Why Pantone’s Greenery Is Perfect For Weddings

Why Pantone's Greenery Is Perfect for Weddings

For those of us in the wedding/fashion/design industry, the day Pantone declares its Color of the Year is extremely exciting. We look forward to learning this new color because it will dictate the year’s trends in fashion, decor, floral art, graphic design, beauty, and even food presentation.

Last year’s Serenity and Rose Quartz found its way into every season for the weddings of 2016. The dual-toned Pantone Color of the Year symbolized harmony and cooperation. In fact, the gentle colors cooperated with many different color schemes and design endeavors.

Source: Pantone

Source: Pantone

On December 8, 2016, Pantone announced Greenery as the new Color of the Year.

Pantone Color of the Year 2017

Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director of the Pantone Color Institute, explains the 2017 choice in this way:

“Greenery bursts forth in 2017 to provide us with the hope we collectively yearn for […] Satisfying our growing desire to rejuvenate, revitalize and unite, Greenery symbolizes the reconnection we seek with nature, one another and a larger purpose.”

A lovely sentiment, Greenery inspires vitality and fresh ground. We can’t wait to see how this translates into the weddings of 2017. In fact, we are so excited we went ahead and made our own “predictions.” If you’re interested in learning how to incorporate Greenery into your 2017 wedding, this post is for you.

Why Pantone’s Greenery is Perfect for Weddings


If the color Greenery is one thing it is eco-friendly. The very color of green incites a desire of health; it is calming, but also invigorating. You can use Greenery as your launching point for an eco-friendly wedding.

Your aisle decor, centerpieces, and even hair accessories can be 100% green and disposable.

Not sure how to make your wedding “eco-friendly?” Don’t worry, we covered that question about six months ago. From wearing eco-conscious clothing, to using living plants, to giving eco-friendly gifts–we covered all the bases. Just go check out How to Plan An Eco-Chic Wedding for inspiration.


It’s also very budget-friendly. If you’re wanting to cut corners and save money in your floral arrangements, opt for an elegant arrangement of greens. Typically used as a filler, greenery can actually take a gorgeous center stage. Sprigs of rosemary, branches of eucalyptus, and boughs of ivy can be your best friend when it comes to saving money in your floral arrangements.

Greenery can also be incorporated into smaller details like your seating charts and wedding programs. Not only is this an eco-friendly way to inform your guests about your wedding, but it also consists of zero waste and almost no cost!


Pantone describe’s Greenery as being “trans-seasonal,” meaning it can be paired with many different colors. We will often see Greenery paired with neutrals, but it is a color that works well with bright, moody, pastel, and even metallic shades.

Greenery can either be used as a bold, statement color, or it can take the backseat and accentuate the different shades of the season.

While it is easy to imagine Greenery in spring and summer weddings, it’s exciting to anticipate how it will be incorporated into fall and winter. We predict warm undertones with pops of crisp Greenery and vivid accent colors like red, orange, and maroon.

How do you think Greenery is going to work its way into weddings? Do you plan on making it part of your big day? We’d love to hear back from you and see how Pantone’s color affected your planning!

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Favorites of 2016

Favorites of 2016

Happy New Year! Can you believe it’s 2017?? If you’re still suffering from holiday whiplash and scratching your head in bemusement that it is in fact 2017–you’re not alone. 2017 crept up with the speed of a wildebeest, and if you’re not familiar with the wildebeest, well, they’re fast.

Before we dive into this great blank canvas of a year let’s take a look back at some highlights. We love seeing how customers put our products to use and want to share some of our favorites.

Favorite Wedding Sparkler Photos

Our wedding sparklers are a customer favorite and we get so many fantastic photos in our reviews. Since it is so hard to pick just one favorite we’re going to have to settle for a collage featuring some gorgeous couples.

Top: Ariel and Blair by K&K Photography; Middle Left: Betsy and Chris by Kati Rosado Photography; Middle Right: Ashley and Justin by Katelyn James Photography; Bottom: Casey and Matt by Moe Lauchert Photography

Top: Ariel and Blair by K&K Photography; Middle Left: Betsy and Chris by Kati Rosado Photography; Middle Right: Ashley and Justin by Katelyn James Photography; Bottom: Casey and Matt by Moe Lauchert Photography

Sparklers make for the most dreamy, Cinderella-like photos. We can’t wait to see how they are featured in all the 2017 weddings.

Favorite Bottle/Cake Sparkler Photo

Like our wedding sparklers, bottle/cake sparklers add an extra element of pizzazz to any occasion. While they are largely used for bottle service, we hold a special place in our hearts for sparkling desserts. This year, our favorite photo came from loyal customer, Cool Mess. If you’re native to New York City, chances are you’re already well acquainted with the drool-worthy ice cream combos from Cool Mess.

If you’re lucky enough to have a birthday party there you’ll get to see our very own cake sparklers front and center. If you want to see how fun a Cool Mess birthday party is check out NYC blogger Mommy Shorts recent post on her daughter’s birthday party!

Favorite LED Light Cube Photo

If there is one product that can be used for literally anything it is our LED light cubes! These babies can be used to jazz up centerpieces, cocktails, luminaries, and even Halloween decor! We love how one elementary school used them in their Harry Potter Haunted House.

Harry Potter Halloween

You’ll also notice that our glow necklaces found their way into a few bottles. These are great props to have on hand for Halloween.

Favorite Sky Lantern Photo

Sky lanterns are one of the most enchanting products that we have on hand. They can be used at weddings, memorials, parties, and receptions. Our favorite photo was captured at a wedding reception and shows how sky lanterns are a collective affair. You can see how everyone participates to light up the night sky.

Sky Lanterns for a wedding

Adrianne and Matt’s Wedding Reception by Amanda Brisco Photography

Favorite Gender Reveal Photo

2016 was truly the YEAR of Gender Reveal parties here at Superior Celebrations! So many babies–so much confetti. It was a blast. And like our wedding sparkler photos, a favorite was just too hard to choose. We rounded up a few exceptional ones so that you can see just how fun these parties are.

From Sarah and Mitch

From Sarah and Mitch

Gender Reveal Confetti Cannons

From Brent and Emily

While using multiple confetti cannons makes for fun and dramatic photos, we also love the beautiful simplicity of just using one or two cannons.

From Ashley and Justin via Jodi Gray Photography

From Ashley and Justin via Jodi Gray Photography

Favorite Wedding Confetti Photo

Our wedding confetti cannons can be used in many different ways. We love seeing how some customers use them immediately after the ceremony while others choose to shoot them off on the dance floor, or as a grand finale.

Top: Taylor and Kip by Bethany Small Photography; Middle: Ha and Robert by Something Blue Wedding Photography; Bottom: Adrianne and Matt by Amanda Brisco Photography

Top: Taylor and Kip by Bethany Small Photography; Middle: Ha and Robert by Something Blue Wedding Photography; Bottom: Adrianne and Matt by Amanda Brisco Photography

If you want to have a sparkler exit but still want some confetti photos we recommend using them with your wedding party. Arm your groomsmen with some cannons and let them shoot them off for a fun, spontaneous looking photo.

Multicolored Confetti Cannons

Ashley and Shawn from JFS Photography

And while most couples opt for our traditional white or multicolored confetti, we want to clue you in on another fabulous confetti choice: gold. Our Gold Metallic Confetti Cannons look chic and stylish on the dance floor!

Logan and Stefan from Stephanie N. Baker Photography

Logan and Stefan from Stephanie N. Baker Photography

That brings us to our final favorites!

Favorite New Year’s Eve Photo

If there is ever a time for confetti and sparklers it’s New Year’s Eve. We were thrilled to see how our customers, Emily and Travis, used our Gold Metallic Streamer Cannons for their fabulous NYE wedding. What better way to close out a year than with a wedding?

Favorites of 2017?

2017 Awards

2016 was a good year for Superior Celebrations. We are proud to announce that we were a 2017 winner in “The Knot Best of Weddings,” an award representing the highest-rated wedding professionals as reviewed by real couples, their families and wedding guests on The Knot. In addition, we won the Couple’s Choice Award at WeddingWire.com. A huge thanks to all of our customers who left us great reviews!

2016 was a year full of highlights and we hope you enjoyed seeing just a few of our favorites. Let’s make 2017 the best one yet! Be sure to share your photos in your reviews or tag us on Facebook so that we can see how you use our products.

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New Year’s Eve Party Essentials

New Year's Eve Party Essentials

We know you’re knee-deep in wrapping paper and frantically checking the calendar to see if Christmas really and truly is THIS WEEK. Hopefully your presents are purchased, wrapped, and nestled under your tree. All that’s left to do is bake up a storm and watch The Christmas Story on repeat, right?

In reality, most of us are falling behind and desperately clutching the moments that seem to be on fast-forward mode. And while we know you’re focused on Christmas/Hanukkah, we also want to make sure you get some of your favorite products in time for New Year’s Eve.

Yep, we’re talking about New Year’s Eve today.

New Year’s Eve is such an exciting day because it practically sizzles with anticipation. It’s the last hurrah and the final exclamation point for the year. Do you spend the night party hopping, or do you keep it low-key and watch Times Square from your couch? Either way, when the clock strikes midnight you’re going to want to ring in the New Year with pizzazz. We have some fun ways to add even more excitement to your New Year countdown!

1. Simple Decor

If New Year’s Eve were a color it would be gold. And sparkly. Gold spray paint and glitter make your decorating an absolute cinch! Spray paint some empty wine bottles, jars, or vases to give a glam look to your table.

Source: Vicky Barone

Source: Vicky Barone

Another fun element to add to your decor are clocks. Since the day is all about counting down to midnight, clocks are quite, ahem, timely. You can make your own paper clocks and hang them around the house, or incorporate them into a centerpiece. Click here for some free clock printables to print out for easy decor.

You can also make your own balloon clocks. These would make a great backdrop for a photo booth!

Source: Studio DIY

Source: Studio DIY

2. Diverse Menu

Food is one of the most important factors for how you celebrate New Year’s Eve. Because the night is long, snacking until midnight means its all about sweet and savory small bites. Check out these fabulous shrimp taco bites that are packed with shrimp, guacamole, sour cream, and cilantro. That’s a lot of flavor for one bite!

Another fun and festive snack is Puppy Chow. If you have never experienced the bliss that is puppy chow New Year’s Eve is the perfect time to try it. A little sweet, a little salty, and highly addictive, puppy chow is a great snack to munch on until midnight.

A fun drink to serve at a New Year’s Eve party is a Champagne Shirley Temple. A delicious and easy drink to make, you just swap out the soda for some bubbly! Make a classic Shirley Temple to serve to guests who do not drink alcohol.

Source: Sugar and Soul

Source: Sugar and Soul

An occasion like New Year’s Eve calls for an extra special touch. If you’re serving champagne consider pairing it with our Bottle Sparklers. Bottle sparklers won’t affect the taste of the champagne, but they will enhance the presentation with a gorgeous gold flame.

New Year's Eve Party Essentials

3. Funny Games

Games that get people talking and laughing are the very best sort of games to play on New Year’s Eve. If you are hosting a mixed group of people who are not familiar with each other this New Year’s Eve Recap game is perfect to play. Simply print out the free printable, cut up the cards, and have guests draw from a bowl. Sharing is key and will make for a fun and interesting way for everyone to get to know each other.

Source: Party Delights

Source: Party Delights

If you’re hosting couples a really fun game to play is Truth or Dare Jenga. All that is needed for this game is a traditional Jenga set, Modge Podge, and this free Truth or Dare Printable Pack. Like the Recap game, this version of Jenga is meant to get you talking and laughing. It is definitely a fun game to have out on your coffee table for guests to play.

4. Party Favors

It’s not essential that you provide party favors, but it is a thoughtful gesture. One sweet and simple idea is to package up some Hershey’s Kisses and tie this free printable to the bags. Score some discounted chocolate right after Christmas!

One of our favorite party favors is a personalized confetti cannon. Guests will LOVE popping these babies at midnight, and you can customize them however you like! Read this past post to learn how to customize your cannons.

New Year's Eve Party EssentialsS

Our handheld confetti cannons make for glorious photos and great memories. If you are planning to use them in your New Year’s Eve celebrations we urge you to order NOW as holiday shipping can be unpredictable.

5. Midnight Sparklers

Besides shooting off confetti cannons, can you think of any better way to ring in the new year than with sparklers? Sparklers make for a really fun activity during the final countdown. Our 20″ Gold Wedding Sparklers are our most popular sparkler and burn for up to two minutes. These are a perfect option if you are planning to take photos during your countdown.

New Year's Eve Party Essentials


If children are present for midnight festivities our Fluorescent Sparkler Torches glow in green, red, and orange flames. They provide quite the wow factor for your final countdown.

New Year's Eve Party Essentials

No matter how you choose to say goodbye to 2016 we hope you say hello to 2017 with great joy. As the great Alfred Lord Tennyson put it, “Hope smiles from the threshold of the year to come, whispering, ‘It will be happier.'”

We hope the last few days of 2016 are absolutely wonderful and that you welcome 2017 with a smile.

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Christmas Eve Traditions

Christmas Eve Traditions

Many of us are frantically filling our carts at Amazon and checking our lists twice to make sure we have all of our gift list covered. We’ll muddle our way through the days until Christmas Eve, look up, and realize that like it or not, Christmas is here. Instead of letting it fly by, though, how can we make Christmas Eve its own special day?

Unlike most holidays, Christmas Eve is a celebration of anticipation. You could say the same for New Year’s Eve, but while we all wake up to presents and cinnamon rolls on Christmas, not much happens on New Year’s Day. Besides the inevitable gym membership enrollment, that is.

On Christmas Eve, we enjoy our final moments of preparing for Christmas Day. We’re wrapping presents, baking pies, and stuffing stockings before morning, so the day is full of urgency. For kids, it’s all about the countdown for presents.

Maybe you already have your Christmas Eve planned. Maybe you’re going to just wing it and hope for the best. Either way, we’ve gathered some of our favorite traditions to implement into your Christmas Eve celebration. These tips are meant to encourage your planning and help you have the best celebration ever.

Christmas Eve Traditions

Christmas Eve Traditions

Christmas Eve Box

One exciting way to get Christmas started is with the Christmas Eve Box. Now, there really aren’t any rules or parameters, but the basic gist is this: a box that includes all of the essential items to have a celebratory Christmas Eve. New pajamas, popcorn, candy, a new movie, hot chocolate, cookie dough, etc. Hint: This is a spectacular gift to give at a December wedding, to your kid’s teacher, or for some friends who are splitting rent.

You can see how versatile the Christmas Eve Box really is. What you put in it depends upon the crowd you are hosting. Newlywed couple? First Christmas traditions like hot cocoa, ornaments, and a movie. Roommates’ Christmas? Funny games, drinks, and matching PJs. Young family? Pajamas, hot cocoa, and a bedtime story.

Ding-Dong Ditch

I realize this title carries images of obnoxious teenagers and bad pranks. So put that aside and think of it this way: We all want to spread cheer and pay it forward during the holiday season, so make sure your family actually gets involved! There are so many opportunities that most of us think, “Yes! Absolutely! I’ll sign up in five minutes!” And then we forget. Christmas Eve is the time to actually put our money where our mouth is and pay it forward.

Christmas Eve Traditions

I love the idea of Ding Dong Ditch because it operates in our own social circle among people we already know. You get to be anonymous, but you know where your impact lies. Leave a basket of fresh-made cookies, or even a Christmas Eve box on someone’s doorstep, ring the doorbell, and run! You also get to experience the joy that is giving, and if you have kids–its a great time to get them in on it too. Here are some Ding Dong Ditch ideas to get started.


Most of us wait for the New Year to lay out our new goals, however, Christmas Eve can be a great time to decide what the new year will look like for you. My family likes to make our goals together and share them with each other. It takes some assessment, honesty, and a bit of  vulnerability to share your goals.  This is what we do: everyone writes their goals on a card, shares what they are, then seals it. The next year we all open our cards and recap on how we did and what we learned throughout the year. Then we make up next year’s cards. We usually pick a spiritual goal, a physical goal, and a personal goal.

Christmas Eve Traditions

If that sounds like a lot, a simpler way to do it is to pick a word for the year. That word will be the theme that you hope to flesh out in the new year. For example, maybe you hope to take more risks. Your word for the year could be Brave or Risk. Or maybe you want to have more faith. Your word could be Trust or Faith. Make sense? I am a big fan of the company The Giving Keys because their mission is to embrace a word, and then when you meet someone who needs that word (or theme/message/hope) you give the key to them. They are a really great brand that employs people transitioning out of homelessness, so you know your money is going to a good place.

Remembering Loved Ones

For some, the holidays are a painful reminder of the ones we have lost. It can feel intrusive and even absurd to celebrate when your heart is missing a loved one. Yet, the holidays have to be observed in order to move forward and heal. Rather than pretend like everything is fine, I think the healthiest way to acknowledge grief and move forward is by taking the time to remember your lost loved ones.

Visit their graveside and leave flowers or a wreath. Talk about what you miss most and exchange funny memories with your family members. Another sweet way to both remember them and celebrate Christmas Eve is to release a sky lantern in their honor. Sky lanterns can be a beautiful tribute and a great tradition to honor that family member who is no longer with you.

Christmas Eve Traditions

Special Food

Let’s face it, for most of us the best thing about the holidays has to be the food, right? While you might be maxed out on turkey, gingerbread, and candy, Christmas Eve can be a time where you have what my kids call special food. It’s the food that they know they will likely only get on Christmas Eve. Some of my friends with Italian heritage like to make homemade gnocchi, ravioli, and sausage for Christmas Eve. If you’re lucky enough to have Latina heritage, chances are someone is making homemade tamales. My husband and I buy a very expensive brie and eat it all by ourselves. Our kids have little smoked sausages, fancy crackers and nachos. I realize nachos don’t sound very glamorous, but I never make them at home so it’s a big deal. Needless to say, whatever special food your family likes, be sure to bring it out on Christmas Eve!

I hype it up even more and let the kids drink sparkling cider from champagne flutes, and they eat off fancy little dessert dishes. We also light as many candles as possible and then they get to open one present before watching a movie. It’s traditions like these that they talk about all year long and look forward to in December.

What are your favorite Christmas Eve traditions? We’d love to hear! Hopefully this post has helped you better plan your Christmas Eve. Merry Christmas, everyone!

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Christmas Cheer: 15 Holiday Activities

It is December 9th , which means there are only fifteen days until Christmas, fourteen days until Hanukkah, sixteen days until Kwanzaa, and twenty-one days until New Year’s Eve. We are officially in the holiday season with so much to look forward to, so let’s enjoy every minute. We strive to make every celebration superior, and December is a month full of celebrations! To maximize time spent with family and friends, we’ve put together a list of activities to make December the best month of the year.

Christmas Cheer: 15 Holiday Activities

15 Fun Family Activities for December

1. Play in the Snow

First of all, try to have a snow day. Maybe you’re like us and you live in Florida, the Sunshine State. Guess what? There are places that pack in a bunch of ice and snow and give you the opportunity to have a snow day. Even Disneyland and Disney World have Olaf’s Snow Playground to give your kids a taste of snow.

15 Fun Activities for December

Source: GeekDad

2. Get Outdoors

If the weather permits, head outdoors and take your family on a hike. December is undoubtedly the most expensive and stressful time of the year. Just being outside gives everyone a nice boost of vitamin D and physical activity is a shot of feel-good endorphins. The best part is it’s free!

15 Fun Activities for December

3. Do Good

Go and do some good in the world. Whether it’s finding all the bell ringers in town and dropping money in the bucket, volunteering at a soup kitchen, or leaving a huge tip, this is the time to spread cheer. Find a cause that resonates with you and your family, and get involved! Last month we talked about ways to give back to veterans for Veteran’s Day. Guess what? Christmas is still a great time to give back to veterans. Take a peek at that post for some inspiration.

15 Fun Activities for December

4. Ice Skate

Take your family ice-skating. Even though you can do this any old time of the year, ice skating at Christmas is something special. Wear scarves and beanies and go find your inner figure skater, or hockey player…whichever speaks to you.

15 Fun Activities for December

5. See a Play

Watch a Christmas musical or play. White Christmas is a really fun musical to see, and The Christmas Carol is always moving. You can’t watch Scrooge transform from jerk to jolly and not be filled with the Christmas spirit. “God bless us everyone,” right?

6. Christmas Candy

Make Christmas candy! This is the only time of the year where making candy is a thing. You do not want to miss out on it. If you’re not super confident in the kitchen, you can do something super easy and make Christmas Crack. Oh my word, this stuff is ridiculously delicious and addicting. That’s why it’s called crack. If you feel up to the task, Peppermint Patties are also absolutely delicious. Pack up your treats and divvy them out to your friends and neighbors!

7. Movie Marathon

If you’re not able to get out to watch an actual play you can have a Christmas movie marathon. My family always kicks off December with Elf and The Santa Claus. We pretty much have those movies memorized. The Home Alone franchise is also a great one to watch in a marathon, although I personally think they go downhill after they replace Macaulay Culkin.

Source: Moviefone

Source: Moviefone

8. Game Night

Host a game night. You can get a large crowd together and have an old fashioned Bunco night. Or if you have younger children a really fun game is Pie Face. Actually, this game is fun for adults too. Games can be your salvation when your kids are on winter break. Stock up on things like Jenga, Uno, and Checkers to keep your kids from turning into screen zombies.

Source: Walmart

Source: Walmart

9. Random Acts of Kindness

Go do some random acts of kindness. Get your kids make some cards and take $30 (or more) worth of quarters to a laundry mat. Fill up the slots and leave the cards on the machines. It won’t cost you much, but you will serve a bunch of people in a sweet and unexpected way.

15 Fun Family Activities

10. Tacky Party

Have a Tacky Christmas Sweater Party. Every year thrift stores get to charge ridiculous prices for hideous Christmas sweaters. Why? Because Tacky Christmas Sweater parties are always one of the biggest highlights of the season. Know one really knows why, exactly, so just embrace the ugly sweater and drink some punch.

Source: Esquire

Source: Esquire

11. Scavenger Hunt

Go on a photo scavenger hunt! Whether it be Nativity scenes, Disney montages, or just plain old Santa Claus, set a goal and see if you can get X amount of photos in X amount of time. You can use this printable to get you started!

12. Spice Ornaments

Making spice ornaments is perhaps the easiest activity you could do with your kids this Christmas. They require three ingredients: applesauce, glue, and a boatload of cinnamon. They smell amazing and make really cute gifts for teachers and neighbors. You can even use them as gift tags. Check out this recipe and instructions to feel like you won Pinterest.

13. Progressive Dinner

Get some friends, neighbors, or family members to help you put together a progressive dinner. This is a fun way to have a party without having to spend a ton of money. It’s also a great way to see each other’s homes decorated for Christmas. If you need ideas on how to get started Taste of Home is a great resource for learning how to put together a successful progressive dinner party.

15 Fun Family Activities

14. Letter Writing

Write a really funny Christmas Letter. You know those letters that basically tell of all the successes of a family? Yeah, why not write one that is both realistic and funny? Letter writing is a lost art, and with social media most people do not feel it is necessary to update people on what is going on in their lives. Chances are you are already sending out a holiday card–why not include a little letter? This post is really helpful in planning out your Christmas letter and includes tips on how to not appear “braggy.”

15. Gingerbread House

Make a gingerbread house. I have had some major gingerbread fails in my day, but it doesn’t stop me from trying again each year. There’s something so fun about building a tiny house made of cookies, frosting, and candy. My kids enjoy it even more than I do and it’s an activity that gives everyone great memories. Want some gingerbread inspiration? Check out The Decorated Cookie’s roundup of gingerbread creations.

We hope this little list gives you some ideas for making this December truly superior. If you have any other ideas you would like to add, feel free to post in the comments!

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Winter Wedding Tips, Tricks, and Hacks

Winter Wedding Tips, Tricks, and Hacks

It seems like the majority of weddings take place between the spring and summer months. However, if you ask around, you’ll find that a large number of couples tie the knot in the colder months of December through February. Due to weather, holidays, and scheduling there are certain perks and drawbacks to getting married in the winter season. We asked around and got some great feedback from winter brides.

Here are some tips, perks, and hacks for winter weddings:

For Your Venue

There are several things to consider when picking the perfect venue for your winter wedding. For one thing, if you live in an area with unpredictable weather, you should absolutely discuss a backup plan in case of a blizzard or storm. It’s also a good idea to secure insurance on your venue so that you don’t lose any money in the worst case scenario.

Consider having the ceremony and reception in the same place so that guests do not have to go out into the weather. If your ceremony and reception are at different venues and guests have a long way to walk to their cars, you can provide either valet or limo service.

Another thing to keep in mind is the temperature of the church or building where you are holding your wedding. Make sure you chat with the venue coordinator beforehand to ensure that the room will be warmed up before guests arrive. The last thing you want is for your guests to be shivering and miserable during the ceremony.

For Your Photographer

One of the biggest obstacles in having a winter wedding is that you are dealing with much shorter days. Why does this matter for your wedding? Your photographer will want to capture as many photos as possible using natural lighting. Natural lighting always makes for better pictures. It is extremely important that you have a conversation with your photographer before you set a time for your wedding. You will also want your photographer’s input on the venue you choose. Let them explore and decide what is the best location to capture your special day.

Some brides want to have the “first look” with the groom before the ceremony so that they can have a shorter transition between ceremony and reception. Others are adamant that the first look take place when the bride first walks down the aisle at the ceremony. Whatever your preference, you will need to plan for the majority of photos taken while there is still daylight.

One of the perks for having a winter wedding is that certain props and scenes can be used that have no place in a spring or summer wedding. A backdrop of snow, for example, allows for things like bright scarves, blankets, and vintage fur stoles to be used. These statement pieces really enhance the “winter” aspect of your wedding theme and make for striking photos.

Source: Ruffled

Source: Ruffled

For Your Decor

Most churches will be decorated for Christmas so if you have a December wedding this will need to be factored into your decor plans. Some brides opt for red and gold, or black and red weddings because they work well with Christmas colors. If this is something you want to do you can save money by planning and purchasing discounted Christmas items after Christmas, and then save them for your wedding next year.

Remember that many flowers will be either unavailable or very expensive due to the cold season. Additionally, weddings planned near the infamous Valentine’s Day will be faced with exorbitant flower costs. This is something to keep in mind when planning your colors and theme. The best thing to do is embrace the cold season and emphasize it in colors, florals, and décor. Make your wedding a winter wonderland! There are plenty of options that are cost effective and absolutely beautiful like pinecones, spruce, and holly.

Source: BlakPearlant

Source: BlakPearlant

For Your Wedding Party

When dressing your wedding party remember your bridesmaids! If they are wearing strapless, or short dresses provide a way for them to stay warm with either a shrug, stole, or boots. If you are going to have photos in the snow, have a room with towels, blow dryers, and makeup on hand so that they feel warm and recovered. You should also have a supply of warm drinks and snacks to keep them from getting cranky. Wink.

If you are planning to take photos in the snow, consider using a clear vinyl sheet to layer between the snow and your wedding party. You want to keep them as warm and comfortable as possible. Keeping their feet dry is an absolute must! Additionally, you can have a stash of Hot Hands hand warmers for the groomsmen to keep in their pockets, and bridesmaids to hold next to their bouquets.

Source: Elizabeth Anne Designs

Source: Elizabeth Anne Designs

For Your Guests

Some of your guests might show up unprepared for the cold. If you are having an outdoor wedding, rent heaters so that your guests are not forced to leave early or wrap themselves in toilet paper. *kidding* Another nice thing you can offer is complementary blankets. These can serve as favors, or you can borrow blankets from friends and family to cut down on cost.

Source: Monika Hibbs

Source: Monika Hibbs

Another great way to keep guests warm happy is to serve hot beverages during your reception. Have a hot cocoa/coffee bar set up for people to warm their hands and tummies. This is also a really cute feature to incorporate in your reception décor, and will only enhance your winter wedding theme.

Ultimately, a winter wedding makes for a magical event with spectacular pictures. With a little forethought and planning you can have a beautiful and fun wedding that all will enjoy. We hope these tips, tricks, and hacks help you make your event truly superior.

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Featured Wedding: Boho Chic Style

Featured Wedding: Boho Chic Style

In the last decade, wedding trends have evolved from formal affairs to unparalleled personality statements. It’s not that every wedding is a competition so much as every wedding is a unique, artistic composition. There is room for all voices in the wedding-planning field. Today’s couples are seeking to express themselves while giving their guests unique and enjoyable experiences.

It is from the sleepy mountain town of Tehachapi, California that we want to present an exquisitely unique wedding from couple Kaylie and Erik. Erik came from Wisconsin. Kaylie was raised in California. They met in Mexico City while working at United World Mission. Erik was part of the leadership team that met Kaylie at the airport when she arrived in Mexico. When he saw Kaylie he leaned over to his co-facilitator and said, “If that girl stays in Mexico, I’m gonna marry her.”

Needless to say, she stayed.

Boho Chic Wedding Details

The sky was grey, and white mist curled around the mountains–giving them the perfect canvas to paint their story. The bright and happy colors popped in contrast with the muted sky. They could not have picked a better day for their wedding.

Boho Chic Wedding

Boho Chic Wedding

Multicolored bridesmaid dresses for Boho Chic Wedding

Boho Chic Wedding: Smoke Bomb Picture

The wedding had a boho and vintage vibe from start to finish. Kaylie describes the process of choosing decor as being a sort of evolution of ideas. She said, “I didn’t really know where I was going as far as a theme at first. I just knew we were in a budget and thrift stores were my best friends. I found most of my decoration at thrift stores–which turned my theme into a pretty eclectic feel. I love colors as well, so incorporated a lot of color into everything!”

Eclectic backyard wedding decor

Some brides like to control everything, which is absolutely in their rights as a bride. However, Kaylie found that the planning was a collective effort by friends and family. “The best part for me was seeing all the love and grace that people showed us throughout the whole planning process and on my wedding day. People were so incredible generous and willing to help that it really blew me away.”

Boho Chic Wedding Flowers

One of the many beautiful aspects of Kaylie and Erik’s wedding was the pause in their ceremony for a time of worship. As a singer, music and worship are crucial aspects of Kaylie’s life. Pausing for worship during the ceremony was a beautiful way to incorporate both personality and faith into their wedding.

Worship during a wedding ceremony

Vows, music, and a kiss sealed the deal and the party got into full swing.

Backyard boho wedding

You know how some people get under your skin–but in a good way? Kaylie and Erik are the type of people you just naturally root for, so their wedding was a celebration enjoyed by all.

Backyard boho wedding

While the “party” vibe was largely due to everyone’s happiness for the couple, Kaylie attributes the success of the wedding to their time spent in Mexico. “I think being in Mexico helped me if anything to learn how to throw a good party and that having friends and family near is a lot more important than a fancy or expensive wedding. We also can’t pass up an opportunity to eat Mexican food, so we had to serve it at our wedding!”

Boho wedding feast

Guests enjoyed an endless supply of street tacos, rice, and beans. No one left this wedding hungry. Pro tip: if you’re trying to decide what to serve at your wedding reception, tacos are always a good idea.

Street tacos for wedding reception

Fortified by tacos, everyone was ready for a massive dance party that lasted far into the night. Kaylie commented that the dancing was the biggest highlight of the day. “I could have just danced all night and skipped all the other parts!”

Wedding dance party

Superior Celebrations got to be a part of all the fun with our Multi-Color Wedding Confetti Cannons. A handful of groomsmen positioned themselves around the dance floor to blast off the cannons.

Multi-color wedding confetti cannons used on the dance floor

As you can see, the confetti added an extra touch of joy and fun. Confetti cannons definitely draw even more people onto the dance floor!

Wedding confetti cannons used on the dance floor

Overall, this wedding was an absolute blast for both the couple and their guests. Congratulations, Kaylie and Erik! We know you are going to live happily ever after. Thanks for letting us peek into your beautiful day.

Thank you to Cassandra Sweeney Photography for sharing your stunning photos!

Boho Just Married Picture

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Celebrating Thanksgiving All Month Long

Celebrate Thanksgiving All Month Long

In the wake of a tumultuous election season, Americans find themselves needing Thanksgiving. A brief perusal of Facebook or twitter feeds will reveal just how divided the American people find themselves today. And while many are dreading the advent of the holiday season, we are of the mindset that Thanksgiving can help heal our country.


As a culture, we have definitely gotten into the habit of allowing Christmas to overwhelm any enthusiasm we might have had for Thanksgiving. This year, let’s give Thanksgiving a chance and celebrate it to the fullest.

1. Make a Thankful Tree

Instead of hauling out the Christmas tree before Thanksgiving, consider making your own Thankful Tree. What is a thankful tree? A thankful tree can be anything from some twigs thrown together, to a papier-mâché tree, to a miniature Christmas tree (if you just have to *wink*). You can make ornaments from paper, chalkboard tags, or ribbons. Encourage your family to write down what they are thankful for and set your tree somewhere for all to see it.

It will serve as a daily reminder to be thankful and to actually practice gratitude. Did you know that practicing gratitude is actually good for your health? The world’s leading scientific expert on gratitude, Robert A. Emmons, Ph.D., asserts that gratitude actually reduces toxic emotions like envy, frustration, resentment and depression. We could all use less of these feelings, right?

A thankful tree is also a great tradition if you have young children. Add another thankful “ornament” to your tree every day and see what your kids can come up with. You’ll certainly find out what makes your children grateful and you’ll be inspired to practice gratitude daily.

2. Host a Friendsgiving


You know how for Christmas we have multiple parties and shindigs to celebrate throughout December? Well, who says we can’t do the same for Thanksgiving? Attributed to millennials as a new “pseudo-holiday,” Friendsgiving is actually a genius way to enjoy Thanksgiving food more than ONCE a year. It’s also an economical and inclusive way to bring together a large group of people who might not have access to a traditional Thanksgiving.

What are the rules of Friendsgiving? Well, they certainly are not set in stone, but the host usually cooks the turkey and then delegates dishes (potluck style) to the guests. This year, the No Kid Hungry Project is giving Friendsgiving feasts a chance to give back. You can sign up (for free) to turn your Friendsgiving event into simple fundraiser to feed America’s kids. What better way to get into the Thanksgiving spirit than to actually do something that gives back? The Friendsgiving project is taking off on social media so make sure you check out how to get involved and add to the goodness that is happening there! Use these hashtags to join the conversation: #FRIENDSGIVINGNKH #NOKIDHUNGRY

3. Decorate for Thanksgiving

One sure-fire way to get into the Thanksgiving spirit before you get into the Christmas spirit is to decorate. What’s great about Thanksgiving decor is that most of it is either super inexpensive or free. Yep, you can look to nature for many of your Thanksgiving decorations.

Take, for example, this gorgeous leaf mobile from Happiness is Homemade. All that is needed for this simple craft is a twig, paper, scissors, and string.

Paper Leaf Mobile

Source: Happiness is Homemade

Or, send your kiddos out to hunt acorns. This can be a fun activity and afterwards you can paint them for a surprising and unique decor piece. Just make sure you read the instructions here to properly prep and paint your acorns. Placed in a dish, vase, or even scattered on the table–these acorns can add a lot to your Thanksgiving decor.

Scratching your head for Thanksgiving centerpieces? With some pinecones, clementines, and candles you can whip up a gorgeous scene! I love this idea because you can repurpose the pinecones for Christmas decor, and clementines are in season right now. Easy peasy.

We hope that you are inspired to make this Thanksgiving count by celebrating it to the fullest. It’s the perfect opportunity to remember what we share in common instead of what divides us. Let’s all get back on track by practicing gratitude and celebrating all that we have to be thankful for.

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How to Give Back this Veteran’s Day

How to Give Back This Veteran's Day

As we head into the month of November it is important to take note of all of our blessings both big and small. We look forward to Thanksgiving as a time of reflection, gratitude, and rejoicing before we dive into the busy nature of the Christmas season.

And yet, weeks before the grand Thanksgiving feast takes place, we pause for a day of gratitude for our service men and women. Like Thanksgiving, Veteran’s Day is a fixed holiday that takes place every November, without fail. Unfortunately, unlike Thanksgiving, Veteran’s Day is often misunderstood, misconstrued, and under-celebrated. Here at Superior Celebrations, we aim to fix this oversight with some simple and tangible ways to instill actual gratitude for every Veteran’s Day.

Veteran's Day

Veteran’s Day is often confused with Memorial Day. It’s an honest mistake since both holidays honor servicemen and women. However, while Memorial Day is a holiday to remember those who gave their lives in service to our country, Veteran’s Day is meant to honor all who have served in the military. This is important because while Memorial Day reminds us of those who are missing, Veteran’s Day urges us to notice the ones who are still here. We have the chance to pause, reflect, and thank the men and women who put their lives on the line for us daily.

You might be wondering how to properly celebrate Veteran’s Day. This holiday is so much more than just a day off from work or school. Check out how you can give back to our veterans this Veteran’s Day.

How to Give Back this Veteran’s Day


First and foremost, educate yourself and your family about Veteran’s Day. While we all might know a few people who have spent time in the military, we do not all understand what these men and women have been through while serving our country. One of the biggest ways you can honor veterans is by listening to their unique perspectives on events that most of us just see through the news. We Are The Mighty put together a great list titled: The 14 Best Military Non-Fiction of All Time. Give it a look-through, and commit to read at least one book for this month.

Read some military books for Veteran's Day

When it comes to teaching your kids about Veteran’s Day, you can’t go wrong with some good reading. While you might not feel equipped to explain in detail why or how we celebrate Veteran’s Day with your kids, there are plenty of other people who can. In fact, plenty of authors and illustrators have paved the way for you to educate your children about this national holiday. Not sure which book to read? Check out this list to get you started.


Did you know that there are approximately 23.2 million veterans living in the United States today? That’s a lot of people who would love to hear your appreciation. Who doesn’t love snail mail? Veteran’s Day is the perfect excuse to pick up some snazzy cards or stationary and practice the art of letter writing.

You can easily start your correspondence with the servicemen and women you personally know or are somehow connected to. If you don’t already know a veteran, there are still opportunities to get involved and connect with veterans.

If you are looking for a resource to connect you with veterans, Operation Gratitude is a great place to start. They lead some fantastic campaigns to enrich the lives of our servicemen and women. If you want to go above and beyond letter writing, they also offer care packages for veterans. This is such a fun and meaningful way to bless the lives of people you aren’t able to see face-to-face. Take a minute to look over how you can send a care package to a veteran.

Finally, Operation Gratitude also leads a post-Halloween campaign in donating candy to the troops. While your kids might not be thrilled at parting with their precious sweets, you can encourage them to share by teaching them about Veteran’s Day. They are much more apt to share once they have emotionally connected the concept of “veteran” with “person I’m writing to.” Sending candy to the troops is a really easy way to get your community involved in Veteran’s Day. There is still time to donate so make sure you check out the program form to see if this is a fit for you.


Another way to celebrate Veteran’s Day is to give your time. Where? Anywhere that is committed to helping and serving veterans. You can visit a VA hospital and spend time with wounded soldiers and elderly veterans receiving health care. Bring them a card, flowers, or even a balloon and tell them how thankful you are for their service.

Another way to give your time is by participating in the Veteran’s History Project. Birthed from the Library of Congress, the Veteran’s History Project helps to document and preserve the stories of our veterans. You can partner with a veteran to help tell their story. Check out how you can prepare for your interview and send in your story right here.

You can also give your time by just showing up to Veteran’s Day events. Is there a parade in your town? Go. A special picnic or BBQ for veterans? Attend. Find out what is already happening in your community and decide to take an active role in celebrating veterans.

We hope this post inspires in you a desire to give back this Veteran’s Day. Join us in celebrating our veterans in a way that blesses their lives long after the holiday weekend.


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Haunted House: Harry Potter Edition

Haunted House: Harry Potter Edition

Besides candy, haunted houses are the best part of Halloween. Now, I know some would argue that the “dressing up” is the most exciting component of Halloween, but as a mom, I beg to differ. Costumes are almost more stressful than putting together birthday parties. If you have never been on the receiving end of a child vacillating between four million character costumes for Halloween, well then, you haven’t really lived through a nightmare.

As a culture, we delight in pranks, and haunted houses are pretty much just a series of pranks with the victim’s consent. We know what we’re getting into when we buy a ticket for a haunted house. In fact, we want to be scared. The psychology behind all this begs for investigation, but this is not the place to do it. Nope. Today we are celebrating a fun, creepy, and slightly whimsical haunted house. A Harry Potter inspired haunted house.


The Osprey School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

“Wait, don’t you mean Hogwarts school of…”

No. It’s Osprey, you know, like the bird that hunts fish and uses stealth-like tactics to snare them.

The Osprey School of Witchcraft and Wizardry is an elementary branch of Hogwarts. Here students learn spells, practice herbology, and discover just what is inside the “Chamber of Secrets.” This haunted house is particularly dear to my heart because it was part of an annual Halloween fundraiser at my kids’ school. Superior Celebrations provided some great assets in the way of LED ice-cubes and glow necklaces! Now sit back and enjoy your tour.

Students entered by way of the library and passed through the herbology lab to visit the Screaming Mandrakes.

DIY Screaming Mandrakes

Assembling mandrakes is not for the faint of heart. It involves dismembering baby dolls, mummifying said dolls, and finally shoving plastic ferns through their skulls. I wouldn’t advise you let your children help with this particular task.


Our glow necklaces were arranged around the mandrakes for additional effect.

The potion table was quite the showstopper with some of our favorite products playing the supporting role.


With repurposed wine bottles and creepy labels, we filled our potion bottles with glow necklaces.



The LED ice cubes were absolutely PERFECT for the larger apothecary jars. We set some of them to color-changing mode and this gave the appearance of movement. The kids were totally enthralled by the affect!


Another favorite feature was the fireplace full of flying letters. Each letter was addressed to Master Harry Potter, complete with the Osprey seal. We laced them through fishing line and hung them all the way to the ceiling. A hidden fan was positioned to make the letters look as if they were blowing right out of the fireplace. Raise your hand if you love that scene from Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.


As you can see, the quaint witch looks slightly more menacing in the dark. Muahahah.


Round the corner students were met with an angry Professor Lupin. For those of you non-Potter nerds, Remus Lupin taught defense against the dark arts. Unfortunately, Lupin was also a werewolf.

Harry Potter Haunted House: Professor Lupin

There was no DIY’ing this bad boy. This life-size werewolf (if werewolves existed in real life, that is) was a horrific surprise after our sweet little fireplace stop. Motion-activated, “Professor Lupin” would growl and rattle his cage in anger. This is not a thing you want hanging inside your house. Trust me.


Another stopping point was the wall of ancestors. As you can see there is one thing here that’s not like the other things.

Harry Potter Haunted House

Several volunteers enjoyed posing beneath Dumbledore and spooking people as they walked on by. This was my favorite part of “volunteering.”


No school of witchcraft and wizardry is complete without a wizard’s table. Here we had a smoking cauldron, skulls, and wizard’s tome. One of our teachers acted as a crazy wizard pointing children towards the exit.

Harry Potter Haunted House

Our exit paid tribute to Harry Potter with a montage of scenes projected onto the wall. Seeing Harry, Ron, and Hermione at the end was a fun way for students to say farewell to our haunted house.

Harry Potter Haunted House

We hope you enjoyed the tour of Osprey’s School of Witchcraft and Wizardry! And remember, no matter how you choose to celebrate–have a safe and fun-filled Halloween!

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