Spring Wedding Sale: 15% Off Our Most Popular Wedding Products!


Are you planning a 2021 wedding? We’re so excited for you! There are so many little touches you can add to your special day and we’d love to help with 15% off our most popular sparklers and confetti cannons!

Wedding Sparklers

These high quality, 20″ Wedding Sparklers burn bright gold and have easy light tips. They are the perfect way to end your big day with a whole lot of glamour! Now only $19.29 for a pack of 72!

36″ Gold Sparklers

These 36″ Gold Sparklers are the longest sparklers available! They burn for well over 3 minutes with a near-smokeless gold sparkle. They’re popular as wedding exit sparklers and make for memorable wedding photos! On sale now for $20.39 for a pack of 40!

Wedding Confetti Cannons


Confetti is the perfect addition to a wedding celebration! You can use them at the end of the ceremony, on the dance floor, or as an exit! Choose from our favorite confetti cannons, now starting at just $3.14 each.

What’s Your Favorite Wedding Exit?

Whether it’s a major holiday or a significant life event, there’s always a reason to celebrate! Start planning your wedding celebration and shop our Spring Wedding Sale for 15% off these exciting products and more!

Oh, and be sure to take lots of pictures for us :). Tag @superiorcelebrations and use #superiorcelebrations on Instagram or Facebook.

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Mardi Gras Sale: 15% Off Confetti and Powder Cannons!

Mardi Gras is coming up quick! Whether you’re planning your own celebration or joining a friend’s, you can be the life of the party with confetti and powder cannons, now 15% off!

Confetti Cannons

Multi-Color Confetti CannonLooking for a new way to celebrate with your friends this year? Try confetti! Our confetti cannons are specially made to be perfect for any party. These compressed-air, handheld devices launch confetti into the air with a simple twist! In addition to Mardi Gras, try them for photoshoots, gender reveals, parties… Basically, everything is more fun with confetti! Check out all of our color options and imagine what you can do!

Powder Cannons

GreenPowderCannonLooking for an easy-to-clean alternative? Our powder cannons come loaded with a blast of powder that’s perfect for outdoor color events like parades or parties! These compressed-air cannons are filled with a water-soluble rice powder and are super easy to use. Just twist the base to launch a cloud of color! Looking for a specific color? Click here to check out all of our options!

How Are You Celebrating Mardi Gras This Year?

Whether it’s a major holiday or a significant life event, there’s always a reason to celebrate! Start planning your next celebration and shop our Mardi Gras Sale for 15% off these exciting products!

Oh, and be sure to take lots of pictures for us :). Tag @superiorcelebrations and use #superiorcelebrations on Instagram or Facebook.

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New Year’s Sale: 15% Off Sitewide!

New Year's Sale: 15% Off Sitewide

Celebrate the end of 2020 and the start of the New Year right with HUGE savings sitewide! The holidays are the perfect time of year for family, friends, and fellowship (while maintaining appropriate social distance, of course!) Whether you’re planning New Year’s celebration, a wedding, or just looking for any excuse to do something fun, let us help with our 15% off of everything during our New Year’s Sale!


10" Gold SparklersSparklers are a true New Year’s classic! We have a variety of popular sizes to choose from, ranging from 10 inches to 36 inches. At 15% off, this the best opportunity to stock up so you always have sparklers ready to go when it’s time to get the party started!

Glow Sticks

Glow SticksOur glow products come in multiple different sizes and colors giving you tons of options to find the perfect glow for your party! Glow sticks, necklaces, and bracelets are always a hit with kids of all ages.

Confetti Cannons

Multi-Color Confetti CannonConfetti is a fun tradition to celebrate the start of the new year, and our confetti cannons are specially made to be perfect for any party. These compressed-air, handheld devices launch confetti into the air with a simple twist! In addition to New Year’s, try them for photoshoots, gender reveals, parties… Basically, everything is more fun with confetti! Check out all of our color options and imagine what you can do!

What Are You Celebrating This Holiday Season?

We’re so excited about the holiday season and finding fun new things to celebrate. Start planning your next celebration and shop our New Years Sale for 15% off these exciting products and more for a limited time!

Oh, and be sure to take lots of pictures for us :). Tag @superiorcelebrations and use #superiorcelebrations on Instagram or Facebook.

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Celebrate Independence Day with Our July 4th Sale

July 4th Sale at Superior Celebrations

I don’t know about you, but we’re more than ready to finally get outside a little and celebrate something together with our friends and family. Thankfully, the 4th of July is coming up! This is the perfect opportunity to start feeling a little bit normal again while we celebrate our freedom!

And we’ve got just the thing for you during our July 4th Sale, with 15% off all of our sparklers plus a few other fun items that are perfect your your 4th of July celebration.


10" Gold Sparklers

Of course, the 4th of July just isn’t complete without sparklers! We have a huge variety, too, from traditional 10″ Gold Sparklers all the way up to long-lasting 36″ sparklers, plus special color sparklers and even star-shaped sparklers!


4th of July Favorites

We also have a few other fun novelties, including the classic Snappers that you throw on the ground for that oh-so-satisfying “POP”! You can get a simple 6-pack, but there’s a really good reason we offer the bulk pack :).

Patriotic LED Foam Stick

Patriotic LED Foam Stick

For a non-pyrotechnic option, we also have awesome Patriotic LED Foam Sticks that light up different colors. Kids love ’em, and the best part is that there’s no mess to clean up!

Are You Ready to Celebrate?

We’re so excited about the 4th of July and can’t wait to get out and celebrate. You can share your celebrations with us as well! Tag @superiorcelebrations and use #superiorcelebrations on Instagram or Facebook. You can also send us your photos and videos directly on our Share Your Celebration page. Have a safe and happy 4th of July!


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Spring Sale!

Superior Celebrations Spring Sale

Spring is here and we’re ready to celebrate! With time change behind us and longer days ahead, we’re looking for any excuse to get a little fresh air outdoors (while maintaining appropriate social distance, of course!). Whether you’re planning a wedding, a gender reveal, or just looking for any excuse to do something fun this Spring, let us help with our 15% off some of our favorite products during our Spring Sale.


Wedding Sparklers

Our 20″ Wedding Sparklers and 36″ Gold Sparklers are perfect for any wedding, of course, but you can also use them for smaller gatherings like birthdays or just a fun outdoor family activity. These sparklers are 15% off and have free ground shipping, making this the best opportunity to stock up so you always have sparklers ready to go when it’s time to get the party started!

Powder Cannons

Pink Powder Cannons

There are few things more satisfying than shooting off our powder cannons outside (and conversely, nothing less fun than shooting them inside — don’t ask how we know this). That burst of color is so much fun and adds so much excitement to all sorts of events. Our blue powder cannons and pink powder cannons are especially popular for gender reveals, so if you’re expecting, be sure to snag these up.

Bags and Bags of Confetti

Loose Confetti by the Bag

Did you know we sell confetti by the bag?! That’s right — you can get piles and piles of confetti to just throw around, decorate tables, use at photo shoots… Basically, there’s nothing that isn’t made more fun by adding confetti. Check out all of our color options and imagine what you can do!

What Are You Celebrating This Spring?

We’re so excited about the Spring season and finding fun new things to celebrate. Start planning your next celebration and shop our Spring Sale for 15% off these exciting products for a limited time!

Oh, and be sure to take lots of pictures for us :). Tag @superiorcelebrations and use #superiorcelebrations on Instagram or Facebook.

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Last-Minute Halloween Inspiration with Hello Boho Babe

Last-Minute Halloween Inspiration

“Double, double, toil and trouble…something wicked this way comes!” Halloween is just a few short days away and with it will come a night of tricks, treats, and enough candy to give your dentist nightmares. Have you found your costume yet? Carved your pumpkin? We hope this post inspires you to finalize your Halloween plans. We also have a few sales going on that will only make your Halloween better.

First of all, we have our BOGO Glow Sale for all glow items. Glow products are great for Halloween. You can use them to keep track of your brood, light a pumpkin, and even accent your haunted house. Check out this Harry Potter themed haunted house that used quite a few glow products and LED ice cubes. We also have our Diwali Sale where you can get your sparklers discounted at 15% off for any number of celebrations. And last but not least, our Gender Reveal cannons are on sale for just $9.95. If you were on the fence about using these for your event, run, do not walk to our shop and snag them while they are reduced!

We just put together a really fun collaboration with one of our favorite shops, Hello Boho Babe. This shop features amazing kids fashion that is unique, adorable, and totally on trend. From rugged jeans, to jaunty beanies, to fabulous fur vests, this store has everything you need to turn your little one into an iconic fashionista. Nicole, the owner, has a vivid imagination and her creativity knows no limits. She put together some amazing costumes that are sure to inspire. Using every day items she makes the most fashionable piggy, bat, ghost, and unicorn you ever saw. If you haven’t grabbed a costume yet, check out her Instagram and take note: your kid will be the most chic kid on the block. And isn’t that what we all want?

Nicole used some of our products in recent photo shoots and we couldn’t be more happy with the result! In her hands, sparklers become magical wands, and smoke bombs transform a photo into a ghostly and artsy scene. With holiday photos coming up, you’re sure to want to follow her lead and use smoke bombs, confetti cannons, and even sparklers to accent your holiday greeting cards. P.S. Get them now while they are on sale.

Nicole’s take on a little piggy is the cutest ever. A tutu, face mask, and headband ears accent the ensemble. The fur vest just makes it look like something from fashion week. Don’t you think this is the cutest little piggy you ever did see? She used our pink color smoke to achieve this look.

piggy two

Harry Potter is always a costume that’s in high demand. The other thing that’s in high demand is a photo to do the costume justice. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows just doesn’t have the right ring to it unless it’s shrouded in ghostly smoke, right?

harry potter

For this shot, she used orange and white and her Harry Potter looks positively delighted to be cloaked in ghoulish smoke. We guarantee it, if you take any photo with this smoke, your Halloween costumes will look 100% on point.

Have you carved a pumpkin yet? The jury’s out and color smoke is waaaaaaay cooler than a simple tea lights most folks stick inside of them. Give your neighbors something to talk about and stick a smoke bomb inside. Save the boring lights for the dark ages and move on already.

Pumpkin green

The color smoke is richly pigmented, and the photographic effect is quite dramatic. Your kids (and their friends) will be talking about that smoking pumpkin for days so take our advice and go for the coolest option on the market.

pumpkin blue


Check out that blue! If you’re deliberating, Halloween is a great night to host your gender reveal party! What better way to announce your baby’s gender than through your own jack-o-lantern?

Finally, it wouldn’t be fair if we only showcased Nicole’s Halloween designs. Her clothes are designed for everyday wear. That includes playtime, eating, and moving around. She has the cutest clothes on the market and if you don’t take advantage…well, your kids will later question your choices.


Yes, ponchos are perfect for kids. They have the advantage of using their arms, while still staying warm. And they look adorable to boot. It was so fun letting Nicole use her creative genius and showcase our products in a way we haven’t seen before. We truly hope for more dramatic and creative shots to take place as a result. If you need a gift for a friend, a relative, or just want to cloak your own kid in adorable clothing please take a look at her shop and let her style your child. She’ll do a darn good job.

We had so much fun working with Nicole and her brand. If you would please give her a follow and a like on Facebook we would be so happy. Also, if you want to collaborate please reach out to hillary@superiorcelebrations.com and we’ll give your business the props it needs to take it to the next level!

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Customer Spotlight: Let Me Run

Customer Spotlight: Let Me Run

Today we have the privilege of shining the spotlight on an organization that is truly making this world a better place by empowering young boys with exercise, encouragement, and community. Let Me Run is a non-profit boys running program for ages 4th to 8th grade. They offer a Fall and Spring season, with programs that meet twice a week and culminate in a 5k. We learned about this organization when they shared some photos of our confetti cannons at a race. Since then, we grew intrigued by their mission and want to share with you because whether you’re a parent of boys, an avid runner, a teacher, or just someone who wants to help make the world a better one, Let Me Run might just be for you.

Let Me Run

Empowering Boys With Running

How it all started

Let Me Run is the result of one mom, founder Ashley Armistead, realizing she needed to challenge the concept of the Boy Code. What is Boy Code? As Ashley explains, there’s a whole catalogue of phrases like,

“Boys will be boys.”

“Suck it up.”

“Don’t be a sissy.”

“Men don’t cry”

Let Me Run

Sounds familiar, right? Ashley recounts:

“I kept thinking about my caring, compassionate, and tough boys. Would they be able to stay spirited and full of wonder with these cultural challenges?”

Ashley saw a problem and sought a solution. She was already a coach for Girls On The Run and was unable to find a similar program for her boys. She held a town hall meeting and invited coaches, physicians, teachers, and businessmen to help her formulate a unique program for the city of Charlotte, North Carolina. She started her first after-school running club in the spring of 2008 and by July 2009 they became a non-profit. Today, there are programs available in 27 different states and a summer camp offered in Charlotte. They hope to serve over 3,000 boys nationwide this season and have served over 23,500 boys since the inception of their program in 2009.

Talk about momentum!

Let Me Run

The Program

On their website, Let Me Run clearly states their purpose:

We hope to reduce the challenges associated with a lack of emotional expression in pre-teen and teenage boys, which can lead to stress, sickness, disease, addiction, and violence.

Teams are comprised of six to fourteen boys and two coaches. They practice twice a week for an hour and fifteen minutes, and each practice follows a specific curriculum. While practice is of course mostly running, it is full of activities that encourage emotional well-being, inclusivity, and friendship.

Let Me Run

And what’s even more wonderful is that it’s open to kids of all abilities. One testimonial is particularly inspiring and will possibly get you a little misty in the eyes. 4th grader Julian from Charlotte joined for exercise and the opportunity to make new friends. He shares his experience:

 I was a little nervous. I thought I wasn’t fast enough like the other kids. I thought they might not like me because I was in a wheelchair.  Once I got started, I was happy and that it was fun.  I met new friends.  It was a lot of work, but it was okay because I got to exercise my bones.  It’s not about winning, it doesn’t matter if you’re fast or not, or in a wheelchair, you still can race.

Boys Running Program

The program ends in a 5k race in which all boys run together and receive medals. While medals are fun for kids to collect, the biggest takeaway from their experience is the mindset growth and confidence they receive upon completion. If you take a few minutes and read some of their Let Me Run Boy Spotlights you’ll see almost every boy talk about their new friendships, their sense of accomplishment, and their new-found love of running.


Get Involved

What’s so exciting about Let Me Run is that anyone can get involved. You can become a coach, you can petition to get it added to your school as an after school program, or even work to hold it at your church. It does require that one coach participate in a training and one coach will need to run. Coaches can be male or female. There is a small financial commitment for the season to cover a race shirt, medal, and the actual 5k, but there are scholarships available to ensure all kids get a chance to participate.

Let Me Run

If you’re interested in starting up your own chapter of Let Me Run you can search here for what’s available in your area, and will find information about starting a new one.

Also, be sure to follow them on social media to watch them grow and cheer on these young men!

Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Let Me Run

A huge thanks to Let Me Run, for letting us share the awesomeness that you are sending out into the world!


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December Bucket List

December Bucket List

Happy December! December is by far the busiest month in the year, and oftentimes it slips past us without allowing us to do everything we were dreaming of all year long. We have 25 days until Christmas, so lets maximize our time spent with family and friends and make some wonderful memories. We’ve put together a bucket list for the 25 days leading up until Christmas!

December Bucket List

1. Play in the Snow

First of all, try to have a snow day. Maybe you’re like us and you live in Florida, the Sunshine State. Guess what? There are places that pack in a bunch of ice and snow and give you the opportunity to have a snow day. Even Disneyland and Disney World have Olaf’s Snow Playground to give your kids a taste of snow.

15 Fun Activities for December

Source: GeekDad

2. Get Outdoors

If the weather permits, head outdoors and take your family on a hike. December is undoubtedly the most expensive and stressful time of the year. Just being outside gives everyone a nice boost of vitamin D and physical activity is a shot of feel-good endorphins. The best part is it’s free!

15 Fun Activities for December

3. Do Good

Go and do some good in the world. Whether it’s finding all the bell ringers in town and dropping money in the bucket, volunteering at a soup kitchen, or leaving a huge tip, this is the time to spread cheer. Find a cause that resonates with you and your family, and get involved! Last month we talked about ways to give back to veterans for Veteran’s Day. Guess what? Christmas is still a great time to give back to veterans. Take a peek at that post for some inspiration.

15 Fun Activities for December

4. Ice Skate

Take your family ice-skating. Even though you can do this any old time of the year, ice skating at Christmas is something special. Wear scarves and beanies and go find your inner figure skater, or hockey player…whichever speaks to you.

15 Fun Activities for December

5. See a Play

Watch a Christmas musical or play. White Christmas is a really fun musical to see, and The Christmas Carol is always moving. You can’t watch Scrooge transform from jerk to jolly and not be filled with the Christmas spirit. “God bless us everyone,” right?

Source: Weekend Notes

Source: Weekend Notes

6. Christmas Candy

Make Christmas candy! This is the only time of the year where making candy is a thing. You do not want to miss out on it. If you’re not super confident in the kitchen, you can do something super easy and make Christmas Crack. Oh my word, this stuff is ridiculously delicious and addicting. That’s why it’s called crack. If you feel up to the task, Peppermint Patties are also absolutely delicious. Pack up your treats and divvy them out to your friends and neighbors!

7. Movie Marathon

If you’re not able to get out to watch an actual play you can have a Christmas movie marathon. My family always kicks off December with Elf and The Santa Claus. We pretty much have those movies memorized. The Home Alone franchise is also a great one to watch in a marathon, although I personally think they go downhill after they replace Macaulay Culkin.

Source: Moviefone

Source: Moviefone

8. Game Night

Host a game night. You can get a large crowd together and have an old fashioned Bunco night. Or if you have younger children a really fun game is Pie Face. Actually, this game is fun for adults too. Games can be your salvation when your kids are on winter break. Stock up on things like Jenga, Uno, and Checkers to keep your kids from turning into screen zombies.

Source: Walmart

Source: Walmart

9. Random Acts of Kindness

Go do some random acts of kindness. Get your kids to make some cards and take $30 (or more) worth of quarters to a laundry mat. Fill up the slots and leave the cards on the machines. It won’t cost you much, but you will serve a bunch of people in a sweet and unexpected way.

15 Fun Family Activities

10. Tacky Party

Have a Tacky Christmas Sweater Party. Every year thrift stores get to charge ridiculous prices for hideous Christmas sweaters. Why? Because Tacky Christmas Sweater parties are always one of the biggest highlights of the season. Know one really knows why, exactly, so just embrace the ugly sweater and drink some punch.

Source: Esquire

Source: Jason Yormark

11. Scavenger Hunt

Go on a photo scavenger hunt! Whether it be Nativity scenes, Disney montages, or just plain old Santa Claus, set a goal and see if you can get X amount of photos in X amount of time. You can use this printable to get you started!

12. Spice Ornaments

Making spice ornaments is perhaps the easiest activity you could do with your kids this Christmas. They require three ingredients: applesauce, glue, and a boatload of cinnamon. They smell amazing and make really cute gifts for teachers and neighbors. You can even use them as gift tags. Check out this recipe and instructions to feel like you won Pinterest.

13. Progressive Dinner

Get some friends, neighbors, or family members to help you put together a progressive dinner. This is a fun way to have a party without having to spend a ton of money. It’s also a great way to see each other’s homes decorated for Christmas. If you need ideas on how to get started Taste of Home is a great resource for learning how to put together a successful progressive dinner party.

15 Fun Family Activities

14. Letter Writing

Write a really funny Christmas Letter. You know those letters that basically tell of all the successes of a family? Yeah, why not write one that is both realistic and funny? Letter writing is a lost art, and with social media most people do not feel it is necessary to update people on what is going on in their lives. Chances are you are already sending out a holiday card–why not include a little letter? This post is really helpful in planning out your Christmas letter and includes tips on how to not appear “braggy.”

15. Gingerbread House

Make a gingerbread house. I have had some major gingerbread fails in my day, but it doesn’t stop me from trying again each year. There’s something so fun about building a tiny house made of cookies, frosting, and candy. My kids enjoy it even more than I do and it’s an activity that gives everyone great memories. Want some gingerbread inspiration? Check out The Decorated Cookie’s roundup of gingerbread creations.

16. See the Lights.

I recently heard someone say that her favorite holiday memory as a child was getting in pajamas, bundling into the car, grabbing Jack in the Box, and then seeing all the Christmas lights on display. Jack in the Box isn’t essential, but do get something yummy and make those memories with your kids and loved ones!

See the Christmas Lights

17. Get Fancy

Whether it’s for a party, Christmas Eve service, or just at home with your family, have a night dedicated to formal holiday wear. You know the type? Get the guys to put on a tie, dress your daughter in a concoction of velvet and tulle, and deck yourself out in something with sequins. Don’t forget a bold red lip. The photos will make it all worth it.

18. Roast Chestnuts

Does anyone actually do this here in America? You can buy them year round on the streets of London, but it’s not quite a thing here in the states. We hear the lyrics, “Chestnuts roasting on an open fire” so much between November and December that we ought to just commit and try it out. You can learn all about how to do it (without an open fire) right here. Since most of us don’t eat chestnuts on a regular basis–beware of the shell. THAT you do not want to eat.

Photo and recipe by In Search of Yummyness

Photo and recipe by In Search of Yummyness

19. Take Someone Shopping.

Ok, we’ve already covered the random act of kindness category, however, we all have someone in our life who needs to be blessed beyond the “random act.” We’re talking single moms, dads who just lost their job, or people going through a health, emotional, or financial crises. The sad fact is, we all know people who fall into those categories and the holidays are the perfect time to DO something. This isn’t charity, this is stepping in as a friend and loving your neighbor. Don’t have much to give? That’s OK. Even taking someone to Toys R Us and spending $30 would be a blessing. So think about it: who in your life could use a little boost this December? Now is the time to invest in that family by sharing your resources and making room in your heart.

20. Have a Pajama Day.

If there is one month in the year that EVERYONE gets overtired in it’s December. Declare a day of personal care for your entire family and allow everyone to rest. This means: no regular clothing, only pajamas. No cooking, only takeout. No cleaning–tomorrow will take care of it. Even if you have young kids, they can benefit from a day of resting. Put on some movie marathons, pop the popcorn, read some stories, and play some games. Most important? Go to bed early. After all, everyone knows that flu season follows the holidays, so give your family that extra boost with a legitimate day of rest.

21. Make Wassail

What’s loaded with sugar, smells amazing, and tastes like Christmas? Wassail! This recipe is great because you can make it in the slow cooker. Just dump the ingredients in and within a few hours your house will smell delicious.

Recipe and Photo by Your Home Based Mom

Recipe and Photo by Your Home Based Mom

22. Have a Bonfire Night

Gather some friends together and have a good old fashioned bonfire night. Make s’mores, sing campfire songs, and tell scary stories.

23. Host a Christmas Cookie Swap

Invite some friends and neighbors to bring at least two dozen of their favorite cookies. Now swap! Everyone should go home with a huge pile of assorted cookies.

24. Make Holiday Slime

If you have kids between the ages of 6-12 you are well acquainted with the slime craze. Have you ever bought so much Elmer’s glue in your life? No. Do you know the difference between Butter Slime and Cereal Slime? No. But your kids do. Well, guess what? Your kids will be ecstatic to know that there is such thing as Holiday Slime. This slime is the ultimate: it smells like peppermint, and is super sparkly. Yes, your kids will love it. Get the recipe here.

Photo and recipe by Momdot.com

Photo and recipe by Momdot.com

25. Host a White Elephant Bingo Night

There’s something so delightful about finding a perfectly awful gift and watching your friends squabble over it. A white elephant party takes all the stress of buying presents and turns it into a night of laughter and fun. Adding the bingo element is an extra twist to determine who gets to swap and steal. You can find the details here.

We hope this bucket list inspires you to make some awesome memories this December! If you do any of these activities and share on social media, be sure to tag us on Facebook and Instagram! You can use #superiorcelebrations and we will share your photo with our followers. Let the Christmas cheer begin!

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“Get the Scoop” Gender Reveal Party

"Get the Scoop" Gender Reveal Party

“First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes the baby in the baby carriage!” It’s always fun when a love story arrives full circle from the wedding day to a gender reveal party. Lately, it seems like many people tagging us with gender reveal photos are return customers who used confetti cannons, sparklers, or lanterns for their wedding. When I found out that Katie and Jami–who happen to have one of the BEST wedding confetti exits, ever–used our Gender Reveal Confetti Cannons, I just had to follow up and see the whole party.

It should be no surprise that the couple who had such a dreamy wedding and spectacular carnival-themed reception would settle for nothing less than a magnificent gender reveal party. Well, they blew me away with the theme, details, and gorgeous photography! Another fun fact: they used their wedding photographer, Blake McCollum to capture this happily ever after event. I got the “scoop” from Katie and am excited to let her share their beautiful event.

The Wedding

We got married on October 1st, 2016 at Kingfisher Lodge in Tupelo, Mississippi. Blake McCollum was our photographer and our videographer was Rex Harsin. We had a carnival-themed reception that included everything from funnel cakes, a ferris wheel, cotton candy and everything in-between. It was everything I hoped it would be.

Get the Scoop Gender Reveal

We used the confetti cannons for our wedding and the pictures were out of this world amazing. We knew celebrating our reveal would be perfect with them as well.

Get the Scoop Gender Reveal Party

Get the Scoop Gender Reveal Party

Get the Scoop Gender Reveal Party

How She Announced Her Pregnancy

My sister is currently living in Austin, Texas working on her doctorate degree. My husband and I went to visit her and while I was there I found out I was expecting. I wanted the reveal to my husband to be very special for him. My sister and I found Graffiti Park online and it was only about 20 minutes from her house. I told my husband, Jami, and my sister’s finance, Drew, “I have an idea! Let’s buy spray paint and who ever has the best painting wins.” That’s when the smack talking started as if their paintings could top mine. So we started with Jami’s, then Drew’s, and then it was time for the big reveal. I was so nervous and hot (that Texas heat ain’t no joke). I told Jami to walk inside and see which painting he thought was mine. The video of him was priceless and I will cherish it for a lifetime.

Get the Scoop Gender Reveal Party

The Party

Our family and friends attended the big reveal. We did an ice cream theme–Come get the scoop! Is Baby Boland a boy or girl? We went all out on everything blue and pink.

Get the Scoop Gender Reveal Party

Get the Scoop Gender Reveal Party

Get the Scoop Gender Reveal Party

Our favors were “winey bears,” gummy bears soaked in wine.

Get the Scoop Gender Reveal Party

We spent hours working on a life size ice cream cone for decoration.

Get the Scoop Gender Reveal Party

Besides a cake and dessert bar, we also had a Sundae bar with a bunch of toppings. It was a huge hit.

Get the Scoop Gender Reveal Party

Get the Scoop Gender Reveal Party

My husband and I both felt like we were having a boy, but with a family full of girls we kept second-guessing ourselves. With a family ratio 10 girls and 2 boys, it just didn’t seem likely.

Get the Scoop Gender Reveal Party

The Confetti Cannons

When the confetti cannons went off we were in shock! It was a total explosion of blue.

Get the Scoop Gender Reveal Party

Get the Scoop Gender Reveal Party

There was lots of jumping, hugging, and even Facetiming the people who couldn’t be there.

Get the Scoop Gender Reveal Party Katie-jami-genderreveal101 Katie-jami-genderreveal096 Katie-jami-genderreveal085

I think we are still reeling over the fact that we get to love on a sweet baby boy forever! He still doesn’t have a name, but hopefully soon it will come to us.

Get the Scoop Gender Reveal Party

Baby Boland is due February 19th, 2019. We can’t wait to love him and be the best parents to our sweet angel.

Get the Scoop Gender Reveal Party

Get the Scoop Gender Reveal Party


Congratulations, Katie and Jami! We are so thrilled to share your special event here on our blog. Looking forward to seeing gorgeous photos of that sweet boy in February!

This post would not have ever come to light without Katie tagging us on Instagram. If you’re getting ready to celebrate a gender reveal party, anniversary, or wedding please tag us @superiorcelebrations or use the #superiorcelebrations so that we can follow along.

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Ruby Red 40th Anniversary Party

Ruby Red 40th Anniversary Party

When we feature customer stories we are typically looking at the beginning of “happily ever after,” whether that is a wedding or a gender reveal party. Today, we’re taking a look at a couple who celebrated 40 years of marriage with a knock down anniversary party. This party was especially fun for me as the couple happens to be my fabulous in-laws! So allow me to introduce you to two of my favorite people in the world, Jack and Leann.

Featured Anniversary Party: Jack and Leann

How they met

It was at St. Francis Elementary School in Bakersfield, CA. Amidst nuns and uniforms, something magical happened. He was in third grade, she in second. He saw that vibrant, smiling blonde and vowed he fell in nine-year-old love. But before either one could act on the crush, she was gone.

They met again in college, and after two weeks of dating he asked her to marry him. Nine months later, on August 18, 1978, they tied the knot.

Featured Anniversary Party: Jack and Leann

Forty years, two kids, and five grandkids later they are still caught up in their whirlwind romance.

Ruby Red Anniversary Party

Pardon the scowling child. He is my son ;)

Most folks describe marriage as a 50/50 relationship. Both parties meet halfway, and it’s in the middle where the magic happens. This isn’t true for Jack and Leann. This couple shows up with a 100% on each side. They are completely invested in each other’s outcome, and that’s why we had to celebrate their beautiful marriage with a truly epic party.

The party

Leann’s parents, Maryann and Jerry–known to all as Nama and Pop–have a great, big backyard that is used by the family for every holiday and event. Even with Bakersfield’s notorious August heat, we managed to power through and have a blast outside. Heat hack: we rented a few gigantic fans to help offset the heat. Leann’s daughter, also named Maryanne, was in charge of the decorations and she did a stellar job. The color/symbol for a 40th wedding anniversary is “Ruby Red.” We had fun incorporating what happens to be one of Leann’s favorite colors. Using repurposed pallets, Maryanne made a photo display to highlight different milestones in their marriage.

Featured Wedding: Jack and Leann

Balloon creations by Paradise Balloons were set up all over the yard for ambiance. What was so wonderful about this company is they brought everything in, set it up, and came the next morning to clear them away. If you’re planning a party and want instant ambiance, I highly recommend you find a company like Paradise Balloons.

Featured Anniversary Party: Jack and Leann

Featured Wedding: Jack and Leann

We kept it simple and actually purchased centerpieces from the local Vons grocery store. They did a fantastic job. It’s nice to know you don’t have to secure a high-end florist to get beautiful results. While I’m a huge fan of said high-end florists, the budget doesn’t always allow for them. So if you’re looking for floral options, keep in mind that grocery store florists can be a great resource!

Featured Anniversary Party: Jack and Leann

The food

If there is one thing you want to splurge on at any party, it’s the food. We secured catering from three of Bakersfield’s best restaurants. Like I said, we splurged. Leann and Jack’s kids and spouses were in charge of serving. That said, I did not get to enjoy eating until around 10 PM, and even so Jake’s Tex Mex was heaven.

Featured Anniversary Party: Jack and Leann

Featured Anniversary Party: Jack and Leann

Jack, ever the constant Grandpa, enjoyed his meal with his youngest grandson, Ezra, on his lap. Leann, always the life of a party, probably didn’t take time away from the dance floor to actually eat.

Ruby Red Anniversary Party

My one culinary contribution was this Sparkling White Peach Sangria. My husband voiced his doubts, “peach??” But yes, after finding the recipe on Pinterest it will now be my go-to beverage to bring to parties.

Ruby Red Anniversary Party

The dancing

Beyond eating, toasting, and kids running amok, the best part of the evening was the dancing. Somehow, we managed to book the most sought-after DJ in Bakersfield. I have never seen someone quite like DJ Donald. He manages to get every last guest out there on the dance floor and even choreographs dances throughout the night.

Ruby Red Anniversary Party

Ruby Red Anniversary Party

Ruby Red Anniversary Party

Of course, working for a company like Superior Celebrations, I knew without a doubt we needed confetti cannons. As it was a surprise for everyone, it happened to be quite the feat to coordinate. I left my husband, Matt, in charge of the ten cannons and he now believes he has a future in event productions. {Insert eye roll}.

Ruby Red Anniversary Party

Ruby Red Anniversary Party

When the confetti went off, everyone was screaming and jumping around. It was absolutely magical and I had at least fifteen different people tell me it MADE the evening. I can now say without any bias that confetti cannons enhance every event. We used the biodegradable Multicolored Wedding Confetti for easy clean up.

Overall, it was like attending the very best wedding reception: good food, good friends, and great dancing. It was a blast to celebrate two people who work at keeping their marriage strong, and make the world better just by being together.

A huge shoutout to Keri, from Keriography.com for capturing all the photos from this wonderful event. Follow her on Instagram to see her fabulous work.

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