Color Powder: Inspired by Holi

Color Powder: Inspired by Holi

There’s an uncanny, but not unpleasant aspect of spring that makes young and old alike just a little bit giddy. Bare winter branches begin twitching with new leaves. Soil warms and out pops new life. Daylight extends and suddenly the days are longer and open to possibility. The configuration of all these factors is what makes spring a truly joyful season.

In India, spring is announced and celebrated by the festival of Holi. Holi is an annual festival that is celebrated on the day after the full moon in the Hindu month of Phalguna (early March). The perfect end to winter, Holi rejoices in all the color that comes with the spring season.

A celebration of love, new life, and brotherhood, Holi is kicked off by the lighting of a giant bonfire. In India, the caste system is still adhered to by stringent standards. However, during Holi, social boundaries are replaced by a merry camaraderie where people of all classes splash each other with color powder. Yes, color powder.

The result is a fabulous array of colorful merrymakers. Doesn’t that sound fun?

If you’re interested in having your own Holi-inspired celebration, we have just about everything you need to replicate these fabulous photos. Our Color Fun Powder Cannons deliver a blast of water-soluble rice powder with just a small twist at the base of the cannon.

Color Powder Cannons for Holi Festival and Color Runs

You can include color powder in all sorts of spring festivities! Here are a few of our favorite ways to incorporate this fun accessory:

1) Color Events

Color events like Color Run and HOLI ONE have become a very popular recreational activity. Relays, runs, and races are all enhanced by a splash of color powder. In fact, the color takes precedence over the physical activity largely because its just so darn fun.


It seems that the goal of these color events is to get great photos. And why not? With color this vibrant why wouldn’t you bedeck yourself with it?


I think if I were to ever attend one of these events, I would sport shades. It just seems to up the cool factor by several degrees.

2) Holi-Inspired Family Photoshoot

I don’t know about you, but getting my three kids to cooperate for family photos is an utter nightmare. I deal with the overly-cheesy smile, the sulky look, and the toddler who always runs away. It’s hard to get everybody to perform for the camera while composing a decent expression on my own face.

I do believe that this year’s Christmas card will be a sensation, though. Yes, I know Christmas is a long way off. Family photos don’t happen often and most folks resort to using the best one of the year–whether it’s from January, July, or November, take the best and go with it.

These tips from I Heart Faces are great for achieving a vibrant Holi look for your family photos. Our cannons would blast away with even more color than what is pictured here, so, OMG can you imagine???



3) Playful Engagement Session

Spring wedding season is almost here, and many brides and grooms are looking for unique and fun details to include in their receptions. A bold, color-splashed portrait would make a great photo for guests to sign as they enter into the reception. These photos would also be a fun addition to a wedding slideshow.

color powder engagement


While we’re at it, a color powder photoshoot would also be the perfect wedding announcement or save the date card! I know if an engaged couple sent me something like this I would display it proudly upon my fridge–and that’s saying something. I have the artwork of three brilliant children to hog fridge space 😉

2color engagement


4) Kids Birthday Parties

Is it just me, or have kids’ birthday parties become so much more over-the-top than they used to be? I think we have Pinterest to blame for that. I know several moms who are AMAZING at the whole theme, decor, and activity thing. I try not to resent them too much.

Me? Not so much. I love ideas, but I have a hard time juggling multiple things at once. My children saw the pictures of Holi festivals and their mouths literally dropped open.

People can color themselves? People can get messy in a substance other than dirt? Can we be these people???

I think that, if you give parents fair warning, incorporating the color powder cannons could be a great way to make an unforgettable birthday for your kid. Just letting them run around and be free to make a mess is every child’s dream.


I love the look of sheer joy on these kids faces. I think this might be what we do for my son’s 6th birthday party!

So now that spring is here, how are you going to incorporate Holi (and our color powder cannons) into your life?

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