Featured Wedding: Michelle and John

Featured Wedding: Michelle & John

It’s always exciting when we get to feature a customer’s story on our blog. Our products allow us to be a part of so many beautiful days and gorgeous photographs, but it’s a real treat when we get to hear the full scoop. Today we want to share a sweet love story, and beautiful wedding details from our customers Michelle and John. They tied the knot on October 14, 2017 and used our Wedding Confetti Cannons for their church exit. We asked Michelle a few questions and are excited to share her story with you all. There is no doubt you’ll gain some inspiration, ideas, and have a few “awwww” moments!

Featured Customers: Michelle and John

How They Met

John and I met June 2007 at a friend’s sweet sixteen party. He was the dancer working with the DJ company and I was a guest at the party. As soon as we saw each other something instantly clicked. Being a shy 16 year old girl I just glanced over from time to time hoping he would come say hello. After a few hours of locking eyes he came over and asked me for the last dance. After that night we became the greatest friends.

A month later, on the Fourth of July, he kissed me for the first time while watching Win A Date With Tad Hamilton. The rest is history. Our love story continued for the next 8 years, and I could sit here and write about it for hours. We grew up together, helped each other grow, and our love just became stronger. John and I have made beautiful memories, have picked each other up through the tough times and encouraged each other through every obstacle. He is my soulmate, my best friend, and I can’t picture life without him.

The Proposal

On December 20, 2015 John picked me up from a Christmas brunch to meet up with his family in Peddlers Village, PA for some shopping and dinner. A few weeks before John had mentioned it to me nonchalantly, and I was clueless as to what was really being planned. After a few hours of shopping, admiring the lights, and walking around we came across a beautiful tunnel that was lit up gorgeously. His sister turned to us how she normally would and said “Do you guys want a pic?”
After our picture was taken I began to walk away when John grabbed my hand, turned to me and said “You know I love you right?” I was still clueless when he grabbed my face and explained how much I mean to him. It was then I realized what was happening, but I was in complete shock and so surprised! I began to cry, he then got down on one knee and said, “Will you marry me?” Unable to even speak I screamed yes! Just when I thought the moment couldn’t get any better or more perfect my family came running through the other side of the tunnel. We had his family on one side, my family on the other and the song “A Moment Like This” playing in the background. It was truly a fairy tale and the most magical night of my life.
She said yes!

She said yes!

The Wedding

We had our wedding at Sacred Hearts St. Stephens in Downtown Brooklyn. This church is very special to me because it is where my parents got married, and as a little girl I always thought it was so beautiful.

There were so many amazing moments in our day, but my absolute favorite was when John and I exchanged our vows.

The confetti canons were shot right after we walked out of church. It felt magical and was the perfect moment right after we officially became husband and wife.

We loved our confetti and got so many beautiful pictures thanks to your company!

We had the reception at Westmount Country Club in New Jersey. While we were shopping around for venues for the reception, it simply felt right at Westmount. It has a modern and classic feel for the traditional wedding we have always wanted.

Our first dance was “Never Stop” by SafetySuit and I danced to “Daddy Dance With Me” by Krystal Keith with my father. Those two dances were beyond special and everything I dreamed they would be.

We had a big bridal party and it was a blast! I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

Most of the members were family and friends that turned into family. The little children are our nieces and nephews, and the junior groomsman is John’s adorable cousin. The two junior bridesmaids are my brother and sister’s daughters, they were ecstatic to be such an important part of our big day.

My beautiful flower girl is my brother’s daughter Alessandra. She was so proud that day and did an amazing job.

Vendor Details:

My vendors were amazing and wonderful to work with. My dress was designed by Pnina Tornai. It was an absolute dream to wear one of her dresses.

My makeup was done by Lauren D’Amelio and hair was by Senada K.

Our flowers were done by Pedastals. They were absolutely stunning.

Photo by Photography by Alfonso

Photo by Photography by Alfonso; Centerpieces by Pedestals


Bridal Bouquet by Pedestals

Photo by Photography by Alfonso; Bridal Bouquet by Pedestals

 Lastly, our cake was done by Palermo Bakery.

A huge thank you to Michelle for sharing her lovely story and the details on her wedding. We are so thankful for customer feedback, and for sharing with us on Instagram. We found Michelle’s photos just by following the #superiorcelebrations. Please be sure to tag us so that we can feature your story, too! If you are in the New York/New Jersey area be sure to check out her vendors, and give them a follow on social media. 2017 was a spectacular year for weddings, and we are excited to see what 2018 brings!

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Favorite Moments of 2017

Favorite Moments of 2017

It’s hard to believe that 2017 is over, and a new year is just begun. This is when we we stop and reflect on the year we had and contemplate what we want for this next year. 2017 was a great year at Superior Celebrations because we got to take part in so many beautiful moments with our customers. We want to share some of the highlights with you and thank our sweet customers for including us in their big days.

Favorites of 2017

Favorite Gender Reveals

Ah, gender reveals. They hold a dear place in our hearts. A a new baby is always a mystery–what will they look like? Who will they someday be? The gender reveal party is a fun place to start all that wonderment and excitement with friends and family all around. We get so many amazing stories and photos from our customers that it’s difficult to narrow down a few favorites.

Sometimes in the flurry of confetti and jumping–we find that folks do a lot of jumping at the reveal–it can be tricky to see everyone’s faces. It was so fun to see the Pecora family’s reaction to baby boy!

Favorites of 2017

And how about those small, intimate reveals? This sweet moment shared by the Tuck family is one of our favorites because big sister is the central part of the photo.

Best of 2017

We have two options for Gender Reveal Confetti, pink and blue. Imagine our delight when the Craft family had both pink and blue confetti blast off for their twins!

Favorites of 2017

Favorite Sparkler Photos

Sparkler exits are a big deal over here. If you’re in the market for wedding sparklers, or are considering using them in your wedding make sure you check out our posts 6 Sparkler Sendoff Do’s and How to Photograph a Wedding Sparkler Exit. And now for a few of our favorites!

Sparklers are a staple for New Year’s Eve, and this couple kicked off 2017 by tying the knot. The sparkler exit captured by Daisy Moffat is full of fun and excitement.

It’s always adorable when you get a close up of just the bride and groom with sparklers. This cute smooch was captured by April from April G. Photography.

With adult supervision, sparklers are most thoroughly enjoyed by children. Ashley from Ashley Guinn Photography used our 10″ Sparklers in a princess photo shoot. How sweet is this little one?

It’s always exciting to see new ways for people to photograph our sparklers. This ring shot captured by Laura Moore puts an interesting spin on our Heart Sparklers.

Favorite Confetti Photos

We couldn’t be happier that the old tradition of throwing rice is now a showering of confetti. Our White Confetti and Multi-Color Wedding Confetti are the top sellers for weddings, although other colors and varieties are also used and look amazing.

First off, our favorite multi-color confetti picture is of Britt and Tory, captured by Sterling Image Works. A perfect “you may kiss the bride” moment.

Typically, the bride and groom are the ones who decide to use confetti. However, for this couple, the confetti was a total surprise! How fun for them to walk down the aisle as it’s raining white confetti.

Captured by Leigh Elizabeth, surprise coordinated by Auburn and Ivory Creative

Captured by Leigh Elizabeth, surprise coordinated by Auburn and Ivory Creative

When a couple goes super bold with our Gold Streamer Cannons, the result is a giant golden archway that is absolutely perfect for that end-of-the-aisle shot.

Finally, you have to give it up to the couple and the photographer who will brave the rain for a confetti shot. This photo was captured by Laura Moore and has us rethinking everything we know about confetti and rain. In fact, we have an entire post dedicated to Weddings and Rain: A Photographer’s Perspective.

Favorite Sky Lantern Sendoff

Sky lanterns are the way to go if you always dreamed of a fairy tale wedding. That said, combined with a destination wedding, our lanterns are a match made in heaven. We loved this destination wedding shot in Cabo by Victoria Huff.

Sending off a sky lantern is one of those “bucket list” items for everyone, and these guests had a blast filling the night sky with them.

Looking back on all the photos of 2017 shows just how beautiful a few things like confetti, sparklers, and lanterns can make a moment. We are so thankful for our loyal customers and the amazing photographers who allow us to showcase their work. We are looking forward to a truly spectacular 2018. If you want us to see your weddings, events, and gender reveals, be sure to tag us on Instagram @superiorcelebrations and use the hashtag #superiorcelebrations. You can also give us a shout-out on Facebook.

Happy New Year, everyone!

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Featured Proposal: Ben and Irena

Featured Proposal: Ben and Irena

We often talk about weddings here and hope to provide inspiration for couples planning their weddings. But what comes before the big day? The proposal, of course! While it’s the ultimate romantic gesture, proposals take creativity, guts, and sometimes a team of people to pull off with finesse. So what happens when you put your proposal in the hands of a wedding and event planner?


Today, we want to share a sweet story while spotlighting a few of our friends from the wedding and event industry. What’s especially fun about this proposal is that the couple, Ben and Irena, both work as vendors and know their way around weddings. Ben works as the chief operating officer for Chase Canopy, a company specializing in luxury tents and event rentals, and Irena works for BBJ Linen, the nation’s leading provider for linen rentals. The fairy godmother of this story, Lisa from Creative Concepts by Lisa, worked with Ben to pull off a spectacular proposal that was watched by 20,000 people on Facebook Live.

Now, before we get to the juicy details we have to tell you a little bit about Lisa and her fabulous company.

Vendor Spotlight: Creative Concepts by Lisa

Lisa started her business in Hamden, Connecticut back in 2009. Since then, the team has grown and now has offices in Mattapoisett, Massachusetts as well. Lisa describes her philosophy as making her clients shine. She says, “My philosophy is simple, when the curtain goes up you get a standing ovation! I absolutely love being a wedding planner and making you the star of the show.” Lisa’s enthusiasm is infectious, and it’s no wonder Ben turned to her to help stage his proposal.

So how did Lisa manage to get both Ben and Irena into her office for a Facebook Live event? The Teal Couch. Every Tuesday, Lisa invites industry vendors to come to her office, sit on her teal couch, and engage in a live Q & A. The Teal Couch provides what she calls “wedding therapy,” and gives the perfect space to swap stories, exchange laughs, and share valuable information with her audience.

When Ben and Irena came on it was because they are TWO of my industry vendors, but behind the scenes Ben and I had been working to get Irena on the show for months and surprise her with the wedding proposal!

Ben appeared on the Teal Couch over the summer and that’s when he decided to pop the question in Lisa’s office. The proposal didn’t take place until November, after luring Irena in under the pretense that she would be talking about BBJ Linens with Ben and Lisa.

Vendor Spotlight and Surprise Proposal

After scheduling the show, Ben left the details up to Lisa–genius move, by the way. Lisa collaborated with some of her favorite vendors to put together the perfect spread:

Ben purchased his ring at Jared’s Jewelry and dropped it off with me the week before the show so she couldn’t stumble upon it. I then contacted my friends and fellow vendors: Luigi of Forget Me Knot Flowers for the dozen red roses, Hope at J-Cakes for the amazing cup cakes adorned in edible pearls and diamonds, Steve of Juhasz Music for the live music and JC of Robert Norman Photography to capture it all! Funny, I set up the on-site photographer as being in my office to take images for my website, and we even did twenty minutes of “mock photos” pretending they were clients, and now they are. Irena was NONE the wiser!

Lisa introduced Ben and Irena and allowed them each some time to talk about their respective businesses. They then went into the Q & A format for a typical Teal Couch session. After some time, Lisa asked Ben to retrieve something from another room while she and Irena continued talking. A few minutes later, Ben came back accompanied with musicians and immediately got down on one knee. Irena was so shocked that he had to ask the question twice.  You can see the disbelief on her face in this photo.

Vendor Spotlight and Surprise Proposal

Vendor Spotlight and Surprise Proposal

This is after Ben popped the question a second time. This is most likely the moment that all the women watching on Facebook Live started getting a little teary.

Vendor Spotlight and Surprise Proposal

When you think of the number of people involved in this proposal, and the fact that it was recorded on Facebook Live it’s almost a miracle that it went off without a hitch. Lisa explains that Ben really did his homework to make sure that everything went perfect. He even came down a few days earlier to do a “walk through” to practice with Lisa. Someone give this man a Klondike bar! Major kudos, Ben.

Vendor Spotlight and Surprise Proposal

We might be a tad bit biased, but one of our favorite parts about this proposal is the photo op they did using our confetti cannons. We always get to see them used for weddings, but just maybe they are even more magical at proposals?

Vendor Spotlight and Surprise Proposal

Lisa will be along for the ride of wedding planning and assures us that a wedding set for 2019 is on the books. Ben and Irena asked her to be the officiant and she assures us that it will be a “tented affair,” most likely dripping in gorgeous linens. We hope to see some sparklers and confetti cannons make an appearance as well (wink).

Congratulations, Ben and Irena! What a beautiful proposal and exciting day. If you want to watch how it all unfolds you can see the recorded video from Facebook Live on Lisa’s page. Make sure you follow her on Instagram as well! A huge thanks to Lisa for sharing all of these insider details with us. We are so excited to see what is sure to be a fabulous wedding in 2019.

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3 Winter Wedding Shower Ideas

3 Winter Wedding Shower Ideas

That Halloween sugar high is wearing off and we all know what that means…the holiday season has begun! It’s almost dizzying to think about heading into the holidays, and if you add weddings to the mix it’s even more so. Are you a bride tying the knot during this winter? Are you a bridesmaid planning showers and bachelorette parties during the holiday months? We have compiled some great ideas to help you plan your events during this festive time.

3 Winter Wedding Shower Ideas

Kate Spade Holiday Shower

Chic and glitzy Kate Spade details are often woven into bridal showers. After all, pink, glitter, and gold–Kate Spade’s favorite palette–are perfect for girlish wedding celebrations. Swapping out pink for green or red is the perfect way to stay on point with your Kate Spade shower. We love this table spread by Pizzazzerie and how it incorporates the best holiday elements in such a chic way.

Photo by Pizzazzerie

Photo by Pizzazzerie

Whether you serve brunch, lunch, or even just cake, be sure to include some festive drinks at your Kate Spade shower. A sprig of rosemary, a handful of cranberries, and striped straws finish off a gorgeous table.

Who doesn’t like getting a shiny new ornament for their Christmas tree? Keep in your Kate Spade theme with these DIY ornaments. Guests will love taking these shiny baubles home.

Photo and tutorial by Handmade Mood

Photo and tutorial by Handmade Mood

Wine and Cheese Couples Shower

While wedding showers are usually a feminine portion of the wedding, many couples opt for a couples shower instead. Couple showers are fun because it gives the bride and groom time to enjoy their friends together. Spring and summer allow for couple showers to take place outdoors in the form of BBQs and picnics, but in the fall and winter months you need to find something more cozy. Enter everyone’s favorite duo: wine and cheese.

Promise your guests (sometimes the menfolk need convincing) that a couples shower is going to be a blast. These invitations should do the trick!

Invitation available for purchase on Etsy

Invitation available for purchase on Etsy

The fundamentals of a great wine and cheese night are pretty easy to imagine, but this is a party you want everyone to savor. The first thing to start with is an amazing charcuterie board. Use a combination of cutting boards, marble platters, glass and metal dishes to keep the texture interesting. Remember to garnish with the holiday in mind by using sprigs of rosemary, cranberries, and pomegranate seeds. Your charcuterie should be equal parts salty, savory, sweet, and spicy.

Speaking of savory and sweet, we’d be remiss to not include this utterly decadent baked brie recipe. This dish has every component possible–sweet, salty, spicy, and oh-so-gorgeous. Whether you’re planning a shower or not, be sure to put baking this on your holiday bucket list.

Photo and recipe by Foolproof Living

Photo and recipe by Foolproof Living

A wine and cheese night offers some fun activities and gifts for your guests. For example, use glasses with chalkboard stems and encourage guests to write on and take home their glass. Party favor = complete.

Photo by Wedding Dash

Photo by Wedding Dash

Want a simple little game or activity? Have guests try and figure out how many corks are in the jar. Winner takes home a bottle–or a block of your favorite aged cheddar.

Another fun activity is to have guests label your “firsts” on bottles of wine. These bottles are to be opened during your first year as you pass different milestones like first fight, first Christmas, first power outage–you know, all the predictable and totally unpredictable things that can happen in the first year of marriage.

Photo by Indulgy

Photo by Indulgy

Buffalo Plaid Bachelorette

You start seeing hints of it in October, but by December buffalo plaid is out full force. Why? Probably because this fabric pairs so well with jeans, boots, and all things winter. And, it makes for the perfect, cozy theme for a bachelorette.

Start off with these darling invitations available on Etsy.

Available for purchase at Coral Balloon

Available for purchase at Coral Balloon

Serve your girls from an elaborate hot chocolate bar. Follow this link for a bunch of free printables to accessorize your spread.

Picture and printables by Lia Griffith

Picture and printables by Lia Griffith


If you want to serve something a little more hefty than hot chocolate, a chili bar is a great spread to pair with your cosy, buffalo plaid theme.

Gift your bridesmaids with some monogrammed buffalo plaid shirts to wear while getting ready for the wedding. Speaking of bridesmaids and gifts, we have a whole post dedicated to finding your girls the perfect gift! Be sure to check it out after reading this one.

Available for purchase at Moomsie and Me

Available for purchase at Moomsie and Me

Non bridesmaids can receive these adorable koozies to remember the weekend.

Available for purchase at Memory Jar Creations

Available for purchase at Memory Jar Creations

As you can see, the holidays provide for some excellent ways to celebrate wedding showers. We hope this post gave you some inspiration and ideas to make your celebration truly superior. Feel free to tag us on Facebook or Instagram with #superiorcelebrations to show us how you celebrated!

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Family Holiday Photo Tips

Family Holiday Photo Tips

We are (roughly) one week away from Halloween, one month away from Thanksgiving, a month and a half away from Hanukkah, and two months away from Christmas. What does this lineup mean to you? Well, besides the obvious, “Oh no! It’s time to start shopping!” you might also realize it’s time to start thinking about those holiday cards.

Those holiday cards and photos really sneak up on you, and we want to help you prep. That’s why we asked some of our photographer friends to help give you the information you need to get the best holiday photos ever.

Pro Tips for Taking Family Photos

Know Your Photographer

It should go without saying, but understanding your photographer’s style is key in getting the photos you want. Lindsey from Lindsey Portugal Designs recommends reviewing the photographer’s portfolio, blog, and Instagram before booking.

“If you don’t like the photos you are seeing from that photographer, you most likely won’t like the ones you receive. Each photographer has their own style, and it is important that you match that style with YOUR style.”

Remember that how a photographer edits your photos will the outcome as well. Check out how they pose clients, what settings they tend to favor, and the type of filters they use.

Determine Your Outfit Style

Most photographers are versatile and adept at catering to the different styles and interests of their clients. However, it’s always good idea to refer back to their portfolio and observe how their clients typically dress. If there is one thing photographers always agree on, it’s to avoid matching too much. Kaylie Cole from E. Hamilton Photography likens over-matching to killing the creative soul of a photographer.

Don’t be responsible for death of the creativity that lives in your photographer’s heart. Wear clothes that match, but don’t all wear the same thing. There is nothing worse than for a photographer to arrive at your session to see you, your spouse and all 6 of your children wearing a plain, navy blue long sleeve shirt. If you need styling tips, ask your photographer! I’m sure they’d love to send you some ideas!

Photo by Kaylie Cole

Photo by Kaylie Cole

When planning your outfits, keep in mind the setting for your photos. Taking photos in a field? Consider wearing pastels or neutral colors that will blend well with foliage. Urban setting? Opt for brighter colors that will pop against the grey background of buildings and sidewalk.

Photo by Ashley Guinn

Photo by Ashley Guinn

Layers and accessories can help to create a unifying look without being too matchy. Keep in mind that scarves, vests, and even hair bows will pull the look together.

Keep Comfortable

The absolute worst thing you can do when taking photos is look overly posed and set up. The best photos are the ones where you show your true selves–being happy! Ashley Guinn from Max Fisher Studios urges her clients to do whatever it takes to get that real smile:

“Act silly, tell dumb jokes, just do whatever it takes to get genuine smiles. I try to guide clients to look natural and not overly posed and stiff. Keep them engaged with each other.”

Photo by Ashley Guinn

Photo by Ashley Guinn

The photos you will enjoy the most are the ones where your family is genuinely having fun. If you know your kids (or spouse) might get a little stiff in front of the camera, plan for some activities during the photo session. For example, a family tickle fight is always guaranteed to get that genuine smile. Other ideas include running, jumping, and even blowing bubbles.

Photo by Kristen Duke

Photo by Kristen Duke

Remember who the expert is.

Sometimes, as parents, we face the difficult conundrum of putting our kids in their place while pleasing the photographer. In the case of family photos? Your photographer takes precedence. As Kaylie Cole from E. Hamilton Photography says,

Often times the best moments captured on camera are the ones when you are talking to or hugging your child. These are the genuine moments you want to be captured. Sometimes the photographer is intentionally NOT telling your kids to look at the camera. Telling your kids to “Look at the camera! Look at the caaameraaaa, LOOK AT THE CAMERAAAA!!!” Isn’t always helpful. It might be causing your kids to feel stressed out and it usually results in a photo of you with your mouth open.

family photo tips

Photo by Kaylie Cole

Photo by Kaylie Cole

Photo by Kaylie Cole

Be Considerate of Your Pets

Lastly, remember your four-legged friends. Oftentimes, families choose to include their pets in holiday photos. After all, pets are a part of their daily lives and routine. Why wouldn’t they include them? However, pets often pose a difficult problem when included in holiday photos; they are unpredictable and distracting. Lindsey Portugal has some awesome advice for tackling this problem:

“If you do decide to include pets in your family session, make sure to bring along a friend who can watch the pet for some of your session. Many times the pet will only be in a few shots, and you don’t want to have to leave your pet in a car! ”

We hope you enjoy these tips from some of our favorite photographers. A huge thanks to Lindsey, Kaylie, and Ashley for contributing.

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10 Hilariously Awesome Halloween Treats

10 Hilariously Awesome Halloween Treats

For some folks, the most wonderful time of the year is not Christmas, but Halloween. The costumes, the candy, the decor and the mirth that accompanies “spooking” can easily rival jolly Ol’ Saint Nick’s festivities. Now is the time plan for parties and carnivals, and we found some hilariously awesome treats to share. Not only will these treats rule your carnival’s bake sale, but they will leave everyone laughing.

Dracula’s Dentures

Munch on this delicious concoction that is Drac’s teeth. Chocolate chip cookies, marshmallows, frosting, and slivered almonds make up these delicious dentures. Tip: these treats would make great favors when wrapped in a cellophane bag.


Photo and recipe by The Girl Who Ate Everything

Walking Dead Mummies and Babies

Looking for something savory to serve? These Mummy Dogs are a perfect snack for folks who are hungry as well as those who just want to taste. Ketchup and mustard are your usual suspects for dip, but get creative and find a more daring alternative with spicy mustards, aioli sauce and even chili for yummy dips.

With two ingredients–crescent rolls and hotdogs–these snacks are a cinch. Get the recipe and instructions here. And how cute are baby mummies? For this recipe you just sub the hotdog for Little Smokies.

Photo by Delish

Photo by Delish

Witch Wart Fingers

You can’t get through a Halloween bake sale without a friendly nod to witch’s warts. Gross, yes, but there is no escaping this age-old trope. We recommend implementing it in an easy way: dipped pretzel sticks. That’s right, all it takes is some candy melts, food dye and pretzels to give you a snack worth gabbing about. These treats would look cute splayed out on trays in groups of five. You know–really grab at them with your display. Check out this recipe for step-by-step instructions for the perfect Witch Fingers.

Recipe and photo by Crafty Morning

Recipe and photo by Crafty Morning

Shrimpy Brain Dip

This next treat is not for the faint of heart–or should we say stomach? While it combines all the best things such as shrimp, cream cheese and cocktail sauce, it marries them together in a brain-shaped mold. The result is a devastatingly realistic looking brain.

Hilariously Awesome Halloween Treats

Photo and recipe by 4 Sons ‘R’ Us

As long as you can get past the initial “incision,” you should be able to enjoy this shrimp dip with chips, crackers or bread. Check out the full recipe and instructions here.

Monster Donuts

So maybe you don’t have a brain mold handy. I know I don’t, and if the recipe is easy I’m more likely to try  it. That’s why these Monster Donuts are so awesome! There is no baking involved, just head over to your favorite donut shop and grab a dozen. You can purchase sets of vampire teeth at the dollar store and add a bag of M’n’M’s to complete this adorable treat.

We found this idea on One Little Project. Be sure to check out her site for amazing Halloween ideas!

Silly Apple Bites

If you’re looking for a snack that satisfies your vegan and gluten-free friends, these Silly Apple Bites are just the thing. This recipe uses sunflower butter to hold together two apple slices and a strawberry tongue. Sunflower seeds make up the teeth, and the googly eyes are made from this vegan friendly recipe.

Photo and recipe by Fork & Beans

Photo and recipe by Fork & Beans

Red Velvet Cinnamon Roll Guts

If the Shrimpy Brains grossed you out, get ready for another dose of gross. What happens when you take a beloved comfort food and disguise it as something gruesome? Mind numbing confusion, that’s what. These red velvet cinnamon rolls scream, “Don’t touch with a ten-foot pole!” but they smell like Grandma’s house and Christmas. Maybe just close your eyes while eating them.

Photo and recipe by Kitchen Overlord

Photo and recipe by Kitchen Overlord

Shrunken Apple Head Punch

If there’s one smell associated with fall (besides Pumpkin Spice Lattes), it’s apple cider. Mulling up your cider is a yummy treat, and you can add the funny factor with these “shrunken” apple heads. Achieve the shrunken-head look by baking the carved apples on a low heat for a few hours. Not only will you get a creepy treat, but your house will smell amazing!

Photo and recipe by Tesco Real Food

Photo and recipe by Tesco Real Food

Voodoo Doll Cookies

What pairs nicely with Shrunken Head Punch? Voodoo Doll Cookies, of course. Like we said earlier, Halloween totally rivals Christmas and this recipe certainly proves it. Put your cookie cutters to use early and delight your guests with these spooky guys! Wrap them in cellophane and gift them to friends and teachers to spread Halloween cheer [wink].

Photo and recipe by Not Quite Nigella

Photo and recipe by Not Quite Nigella

Whether you’re going for scary, gross or punny, we hope these treats gave you some inspiration for Halloween. As you plan for your parties and carnivals, check out this post to help you get Halloween ready!



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What Will It Bee: Featured Gender Reveal Party

What Will It Bee? Featured Gender Reveal Party

It always a thrill to get to see how customers use our products. When you share on Instagram and Facebook, we do a collective happy dance here at Superior Celebrations. We were so excited to see how Lindsey from Lindsey Portugal Studios used our Gender Reveal Confetti Cannons at her gender reveal party. For those of you looking for some gender reveal inspiration, here is a fresh and fun concept for your party.

What Will It Bee?

Lindsey and her husband, Ivan, are expecting their second child in December. While they had a small gender reveal party for their first child, Noelle, they wanted to take things to a little grander scale with number two. As a photographer and illustrator, Lindsey has plenty of creativity and talent at her disposal. She admits that she “tends to go overboard” and wanted to keep this party relatively simple.

What Will It Bee Gender Reveal Party

Lindsey chose a “Bee” theme to stay within a gender-neutral zone, but still provide plenty of sweet details. We love the simple combination of yellow, white, and beige incorporated into the decorations.

What Will It Bee Gender Reveal Party

For favors, she made up little jars of raw honey from Houston Farm To Home. Handmade beehive tags and mini honey dippers completed the gift. How cute are these?

What Will It Bee Gender Reveal Party

She kept things low-key and casual by serving guests from a baked potato bar–genius! And opted out of doing any games or activities:

I am not a big game person (even with baby showers) so I wanted the event to be more of a “socialize” event – casual. Everyone kind of made their guesses known beforehand though. I would say it was about half and half on the team boy/girl. Although the majority of my family was “sure” it was a girl.

A clean-eating enthusiast, Lindsey purchased gluten-free cupcakes from The Gluteny Bakery in Houston. Be sure to follow them on Instagram for some delicious inspiration.

What Will It Bee Gender Reveal Party

What Will It Bee Gender Reveal Party

For the big “reveal,” Lindsey and Ivan used our Gender Reveal Confetti Cannons. While they both already knew the gender of their baby, they wanted to capture the moment when their friends and family saw the confetti.

What Will It Bee Gender Reveal Party

Lindsey took pictures while Ivan videoed the reactions. You can see the expectation and excitement before the launch!

What Will It Bee Gender Reveal Party

What Will It Bee Gender Reveal Party

They used about five cannons and the effect was beautiful. Lindsey thought five was the perfect amount for her crowd, especially for the kids. “The kids were literally making ‘confetti angels’ in the ground after they went off.”

What Will It Bee Gender Reveal Party

Everyone cheered for baby girl number two, and the kids had fun playing in the fallen confetti. Lindsey said her daughter, Noelle, would “pick up the sticks and say ‘boom pink!’ They also had tons of fun using the Melissa and Doug kid cleaning kit to sweep all the confetti around. It was seriously tons of entertainment for the kids.”

All in all, it was a wonderful time spent with friends and family, celebrating the arrival of a new little girl. Congratulations, Lindsey, Ivan, and Noelle! We are so honored to have been a part of your great day.

What Will It Bee Gender Reveal Party


Are you having a gender reveal party? Be sure to tag us on Instagram or Facebook so that we can share. We welcome featured parties, weddings, and celebrations and would love to showcase your day! Email hillary@superiorcelebrations.com for collaborations. 

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Planning Your Perfect Destination Wedding

Planning Your Perfect Destination Wedding

So you’ve decided to have a destination wedding. Congratulations! Not only are you going to tie the knot in the place of your dreams, but you’re giving all of your guests a fantastic getaway to boot. The only thing standing between you and your paradise is the planning.

Orchestrating a destination wedding can be both daunting and overwhelming to the engaged couple. There are countless details to be arranged and many of them will not be settled until you arrive at the destination. However, there are some things you can do to relieve that stress and streamline your planning. Here are the fundamentals for planning your perfect destination wedding.

Planning Your Perfect Destination Wedding

Choose the destination.

The most obvious of your decisions about a destination wedding is, in fact, the destination. Where will you get married? Of course you will want to choose a place that is beautiful and meaningful to you and your fiance. One extremely important thing to consider when choosing a location is the weather.

Do you want to pledge your vows on the white sands of Jamaica? You’ll definitely want to stay away during the rainy and unbearably hot seasons. Saying “I do” at the Piazza San Marco? Consider planning your wedding between September and November to avoid the crushing tourism of Venice in the summer.

"Elopement in Venice" by Mauro Pozzer

“Elopement in Venice” by Mauro Pozzer

Find your accommodations.

Choose a location that has the right accommodations for you and your guests. To keep things affordable for everyone, find a hotel that will give you a group discount and block off rooms that are close to one another. Another option is to rent a villa. Oliver’s Travels has over 300 destination wedding villas all over Europe. Can you imagine the kind of house party you could have in a villa? So. Much. Fun.

Villa on Lapone Winery Estate by Airbnb

Villa on Lapone Winery Estate by Airbnb

You also want to make sure that your accommodations are close to restaurants or stores to purchase food. If you go the villa route, consider hiring a chef to cook several meals for guests to eat in the home. You are not responsible for feeding your guests throughout their entire stay, but you certainly want to ensure no one is ever hungry.

Plan some activities. 

For your guests, the biggest perk of a destination wedding is the trip they can make out of your event. Find a place that has various activities for them to choose from. You don’t have dictate everything they do, but coming up with a fun itinerary will be appreciated. After all, you chose the destination because you love it–now let your guests fall in love with the place too.

Khao Lak Thailand Diving by Adventure in You

Khao Lak Thailand Diving by Adventure in You

If you are having a few children in attendance it will be important to make sure there are a few activities for them as well. You also will probably want a babysitter or two. Event planner Sandy Malone of Sandy Malone Weddings and Events suggests hiring babysitters for any activity that involves swimming or takes place near water. She also recommends screening your hotel or villa for any potential dangers like “modern villas with no railings.” See her article 10 Ways to Have a Successful Destination Wedding That Includes Children for more ideas and information.

Pick only experts.

 Your greatest asset to your wedding–besides an abundance of love, of course–is a seasoned wedding planner. Even better, if you can find a local wedding planner who specializes in destination weddings you can consider yourself winning.

A local wedding planner will have the best information to present to you, and they will know their way around local vendors. If you don’t know where to start when looking for your wedding planner, Weddings Abroad has a contact form that will give you access to the very best planners in your destination.

The other expert you will need to choose is a photographer. Remember, your photographs are your greatest assets after the wedding. While you should find a local wedding planner, your photographer is someone you can bring with you. Most wedding photographers jump at the chance to shoot a destination wedding. After all, there aren’t many opportunities to capture a bride and groom with a baby elephant, right?

Thailand Wedding by Aidan Dockery

Thailand Wedding by Aidan Dockery

Stay in the know.

Because you will likely not have the face-to-face talk with most of your wedding vendors, the best thing you can do is stay on top of communication. Emails, phone calls, and even some Skype calls will ensure that everyone is on the same page. Your planner will obviously coordinate with the vendors, but you and your vendors should get to know each other and definitely have a relationship before the big day.

Plan your packing.

You’ll likely be bringing waaaaay more with you for your destination wedding than you would for a normal trip. Familiarize yourself with your airline’s rules about luggage and what the extra fees are. If you booked an airline that allows a free bag, consider sending some things along with your guests. The one thing you absolutely MUST bring with you on the plane is your wedding gown. Do not trust it in your suitcase. Even if it means you’ll have to fold it up, you can get it steamed later.

Overwhelmed about what to bring? Destination Wedding Details has a great checklist for what you ought to bring with you.

Know the laws.

Getting married in a foreign country comes with quite the hoopla in the legal department. Most countries will require passports, birth certificates, and a proof of residency as a minimum. Some countries, like France, require that the couple reside in the country for a certain period of time before they will legally marry. There are also laws about who is able to perform the the wedding in order for it to be legally binding. A good starting place to learn about the legal technicalities of destination weddings is FindLaw.com.

Jellyfish Bohemian Beach Wedding by Style Me Pretty

Jellyfish Bohemian Beach Wedding by Style Me Pretty

If the idea of boning up on marriage laws isn’t quite your forte, you can simplify the entire process in one sweep: obtain a marriage license in the U.S. and have a “symbolic” ceremony abroad.  You can read up on the difference between a civil and symbolic wedding right here.

Another legal aspect to consider is what you bring with you. There are a handful of items that absolutely will not make it through customs. Case in point: wedding sparklers. If you were wanting that sparkler exit, consider opting for sky lanterns instead.

Amber and Ford's Destination Wedding by Victoria Huff Photography

Amber and Ford’s Destination Wedding by Victoria Huff Photography

Destination weddings make for some of the most beautiful and memorable weddings for everyone. It should be joyous and exciting, with minimal stress. We hope you learned a few helpful things along with us. Please share your destination with us by tagging us on Facebook or Instagram!

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Top 7 Wedding Do’s

Top 7 Wedding Do's

Planning your wedding will cause some of the most exciting and happy moments of your life, along with some of the most stressful. Between the giant to-do list, the ever-growing guest list, and the unasked-for advice from just about everybody–you’re bound to make a mistake or two along the way.

However, there are some things you absolutely do not want to forget. While wedding styles and trends are always evolving, there is a timeless etiquette that will help you ensure that your wedding day is special for everyone involved.

Top 7 Wedding Do’s

Do tell your close friends and family the big news before announcing on social media.

This may sound like a no-brainer, but in today’s world of instant information via Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram, you don’t want to reveal that you are #engaged without first calling your grandma.

News travels fast, and unless you want a case of monumental hurt feelings, pick up the phone and let them hear the big news straight from you. Your loved ones will share in your joy and even add to it. Once you inform those who are closest to you feel free to blow up Instagram with pictures of that gorgeous ring!

Do include your wedding website URL in your information.

Etiquette dictates that you leave off registry details on your invitation.  Your guests will of course want to know where you are registered, but there are better ways to relay that information.

Wedding invitation available at Wedding Paper Divas

Wedding invitation available at Wedding Paper Divas

Today, most engaged couples are utilizing a wedding website. Wedding websites are a great place to track guest lists, inform guests about any changes in plans, and hype everyone up before the big day. They are also a great place to let people know where you are registered.

Do be sensitive to those you could not invite due to venue/cost constraints.

Sometimes weddings have to be small because of the venue or cost. As a result, you are bound to have some disappointed friends and family. Rather than ignoring the elephant in the room, make sure to take the time and explain why you cannot invite everyone. Amber Harrison from Wedding Paper Divas recommends addressing the issue with grace, and keeping some information private:

“It’s perfectly OK to say, ‘Your excitement and support means the world to me. Unfortunately we are having an intimate wedding and just aren’t able to invite everyone we’d like.’ Budget and/or venue constraints are other very real challenges that you can turn to help you gently and honestly break the news without needing to offer a detailed explanation.” Read more of Amber’s advice here.

Do be considerate and hospitable to out-of-town guests.

Wedding Dont's

While you have a million things to do, don’t forget there are people making sacrifices to attend your wedding. You can save them some trouble and stress by giving them the information they need to plan their trip. Utilize your wedding website to inform them about where they should stay and what to expect on their trip. Make it fun for them by suggesting your favorite places to eat and things they might want to do. You can even go the extra mile by inviting them to your rehearsal dinner.

Do spoil your wedding party.

Your wedding party, especially the bridesmaids, will spend time and money to make your day a success. From the wedding showers, to the bachelorette party, to the dress they will only wear once, to the uncomfortable shoes they’re going to have to tolerate–these ladies are showing their loyalty to you. While you don’t have to spend a fortune, DO give them a meaningful gift. We have a list of Thoughtful Gifts to Give Your Bridesmaids right here to help you find some ideas.

Bracelet available at Burnt Honey Jewelry

Bracelet available at Burnt Honey Jewelry

Do keep your guests comfortable.

While it might seem obvious, your guests shouldn’t have to suffer through your wedding. You want them to enjoy your day with you. If you’re having an outside wedding in the middle of July your guests will most likely get hot. Provide fans, shade, and maybe even bug spray to keep them comfortable.

Click here for more thoughtful wedding favor ideas

Click here for more thoughtful wedding favor ideas

On the other hand, if your wedding is in the fall or winter and you know it will be chilly, make sure to have some blankets handy. I attended a wedding where the bride’s grandma couldn’t even sit through the ceremony because it was just too cold.

Finally, don’t make your guests wait an eternity between the ceremony and reception. If you do have to take an hour for pictures provide them with appetizers and drinks while they wait for the reception to start. And while we’re on the subject of food, make sure to feed your wedding vendors. They will be working hard to make your day beautiful and need to keep their energy up. Plus it’s just the right thing to do.

Do take the time to properly thank everyone.

Take time during the reception to talk to each guest individually. If your attendance is large, consider having an assembly where guests can talk to you after the ceremony. Otherwise, make a point to seek out and thank everyone personally.

Another way you can show your gratitude to guests is by NOT having them pay for their drinks. You don’t have to have a completely open bar, but you should provide something for guests to drink.

Finally, get those thank you notes out in a timely fashion. While you do have a year to send them, try to get them out in the first few months of your marriage while the memory is still fresh in their minds.

Wedding Don'ts

Last, but not least, don’t forget to enjoy your day! When you are happy and having a good time, your guests will join in the fun to make your event even more meaningful.

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5 Things To Eat Before Summer’s Over

5 Things to Eat Before Summer's Over

We are in our final month of summer, and school is right around the corner. Have you accomplished everything on your summer bucket list yet? Soon we’ll all be thinking of cooler weather and warmer meals, but for now let’s gear up to enjoy this last bit of summer.

Summer is an especially delightful season for our taste buds. Fruits can be blended into salsas, wine can be frozen for slushies, and just about anything you can imagine will taste good on the grill. While you’re planning out your month of August, we hope these recipes find their way into a few of your family meals.

Sweet and Spicy Salsa

They say that opposites attract, and we often appreciate this the most with food. Take, for example, the mango and the habanero. If you have not experienced the wonder that is a sweet, habanero salsa then you are seriously missing out. The perfect accompaniment to fish, chicken, and warm tortillas, mango habanero sauce is a summer must. A word of caution, though: habaneros are a small, but mighty pepper. Definitely keep out of reach of children and AWAY from your eyes.

Mango Habanero Sauce recipe available at Caroline's Cooking

Mango Habanero Sauce recipe available at Caroline’s Cooking

Mexican Cole Slaw

Coleslaw is another classic summertime food. It goes so well with hamburgers, hot dogs, and ribs. However, put a little Mexican twist on it and you have a totally different dish. Some corn, black beans, and taco seasoning change the entire make up of classical coleslaw. Pair it with tacos, enchiladas, or carne asada for a delicious summer meal!

Mexican Coleslaw recipe available at Lemontree Dwelling

Mexican Coleslaw recipe available at Lemontree Dwelling

Caprese Bruschetta

Bruchetta is a quintessential summertime dish. I personally love that it uses two of the easiest summer plants to grow–tomatoes and basil. Combined with mozzarella and balsamic vinegar, you have yourself a perfectly balanced meal.

Caprese Bruschetta recipe available at House of Yumm

Caprese Bruschetta recipe available at House of Yumm

Strawberry Pretzel Dessert

Remember the glory days of Jell-O salad? Sarah Grey, author of A Social History of Jello Salad: The Rise and Fall of the American Icon states that “few foods can tell us more about life in 20th century America than the wobbling jewel of domestic achievement: the Jell-O salad.” If you’re someone who enjoys learning history with a side of humor be sure to check out Grey’s article.

Back to summer cooking. Summer is the perfect time to go old school and serve up some Jell-O salad. Don’t worry, the Jell-O plays a small role in this Strawberry Pretzel Dessert. Pretzels combine with cream cheese and strawberries to make the perfect salty/sweet treat.

Strawberry Pretzel Dessert recipe available at Sugar Apron

Strawberry Pretzel Dessert recipe available at Sugar Apron


As slushies are to kids, so froze is to adults. Let your inner kid enjoy a sweet, slushy beverage with adult benefits. Froze is actually very simple to make and modify. Tweak the flavor with fresh fruit, spices, and herbs. You can obviously make kid-friendly versions of froze to appease the whole family.

Froze recipe available at Bon Appetit

Froze recipe available at Bon Appetit

We hope this last month of summer is a beautiful one for you and your family. Take the time to enjoy the flexible nature of summer before it’s back to school, and back to schedules. And make sure you try at least one of these delicious foods!

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