacon ranch dip

For a “cleaner” dip, try Cowboy Caviar, a colorful and versatile salsa to pair with just about anything. Hint: this is a great garnish for tri-tip! Cowboy Caviar


There is a sort of unwritten law about Memorial Day: you have to BBQ. If you don’t own a grill, or the weather is not permitting it, order takeout BBQ. The BBQ rule is one you should follow.

Finger-smacking ribs are an excellent choice for honoring the Memorial Day law. This American recipe for BBQ Ribs uses a 2-liter bottle of Coke as a base.

Barbecue Coca Cola Ribs

Hotdogs are always a popular choice for Memorial Day cookouts. How about taking the hotdog to a whole new level by wrapping them in bacon? Bacon-Wrapped Jalapeno Hotdogs served with–wait for it–GUACAMOLE! I die.

Bacon Jalapeno Hot Dogs

Ok, ok. Let’s balance out all this bacon with some chicken. I tend to find chicken rather boring, but these Hawaiian Chicken Kebabs look absolutely incredible. These would be a good option to pair with either the ribs or hotdogs so that guests have a lighter choice in meat.

Hawaiian Chicken Skewers


When it comes to cookouts, the side dish possibilities are endless. Baked macaroni and cheese is always a crowd-pleasing side dish. Interesting enough for adults, mild enough for the kids, this Baked Macaroni and Cheese is an excellent dish to pair with your BBQ.

baked macaroni and cheese

 To add some color and fruit to the mix, consider serving Watermelon Feta Salad. Served on a bed of arugula, this salad is perfectly light and refreshing.

watermelon salad

 Another classic American side dish is baked beans. Check out this recipe for Best Baked Beans Ever and get some inspiration. This is baked beans meets award-winning chili. Sweetness, heat, BACON–wow.

best baked beans


It would be a miracle if your guests have any room left after all these fabulous dishes; however, we have to talk about dessert. For something dreadfully decadent, we recommend this Chocolate Poke Cake.

Chocolate Poke Cake

Holy holy–doesn’t that look amazing? The texture is light and fluffy with tiny pops of mini-chocolate chips.

For something a little more simple and light we like Flag Fruit Tray. All it takes is some yogurt-covered pretzels and berries. Doesn’t really get any easier than that!

Flag Fruit Tray

 Memorial Day is a special day to enjoy being an American. Make sure you celebrate it right with these great dishes!

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Your Cinco de Mayo Feast

Your Cinco de Mayo Feast

Raise your hand if you’re ready to celebrate Cinco de Mayo! Tacos, guacamole, and margaritas are calling to us. But what is Cinco de Mayo really about?

Cinco de Mayo is often mistaken as the holiday celebrating Mexican Independence Day, but it actually commemorates a battle in which Mexicans defeated French forces at the Fort of Guadalupe in Puebla on May 5, 1862. It’s one of those great underdog stories where the victorious army faced troops double their size.  While the French later went on to capture both Puebla and Mexico City, the victory is still celebrated because it inspired both pride and unity amongst Mexican forces.

Today, Cinco de Mayo is thought of as the great spring kickoff party. What better way to celebrate spring than with a fabulous spread of food shared with friends and family? We put together a little feast that goes beyond the typical taco menu (though there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with tacos). Have some fun this Cinco de Mayo and try a few new dishes to add to your spring/summer favorites.

Celebrate Cinco de Mayo

A Cinco de Mayo Menu


If you love tacos but are trying to be a little more creative, sopes are the way to go. Made from thick rounds of fried masa, sopes are like open-faced tacos with a softer, pillow-like shell. You can top them with just about anything–beans, shrimp, chicken, beef, or veggies. We like this traditional recipe from Mexico in My Kitchen which uses black beans, chicken, and cotija cheese.

Photo and recipe by Mexico in My Kitchen

Photo and recipe by Mexico in My Kitchen


If you’re entertaining a vegan crowd, or if someone in your group has food allergies, Mexican food can be a little tricky. However, there are plenty of ways to “fake” the cheese, skip the meat, and keep it gluten free. We don’t often think of potatoes as a filler for enchiladas, but this potato and roasted poblano enchilada will tempt you to forgo a cheesy enchilada for something quite unique. Using a cashew base for the “cheese,” these savory enchiladas are gluten-free and vegan friendly!

Photo and Recipe by Thyme and Love

Photo and Recipe by Thyme and Love

Mexican Street Corn

If something can be simultaneously refreshing and decadent, it’s Mexican street corn. Mexican street corn takes your typical corn-on-the-cob and packs a flavorful punch of citrus, spice, and creamy cheese. It’s a great stand alone treat, but it will pair perfectly with your main dish of sopes or enchiladas.

Photo and recipe by Little Spice Jar

Photo and recipe by Little Spice Jar

Agua Fresca

Margaritas aside, you’re going to want something sweet to wash all this delicious food down. Agua fresca will keep with your Mexican theme and taste amazing. Unlike most juice drinks, agua fresca literally takes the essence of the fruit and enhances it with fresh herbs. The result is sweet, but not too sweet. There are countless recipes and flavor combinations out there, but we like this simple watermelon mint one because it doesn’t add any extra sugar.

Photo and recipe by Iowa Girl Eats

Photo and recipe by Iowa Girl Eats

Tres Leches Cake

If you haven’t made a Tres Leches Cake before, Cinco de Mayo is your chance to try it. It’s a relatively simple recipe–basically just a yellow cake–soaked in three different types of milk. Sweetened condensed milk, evaporated milk, and half and half all soak overnight to make this totally decadent, creamy cake. It’s the perfect way to finish off your feast and try something new.

Photo and recipe by Five Hearts Home

Photo and recipe by Five Hearts Home

We hope this little menu inspires you to try something new this Cinco de Mayo! Enjoy spending time with family and friends, and eat up some delicious Mexican food. Happy Cinco de Mayo, everyone!

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Totally Fun Wedding Reception Trends

Totally Fun Wedding Reception Ideas

Every bride a beautiful, memorable wedding that reflects her own creative vision. While the ceremony is all about the bride and groom, the reception is about the people who share in your commitment as husband and wife. It’s important as a bride to make sure your guests have a good time, so we poked around a bit to find some legit ways to add that dash of “fun” to your reception.

Foolproof Reception Fun

Guest Book Game

Of course you want to know who attended your wedding. These days, guest books have seriously evolved. Say goodbye to the boring little white book that (most of us) never really look at again. Imagine busting out a board game covered with notes and signatures from your wedding guests?

You can reminisce with friends and family every time you play the game. Pick a game that you’ll definitely play in the future and use this as your wedding guest book. Monopoly, Jenga, Settlers of Catan…the possibilities are endless.

Social Media Fun

Photo via Allure

Photo via Allure

In a culture that is obsessed with social media, it’s not uncommon to have guests use hashtags and Snapchat filters to share wedding photos. We shared a while back about the importance of creating your own wedding hashtag, but it’s also a great idea to get a geofilter for guests to share on Snapchat. You can create one yourself, or have a professional design one for you. Lots of reception fun is waiting for you on Snapchat!

Unique Venues

We typically think of wedding receptions taking place in ballrooms, resort lawns, or sometimes even barns. However, there are a few other out-of-the-box ideas that can make for a super fun reception. You can give your guests the privilege to see you tie the knot, as well as provide them with an amazing experience by attending your wedding.

Have a love for the marine life? Seal the deal (pun intended) by having your wedding at an aquarium. Don’t be surprised if you get photobombed by some underwater guests!

Another unique venue that provides hours of fun is a bowling alley. Not only is this sure to be a memorable wedding, but it’s actually a fairly economical choice for a venue.

Photos by Troy Grover

Photos by Troy Grover

Any baseball fans in the house? You can actually have your wedding on a field or in a stadium. How fun is that? It doesn’t have to be a major league field to impress your guests, and a field might provide the perfect way to have kids attend your wedding.

Outsourced Fun

One sure-fire way to guarantee a good time for your guests is to outsource a little entertainment. You don’t have to have an Elvis impersonator show up–though that would be awesome–to get folks excited. Simply find an activity or entertainer that will help keep the party flow going.

For example, consider having a photo booth. Photo booths are great because they provide entertainment AND a favor to take home. Get started by reading everything you need to know about photo booths.

Have you ever been at a wedding where no one wanted to dance? Yes, it’s not a fun a place to be. You can bypass that whole awkward episode by hiring an experienced DJ, and/or a professional dancer to join and mingle with your crowd.

We might add that it doesn’t hurt to throw some confetti in there for a truly spectacular dance floor!

In closing, every wedding has it’s own unique style and vision. You can have every bit as much fun in a ballroom as on a baseball field. What matters is that you stay true to your creative vision and think about what YOU enjoy most. If you’re having a good time your guests will too.

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Easter Activities for All Ages

Easter Activities for All Ages

Easter Sunday is this weekend, and families are gearing up for spring break and Easter celebrations. Spring dresses, Easter baskets, egg hunts, and family feasts are the first things that come to mind, but there are plenty of other activities to keep you busy Easter week. We searched around and found a few projects and recipes that are kid-friendly and oh-so-festive. These ideas are perfect for incorporating into playdates, family time, and Easter preparations.

Easter Activities

Garden Crafts

We welcomed the first day of spring last week, and you cannot think of spring without images of tulips and daffodils popping into your mind. Give your kids the chance to try a little fool-proof gardening with these Bunny Planters. We like this craft because it doesn’t require too many materials (you get to repurpose cans), and it showcases the cheeriest spring flower in kid-friendly way.

Photo and tutorial by We Know Stuff

Photo and tutorial by We Know Stuff

Another fun “gardening” activity are these pretty cactus desert eggs. Like succulents, cacti are the one plant group you just can’t mess up. They are perfect for those of us who lack a green thumb [wink]. Not to mention, this little setup with an empty eggshell makes for delicate and artistic work. This is a good project to do with your older kids because it’s a little more detail oriented.

Photo and tutorial by Baba Souk

Photo and tutorial by Baba Souk

Easter Eggs

When it comes to hunting eggs, kids are pretty united in claiming plastic ones are best. Your average hardboiled egg just doesn’t hold up to candy and trinket-filled plastic ones. However, there is something special and nostalgic about dyeing eggs. Even if they only end up in a potato salad, your kids will definitely want to participate in the dyeing ritual. You can go the old school route for dyeing, or switch it up with this fun shaving cream project. Kids will love playing with the colors and textures and you’ll get some swanky eggs as a result!

Photo and tutorial by Crafty Morning

We typically think that Easter egg hunts are reserved for the little kids. But don’t you remember being a 12-year-old and looking out at the hunt with a bit of longing? Most kids know how to operate a smart phone. In fact, your average 10-year-old understands the workings of an iPhone better than most adults. That’s why this Easter egg hunt for big kids is so genius. It’s a scavenger hunt engineered by QR codes. This post has all the printables and you just print, stuff the eggs, and hide them. Find a cool prize, and surprise your tweens with an egg hunt that has them feeling like a little kid again.

Photo and tutorial by Bits of Everything

Photo and tutorial by Bits of Everything


When it comes to Easter candy there are two types of people: those who love Peeps and those who hate them. No matter which category you find yourself in, Peeps still provide plenty of fun and entertainment for kids. If you’ve got some little scientists in the house, we recommend this fun experiment to see how Peeps hold up in different liquids.

Photo and tutorial by Gift of Curiosity

Photo and tutorial by Gift of Curiosity

We know you’ll have some Peeps left over so here’s what you do next: make a Peep home! Who says gingerbread houses are only for Christmas? This little graham cracker house is adorable and will make for some fun decor for Easter.

Photo and tutorial by Yesterfood

Photo and tutorial by Yesterfood

If your kids are like mine, they love to make holiday favors for their friends. They enjoy playing a little ding-dong-ditch and leaving little treats for their friends and then laughing at their sneakiness. They will have some time on their hands during Easter break, so why not channel some energy into gift-giving? These Bunny Boxes are adorable and will take up some time for them to make. You can grab a few items for the dollar store or dollar bins at Target and then gift them to a few special friends.

Photo and tutorial by Paper Loving

Photo and tutorial by Paper Loving

Easter Treats

Most of us had our first taste of Puppy Chow (also known as Muddy Buddies) in college when it was the economical treat that fed everyone in  your dorm. Well, it’s still just as delicious (and addictive). It’s also one of those recipes that can be adapted for every holiday. Simple and foolproof, this is a recipe your kids can make by themselves with just a little supervision. It’s actually the perfect thing to throw into their bunny boxes!

Photo and recipe by Suburban Simplicity

Photo and recipe by Suburban Simplicity

Remember those pastel dinner mints? They were all soft colors, melt-in-your-mouth buttery goodness, with a hint of mint. Your grandma most likely had them in a fancy candy dish that was always within reach. While dinner mints may (sadly) be a thing of the past, this fantastic recipe channels that nostalgia in a way that makes for a fabulous Easter treat. It’s also simple enough that your kids can help you make it, without the stress of a big mess in the kitchen.

Photo and recipe by Mom on Timeout

Photo and recipe by Mom on Timeout

We hope these ideas give you a bit of inspiration for Easter week. If you do try out any of our suggestions we would love to see it! Share with us on Facebook or Instagram using #superiorcelebrations.

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