4 Favorite Wedding Trends of 2017

4 Favorite Wedding Trends of 2017

One of the fun things about being in the wedding industry is getting to see how trends evolve and change each year. As we head into the peak of wedding season–May through July–here are four of 2017’s wedding trends we can’t get enough of.

Two-Piece Gowns

When it comes to planning a wedding, the first thing any bride is thinking about is her wedding dress. Really, the wedding starts with the dress, followed by the bridesmaid dresses, followed by everything else. This year we’re seeing a shift in both wedding dresses and bridesmaid dresses.

Enter the two-piece gown. What’s fun about this look is that it pairs casual with elegance and gives room for important things like comfort. And pockets.

Pockets! Photo by Little Chapel

Pockets! Photo by Little Chapel

Brides are also opting for the two-piece look. It’s fresh, fun, and extremely customizable. Two-piece gowns are also a great option for beach and destination weddings.

Amber and Ford's Destination Wedding. Photo by Victoria Huff Photography

Amber and Ford’s Destination Wedding. Photo by Victoria Huff Photography

Stone Age 2017

2017 is kicking it back real old school with rocks. Well, not just any rocks. Marble, geodes, and agates are the trendy rocks of 2017. We’ll see these textures play out in everything from invites, to cakes, to seat charts, and decor.

One fun way to incorporate agates is in your ceremony backdrop. Everyone wants a beautiful focal point for the exchanging of vows. Threading agate slices provides a beautiful, minimalistic backdrop that can be customized according to color and theme. The variety of agate colors and textures makes for a charming medium.

Agate Slice Ceremony Backdrop by JuneBug Weddings

Agate Slice Ceremony Backdrop by JuneBug Weddings

If you lack the tenacity required to thread agate slices, there are other ways to incorporate them in your ceremony backdrop. This five-foot agate slice replica is the perfect backdrop for all this greenery. Using a replica gives you the freedom to pick any color you want!

Agate Replica Ceremony Backdrop created by Missy Fine; Photo by Lauren Scotti

Agate Replica Ceremony Backdrop created by Missy Fine; Photo by Lauren Scotti

Translucent/Drippy Cakes

Last year the whole “naked” cake trend came onto the wedding scene and it changed the way we view cake. Instead of covering each tier with multiple layers of frosting or fondant, the naked cake allowed you to see through each layer without the frosting. This year, the naked cake wears a sheer veil of frosting that is almost translucent. To add some decadence, a rich, drippy glaze can pour from the top tier ever so slightly down the cake.

Translucent, drippy cake by Unbirthday Bakery

Translucent, drippy cake by Unbirthday Bakery

The translucent cakes are extremely versatile since they’re neutral in color, and look beautiful paired with fruit and flowers. Their fresh, honest appearance allows you to almost taste it before even biting into it.

Translucent Cake by Gillian Bell Cake

Translucent Cake by Gillian Bell Cake

Furry Friends

Last September, a bride named Sarah introduced the most “awwww” inducing wedding bouquet we’ve ever seen: puppies. The bridesmaids who walked down the aisle with puppies instead of flowers quickly became a viral sensation. What’s so wonderful about this story is that the bride and groom were able to raise awareness for their nonprofit rescue organization, Pitties.Love.Peace. You can read more on the story here.

Puppies as bouquets! Photo by Caroline Logan Photography

Puppies as bouquets! Photo by Caroline Logan Photography

Sarah’s decision to incorporate puppies into her wedding has lasting effects for 2017’s wedding trends. The Knot predicts: “The hottest wedding guests have four legs and soft coats.” This prediction is definitely one we’re excited to see!

When a llama becomes the coolest guest ever. Photo by Yellow Feather Photography

When a llama becomes the coolest guest ever. Photo by Yellow Feather Photography

Weddings are a reflection of individual stories, style, and taste. That said, trends help to translate couples’ personalities into their events. It’s exciting to see how they build, layer, and evolve into new concepts and creations. Are you planning a wedding for 2017? We would love to hear what excites you most about the planning. Tag us with your ideas on Instagram @superiorcelebrations or just use #superiorcelebrations, and share with us on Facebook.

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The Perfect Easter Feast

The Perfect Easter Feast

Have you dyed all your eggs? Decorated your baskets? Easter is right around the corner, and in case you don’t yet know what to serve, we came up with a great menu!

Let’s start off with a great appetizer that uses up all those hard-boiled eggs from your egg hunt! Jalapeno Popper Deviled Eggs are the perfect starter for your Easter feast.

Everyone loves deviled eggs, but with the addition of bacon and jalapenos you’ve got yourself something to-die-for yummy!

Moving on to some greens, this gorgeous Avocado Strawberry Spinach Salad is always a huge hit in our household.

It’s light and refreshing, but the tiny crumbles of blue cheese make it surprisingly decadent. Poppy-seed dressing adds the final, pretty touch to this delicious dish. You can pat yourself on the back for getting in that serving of greens in your Easter spread.

For your main course, stick with the traditional ham. This Maple Brown Sugar Ham allows you to cook the whole ham in a crock pot with a delicious brown sugar glaze. Yep, your main entree takes about fifteen minutes to prep and then the crock pot takes care of the rest!

If you’re looking for something to pair with a sweet, smokey ham, macaroni and cheese is always a win. Creamy Million Dollar Macaroni and Cheese is a recipe that promises million-dollar results. A hidden layer of provolone cheese and crunchy breadcrumbs on the top makes this dish unforgettable.

Carb quota still not satisfied? Top everyone off with these darling Easter Bunny Breadsticks. The salty little tail center is ridiculously cute, right? If you don’t have the time to whip up a batch of homemade bread dough, store-bought will work just as well.

And now for the best part–dessert! Every year my family visits our grandma and she makes this phenomenal thing called fruit pizza. I wasn’t able to track down her exact recipe, but I did find one very similar. Added bonus? It’s egg-shaped! Easter Egg Fruit Pizza uses a sugar cookie base, cream cheese frosting, and is topped with all the berries you desire. Kids always find a way to an extra slice of this pizza because of all the fruit {wink}.

Fruit pizza not going to cut it for you? Don’t worry, we’ve got one for the folks who keep their fruit far away from their dessert. Easter Oreo Bark has it all: white chocolate, M&M’s, Oreos, and sprinkles.

Not only does it look totally festive for Easter, it’s actually a super easy dessert to make. Yay! This is one sweet that will satisfy your chocolate (and sprinkles) loving guests.

If you find yourself still hungry after this feast…well, it’s time to bust out the chocolate bunny. We hope you enjoyed our menu and are inspired to try something new this year! Make sure you tag us in your Easter photos for a chance to be featured on Instagram and Facebook.

Have a lovely weekend and happy Easter!


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Photo Booths: Everything You Need To Know

Photo Booths: Everything You Need to Know

What started out as an innovative and edgy trend has now become a staple for most weddings and events. That’s right, we’re talking about the infamous photo booth. Photo booths are a favorite for events because they provide a fun activity and a memento for guests to keep. It’s such a simple concept. However, with the constant shift in technology and social media, photo booths are always changing.

DIY Or Rentals

Photo booths can be as simple or elaborate as you desire. A simple perusal on Pinterest shows countless DIY backdrops and props for stunning photo booths. Setting up your own backdrop with fabric, flowers, and lights is a great option when you’re trying to keep the cost minimal. Guests can take selfies, or you can assign a photographer to man the “booth.”

When renting a photo booth, there are several things to consider. First, do you want an open-air photo booth or an enclosed one? Open-air photo booths allow for more people to fit into the frame and gives everyone a chance to watch and observe the shenanigans.

An enclosed booth is much smaller and gives a sort of “privacy” to those taking the pictures. Enclosed booths can be a great option if your venue doesn’t have the space to section off a backdrop. If you use an enclosed booth, be sure to have an announcement as to where the photo booth is located. The last thing you want is to have your guests miss out on this great opportunity.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Photo Booths

DO match your booth to your wedding mood. Kari Dirkson of Feathered Arrow Events cautions to avoid being “overly cheesy” and to “pick one that vibes well with your wedding. It’s fun when couples think ‘outside the box’ and do something like turn an old Volkswagen Van into boho-chic photo booth.”

DO use props. Props are fun and encourage people to let loose and take fun photos.

DO take multiple photos and turns inside the booth. Sometimes guests get more enthusiastic the second or third time in the booth, so encourage people to take several turns. That said, DON’T be a booth hog. Make sure others get a chance before you take another turn.

DON’T allow drinks near the booth. You don’t want to accidentally spill on the props or have anyone slip on the floor. Keep the drinks far away to avoid any mess.

DON’T squeeze too many people into the booth. The more people you put in front of camera the likelier you are to have an accident.

And finally, DO use confetti cannons for some epic photo booth fun! Confetti cannons pack so much excitement that your guests will have a blast using them in the booth. These will definitely be your favorite wedding photos.

The Future of Photo Booths

From weddings, to Christmas parties, to sporting events, to farmer’s markets, photo booths are a feature that is now fixed in our society. So what does the future of photo booths look like?

Jerome Maas, managing director at The Flash Pack, a photographic experience studio, says, “The industry is seeking to make the booths as exciting as possible, with new ideas emerging such as Gif booths, slow-mo booths and g-force face that blows wind into your face at 320km/h…Facebook’s new introduction to short looping video is also an exciting development that will no doubt be utilized by the photo booth industry” (Event Magazine). It’s obvious that photo booths will rise and meet the continued upgrades in social media. 

Did you use a photo booth at your event? We would love to see the photos! Feel free to tag us @superiorcelebrations on Instagram, or find us on Facebook.


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Your Spring Bucket List

Your Spring Bucket List

Have you got allergies? Are you feeling restless? Maybe you’re twitterpated? Well, have no fear–spring is here! That’s right, spring has officially sprung and we couldn’t be happier. Here at Superior Celebrations, spring means wedding season and we are itching to see our favorite products featured in your weddings. But–while we wait, here’s something to think about…

The advent of spring, thank heavens, means that we can all spend more time outdoors. I don’t know about you, but we are ready to shelve this winter season and jump into spring activity! The fresh start of a new season gives us a chance to pause and plan how we will use our time. After all, you only have spring for a few months before summer sneaks up on you. So what should you do with your spring season? We put together a bucket list to help you spend your spring wisely and do as much as you can outdoors.

Your Spring Bucket List

Participate in a color run.

We all have friends who remind us (constantly) of their running prowess. They eat, live, and breathe running, and their life is punctuated by full and half marathons. Maybe you admire them. Maybe you resent them. Doesn’t matter, because this spring is your chance to get in on that runner’s high (without a ton of training) and join a color run.

Spring Color Run

Color runs are exciting because you get the excitement that comes with a traditional run/race AND the highlight of crazy color powder! Color runs are all about the photos after the run, so if you’re in it just for the photo-op there is no shame.

Hosting your very own color run? We have premium color powder cannons formulated from water-soluble rice powder. These cannons are awesome because they pack vibrant color with easy clean up!

Chase waterfalls.

If you grew up in the 90’s, “Don’t Go Chasing Waterfalls” is the first thing you thought of when you read that sentence. Listen, when it comes to spring, waterfalls are a great adventure to be had! Why? Usually you have to climb to get to them, so the nature you’ll see and the pictures you’ll take make this spring activity an absolute must!

Source: Thrillist

Source: Thrillist

You can also finally use that silly pun about chasing waterfalls that you’ve been sitting on since 1995. Maybe apologize to your friends for sticking that song in their heads on repeat. Whoops.

Plan a scavenger hunt.

Get some friends or family members on board and take everyone on a wild goose chase. Go to a place like the beach, a park, or even downtown for a bigger challenge. Invite your friends to bring nature home with this particular adventure.

Clean out your closets.

Nothing will put you more in the spirit of spring than some good ol’ fashioned spring cleaning. Out with the old, in with the new, right? If you haven’t yet discovered the KonMarie Method then you are seriously falling behind. Marie Kondo’s book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up has become the cornerstone for all things cleaning and organization. Why? Because she implements the “spring cleaning” philosophy daily by only holding onto items that serve a purpose or bring joy. So what brings you joy? Find out while you spring clean your house.

Have a picnic.

Picnics are one of those things that we as a society often forget about and when we finally get around to having one, we remember why they’re amazing. Something about planning, preparing, and packing a meal to be enjoyed out in nature intensifies all the flavors of your food. The sunlight, the breeze, and even the pesky insects remind you that being outside is glorious.

So plan a picnic! Don’t worry about the extra hassle or cleanup. Instead, focus on the celebration that is involved in sharing a meal outdoors with your family and friends. Even if all you eat is PB&J’s–this is a meal you won’t soon forget.

Plant a garden.

Source: Minimalisti

Source: Minimalisti

Did you know you can cut your grocery bill, help the environment, and improve your health by growing your own food? How exciting is that? Spring is the season to plant the seeds and grow your summer harvest. Just think: tomatoes, spinach, jalapeños, basil, and cilantro. You already have the makings for salsa, caprese, and a spinach salad. What you plant now will reward you just a few months down the road!

Take a nap outside.

This goes along nicely with your picnic, so kill two birds with one stone. Something about sunshine, birds chirping, and a blanket on the grass makes everyone sleepy. Even if you get the teensiest bit sun-burnt, a nap outside is absolutely luxurious.

Host a BBQ.

While summer is your real BBQ season, spring allows you to at least get some practice with with your grill. Now is your chance to bust out your favorite burger recipes and tri-tip rubs. It’s time to play with hickory-smoked wood, fancy seasoning, and everything you’ve been drooling over on Pinterest. Go ahead. Buy that silly apron that declares you king of the grill. This is your time.

Go on a road trip.

Spring Road Trip

Hey, spring break is right around the corner, right? Pick a destination you’ve never seen before and navigate your way there! Why are road trips so amazing? Besides the inevitable junk food that has to be consumed en route, your story is written as you explore the unknown. Pick a destination, a partner, and make yourself a great story as you explore the open road.

Ride a bike.

It doesn’t matter how in or out of shape you are, when you hop on a bike, something wonderful happens: you go back in time. Bike riding instantly transports you back to childhood while simultaneously boosting your endorphins. It’s actually the perfect recreational activity for adults because it involves nostalgia and healthy activity. Whether it’s one mile or twenty, planning a bike ride will give you the perfect boost for spring and inspire you to stay active throughout the season.

Source: Instagram

Source: Instagram

Spring is here! How are you going to spend it? We hope you are inspired to make the most of this beautiful season. Please feel free to share your spring celebrations with us on Facebook and Instagram. Just tag us with #superiorcelebrations so that we can see!


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Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day through Food

Celebrating St. Patrick's Day through Food

This Friday is St. Patrick’s Day and we have found the perfect itinerary for celebrating all day long–eating!

If you consider yourself a “clean eater,” St. Patrick’s Day is probably going to have to be a cheat day. Corned beef, potatoes, and Guinness–oh my! This is a day to indulge in hearty comfort food and rich desserts. You can pick back up with your protein shakes on Saturday. Friday is going to be fun.

St. Patrick’s Day Menu


Let’s start with the most important meal of the day, breakfast. A traditional Irish breakfast is not for the faint of heart. Consisting of bacon, black and white puddings (which are actually sausages made up of pork meat, oats, spices AND pork blood–yikes), potatoes, mushrooms, soda bread, and finished off with a side of baked beans. Yes, this breakfast could alarm folks who are used to eating a simple bowl of Cheerios.

If pork blood and beans for breakfast freaks you out, we found a pleasant alternative. Corned Beef and Eggs Hash will totally keep with your Irish-themed menu.

If this decadent breakfast is a little much for you first thing in the morning, you can whip up some simple pancakes and add green food coloring. This is always a personal favorite in my family because my kids rally for any food that is colored oddly. Thanks, Fruit Loops, for inspiring that love.


Moving on to lunch, how about some Guinness and Irish Cheddar Macaroni and Cheese?

Pay homage to the national drink AND the delicious treat that is Irish cheddar. This is a perfectly comforting dish that stands alone or could be paired with a sandwich or salad. If your kids aren’t really thrilled with complicating macaroni and cheese you can placate them with a rainbow fruit platter. I find that Cool Whip clouds go a long way in cheering my children.


After a breakfast of corned beef, and a lunch that involves Guinness you might not think dinner is even a possibility. Well, think again. You’re celebrating like the Irish and they can put away both food and drink.

If you’ve traveled to the United Kingdom, chances are you got familiar with Bangers and Mash. With such a wild name it might come as a surprise that bangers and mash is actually just sausage on potatoes. So where did this meal get it’s crazy name?

During World War I, food shortages dramatically affected the amount of meat available. Butchers would form sausages out of cheaper staples like rusk, cereal, and water. When the sausages hit the pan, they would crackle and sizzle much louder than traditional sausage. The explosive “banging” they did in the pan lent the name bangers, and the name stands today.

Don’t worry, bangers are no longer made out of scraps. You can find high quality sausage and still nod to the history of this dish. Bratwurst and buttermilk mashed potatoes covered in a Guinness gravy will get the job done. Get the recipe here.


Your belly might not be able to take another ounce of Irish cuisine, and if that’s the case you can finish off with a small swig of Irish coffee. Got room for more? Take a slight detour from the Irish and snag that last box of Thin Mints you know you have stashed in your freezer. Frozen Thin Mint Cheesecake is easy to make, delicious to eat, and a great way to get rid of those haunting Girl Scout Cookies. It may not be Irish, but it is green.

So there you have it–your St. Patrick’s Day festivities all organized by meal times. We hope you have a wonderful holiday and make sweet memories with your friends and family. Want to share how you celebrate? Tag us on Instagram with #superiorcelebrations or tag us on Facebook. We love to see how our customers spend their holidays!

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Glow-in-the-Dark Fitness Classes

Glow-in-the-Dark Fitness Classes

Looking for something different to do on a Friday night? Try a glow-in-the-dark fitness class! We’re seeing this trend pop up all over in yoga, spin, and barre classes. Why are they so popular? Novelty is everything. Glow classes make working out feel less like a chore and more like a party.

Last weekend, Pure Barre Marina Del Rey packed their studio for an hour-long “Tuck ‘N’ Glow” session. If you’re not familiar with Pure Barre, a “tuck” is one of the key movements involved in the workout. The studio was transformed by glow bracelets, glow necklaces, and a black light. If you’re interested in hosting your very own glow fitness class, we have some great information to share. Here are a few things you should know before attending or hosting a glow class.

Glow-In-The-Dark Fitness Classes

Prep the Room

Having a successful glow event means you’re going to need to ensure that your space is both dark and safe. The last thing you want is for your class to be cut short because someone got hurt. Make sure the room is free of any equipment that people could potentially stumble over. Line up anything that will be used in the class in an easy-to-find spot. Pure Barre MDR used orange glow bracelets to anchor their balls and lined up dumbbells right next to a a glow stick so that they were visible.

Glow-In-The-Dark Fitness Classes

Additionally, you’re going to need to get that space really dark. Think Space Mountain at Disney dark. Black out all windows with heavy black paper, and set up a few black lights around your room. Remember that having it that dark will make light from connecting rooms really pop out. Consider putting nightlights in connecting rooms so that people can exit without flooding your room with light.

Dress Appropriately

The whole point of going to a glow class is to enjoy “glowing,” so you want to wear the right kinds of clothes. White and neon shades will look great under the black light. Leave those black Lululemons at home and have fun with funky socks, leg warmers, and bright leggings. Complete your ensemble with some glow necklaces and bracelets. The instructors at Pure Barre MDR even wove them through their hair in braids.

Glow-In-The-Dark Fitness Classes

Create A Buzz

A glow class is something fun that people can ‘gram, snap, and tweet about. Generate a buzz before your event by making it an exclusive event you offer members. Social media is your best friend for advertising your fun class. Make full use of all channels!

In order for your attendees to get the full “glow” effect you need to have them enter the room all at once. Pure Barre MDR held off their members in the lobby and tagged their wrists with pink bracelets and green bracelets. When the studio doors finally opened their was a collective gasp of ooh and ahh! Proof that adults are just as excited by glow-in-the-dark as kids are.

A fun playlist is the best way to get people excited to move and workout. 80’s tunes, techno dance music, and Bruno Mars remixes pair quite nicely with glow products. The fun thing about barre classes is that you’re essentially participating an a choreographed routine. The pink and green bracelets really emphasized the synchronicity of movement as the instructor led the class.

The hour-long workout blew by for most attendees, and everyone agreed that the glow factor made it fun and exciting. Pure Barre MDR’s first Tuck ‘N’ Glow was a success and is sure to be a repeat event.

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New Year’s Eve Weddings: Three Things to Know

New Year's Eve Weddings: Three Things to Know

So you just got engaged, and now everyone and their mom is asking when you’ll tie the knot. You smirk, giggle, and then spill the beans:

“We’re getting married on New Year’s Eve!”

Mic drop, right? Like elopements and destination weddings, a New Year’s Eve wedding is in it’s own special class. Getting hitched on such a big holiday requires extra planning and consideration. We asked around and got the inside scoop from photographers, planners, and even a bride on what you need to know as you plan your NYE wedding.

New Year’s Eve Weddings: Three Things You Should Know


One of the most important aspects to your NYE wedding is the schedule. As the holiday is focused on the clock striking midnight it’s crucial that you don’t start your event too early or too late.

Event planner and florist, Laura of Elegant Events by Laura, has a specific timetable she uses for weddings:

“We start the first look at 3:30/4, shoot the bridal party at 4/4:30, and finally the families around 5/5:30. The ceremony is held at 6:30, followed by cocktails. Dinner is at 8:00 and dancing 8-12:30. The reception is slightly longer than usual receptions, but timing is fairly typical. The most important thing to remember is having an earlier for the couple so you don’t lose the light!”

If you follow the timetable that Laura suggests, your guests should arrive around 6 PM. Make sure to serve some hors d’oeuvres with your cocktails and you will keep your guests both comfortable and happy with a later dinner. Remember, they are going to party until midnight so it’s crucial you keep everyone energized.


As the party is supposed to last until midnight, your NYE wedding will not be kid-friendly. If you’re worried that your guests with children won’t attend, don’t be! Erica from Sweet Alice Photography puts it this way:

“I have found that most people who have children don’t always go out to parties, but will happily find a babysitter for a NYE wedding. I think NYE weddings give guests a good reason to actually celebrate on that evening rather than stay home. “

That’s right. Your wedding just became every parent’s New Year’s Eve date night! Additionally, NYE weddings tend to be fancier, and guests are happy to have a chance to dress up. It’s a night everyone wants to celebrate, and your wedding provides the motivation, space, and ambiance for an awesome and memorable New Year’s Eve.

Erica also suggests that you have some fun party props on hand. “We usually pick up the party packs of crowns, beads, and hats in black silver and gold and people really love that and it makes for some amazing pictures.”

May we also suggest some confetti cannons for dance floor fun? Our customers Emily and Travis used our Gold Metallic Streamer Cannons for their NYE wedding, and we love the way their pictures turned out!


Perhaps the very best thing about a New Year’s Eve wedding is the sentiment behind them. Beginning a marriage at the start of a brand new year is a pretty special thing to celebrate. New Year’s Eve also makes for a great anniversary date. You’re guaranteed fireworks and champagne for years to come!

Melissa from Bell and Ivory Photography chose to have a NYE wedding and her insight is beautiful:

“People say you’re supposed to kiss the person you want to spend the next year with at midnight. Imagine getting to do that for the first time with the person you plan to spend the rest of your life with?”

If that’s not motivation for having a NYE wedding I don’t know what is! Are you planning a NYE wedding? We would love to hear from you and see what you do with this awesome wedding date. Make sure you check out our selection of wedding sparklers and confetti cannons for your big day.

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Mardi Gras Fun for Everyone!

Mardi Gras Fun for Everyone!

Mardi Gras is right around the corner, and as the French say, “Laissez les bons temps rouler!” Let the good times roll! The festival of Mardi Gras is all about indulging in fun, eating delicious food, and sharing in excitement before the restrictions of Lent. Basically, it’s the perfect holiday.

Whether you get to celebrate on the streets of New Orleans or you are having a small gathering in your home, we have some products that will help you capture the essence of Mardi Gras.

For the kids

The parades, music, and sweets like King Cake make Mardi Gras a favorite holiday among children. Our LED Foam Sticks and Glow Necklaces are a great little favor to pass out to your kids. Operated with a simple button, foam sticks can toggle between six different color modes. Set to purple or green for your Mardi Gras flair! Glow necklaces come in a variety of colors, but we recommend green, yellow, or purple for this occasion.

Mardi Gras Fun!

Your children will enjoy waving their sticks and wearing their necklaces during parties and parades. I especially love these items because they never fail to get my kids excited. They also are great because they are disposable and unlike Mardi Gras beads, they don’t end up adding to clutter in your home. I call that a win for the moms!

Mardi Gras fun for kids!

For the adults

LED Ice Cubes are to adults what LED Foam Sticks are to kids. These little guys always deliver when it comes to bringing immediate joy. You might not think that your favorite Mardi Gras cocktail could get more fun, but trust us when we say that LED ice cubes are your next best party trick.

Mardi Gras Fun

Like the foam sticks, LED ice cubes come with a simple one-button operation that gives you six different color modes to choose from. We promise you that your guests will love these brilliant blocks of color in their drinks. If you have any left over your kids will enjoy them, too.

For everyone

What’s Mardi Gras without some mess? Our confetti cannons offer the perfect amount of sparkle, excitement, and hoopla that your Mardi Gras celebration needs! Our Gold Streamer Cannons are a beautiful and actually easier to clean up than traditional confetti. Your guests will be snapping selfies against a backdrop of beautiful, gold mylar metallics.

Want to add some color to the mix? We also have some beautiful green, mylar confetti for your Mardi Gras party. Simply twist the base of the cannon for an awesome blast of 15 ft of confetti! Let the good times roll, indeed!

 Homecoming night at Little Cypress Mauriceville High School in Orange, TX

Homecoming night at Little Cypress Mauriceville High School in Orange, TX

You can see these great items and more on our Mardi Gras page.

How are you going to spend Mardi Gras? We want to see! Please be sure and tag us on Facebook and Instagram with #superiorcelebrations. We love to follow our customers and find out how they use our products to celebrate!

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A Confetti-Inspired Valentine’s Day

A Confetti-Inspired Valentine's Day

One of the perks for working at Superior Celebrations is getting a front row seat on customer reviews. The reviews seem to flow in with the season. Sometimes all we see are wedding reviews, and other times it’s all about the babies.

Folks, we are in baby season here at Superior Celebrations.

One of our most popular products are our Gender Reveal Confetti Cannons. It’s always fun to see the anticipation build and then the glorious POP of gorgeous blue or pink confetti. So much joy surrounds the “reveal” and whether it’s pink or blue, excitement bubbles all around.

According to Instagram and our customer reviews there are a LOT of babies on the horizon for 2017.

It is with these cherubs in mind that we look to our first big holiday of the new year, Valentine’s Day.

A Confetti Inspired Valentine’s Day

Besides the “I love you” and the sweets, Valentine’s Day is really just about thoughtful gestures. “I was thinking about you,” and “This reminded me of you,” and finally, “I want to celebrate you.”

Confetti is the perfect theme to encompass Valentine’s Day. Thoughtful, sentimental, and celebratory, confetti shows that special someone just how much they mean to you. We have gathered some of the best confetti-inspired treats and gifts to give to your loved ones. Hang tight, there’s a lot of sugar, glitter, and confetti coming your way.

Confetti Popper Treats

We all know just how fun it is to pop a confetti cannon. How about a chocolate filled cannon? Yes, please!

Source: Oh Happy Day

Source: Oh Happy Day

These DIY popper treats by Oh Happy Day will delight valentines ages 5-105. Not a fan of Lindt truffles? Fill with anything from Smarties to Sees candy.

Confetti Pouch

Source: Packed Party

Source: Packed Party

If you don’t already follow Packed Party on Instagram you are really missing out. Their feed is literally one giant party. They have some great products including this confetti Everything Pouch. Give this to your valentine and she can use it for literally “everything.” Pencils, makeup, toiletries, Shopkins (for the younger crew) yep, this is the gift that keeps giving.

Confetti Pancakes

In my household there are few things that pancakes won’t fix. Besides donuts, they are just the happiest food. This recipe from Chez Catey Lou adds some extra oomph to breakfast cake. They’re made with Greek yogurt for some extra protein, and have a honey sauce instead of syrup.

Confetti Card

What better gift than a tiny little stash of confetti to wish someone a happy Valentine’s Day? This adorable DIY is made using jumbo straws. Genius, right? Pair with the free printable and you’ve got yourself the perfect Valentine’s favor to pass around. Hint: blowing on a handful of confetti makes for the BEST pictures! Be sure to capture your valentine “wishing” on their confetti.

Confetti Cannons

Finally, this confetti post wouldn’t be complete without our very own confetti cannons. Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to blast one and capture the expressions of your loved ones. You may choose from a wide variety of colors, but may we suggest red?

From our customers Matt and Dana's gender reveal

From our customers Matt and Dana

We hope you have a lovely Valentine’s Day! If you plan to hop on the confetti train please share your photos and tag us on Instagram or Facebook!

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Super Party Essentials

Super Party Essentials

The Big Game is happening this weekend and we want to help you get ready with some football party essentials!

The season finale of football is a wonderful holiday for all Americans–even the folks who don’t love football. I personally enjoy the championship game for three reasons:

  1. The commercials are fantastic.
  2. The food is a celebration of junk food, and tastes especially delicious after all of January’s new year resolutions.
  3. It signifies the end of football season.

Yes, I fall into the category of “folks who don’t love football.” However, I married into a family of diehard Steeler fans. Actually, given all the Steeler fans I know I think it’s safe to say that there aren’t any non-diehard Steeler fans. If you followed the drama of the playoffs you’ll know that the Steelers and the Steeler family (fans) are not very happy with the Patriots. So to honor my husband I won’t be mentioning anybody who’s name rhymes with “shady.” But if you’re a member of the Patriots or Falcons family, congratulations.

Super Party Props

We have a few products that will enhance your party, and possibly keep your kids busy. For example, my kids absolutely LOVE playing with our LED Foam Sticks. Foam sticks have six different settings and can be set to your team color. Arm your kids with safe, non-eye-poking foam sticks and encourage them to wield them at every touchdown or field goal.

Or in my husband’s case, use them to whack the walls and furniture in disappointment that your team didn’t go all the way this year.

LED Foam Sticks

Another fun way to participate with your team is to use our confetti cannons. Yes, we realize this takes your living room from “comfortable gathering place” to “epic game space” and we are perfectly OK with that. Our confetti cannons are an exciting way to celebrate your team’s progress while blasting your space with color and fun. We have multiple color/metallic options and know that shooting these cannons will be a highlight for your kids and guests.

Homecoming at Little Cypress Mauriceville High School in Orange, TX with Green Confetti Cannons and Gold Metallic Streamer Cannons

Homecoming at Little Cypress Mauriceville High School in Orange, TX with Green Confetti Cannons and Gold Metallic Streamer Cannons

Super Party Food

This is my favorite part. A football party is one of those events that has so many yummy appetizers you don’t even need a main course. You can make it super easy on yourself with chips and pre-made dips, OR you can get yourself into serious trouble with things like homemade pretzels and cheese dip.

Source: Two Peas and Their Pod

Source: Two Peas and Their Pod

Or what about homemade bacon chips dipped in chipotle ranch? I don’t know about you but they had me at bacon. See what I mean: with dishes like these why would you need anything else?

Cheesy Bacon Oven Chips

If you find yourself among people who have to have a “meat and potatoes” rule about dinner, we recommend these Philly Cheesesteak sandwiches. They’re delicious, substantial, and will definitely fill you up.

Homemade Philly Cheesesteak Sandwich with Onions and Peppers

Homemade Philly Cheesesteak Sandwich with Onions and Peppers

For dessert, top everyone off with Chocolate Peanut Butter Footballs. This is one of those Pinterest endeavors that will totally impress everyone and only you will know how easy they are to make.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Footballs

Finally, what’s a gameday party without a cooler full of drinks? Why not surprise your guests by adding some game day flair to the cooler? Our LED ice cubes add a fun element of surprise to your beverage display. With a simple one-button operation you can transform the cooler with team colors.

Tailgate party essentials

Super Party Game

While some will sneer at the concept of playing a party game during The Big Game, let this non-football-loving person interject with an unbiased observation: football fans LOVE talking about past games, players, coaches, and what have you.

Case in point: you could give my dad a year like 1989 and he would tell you exactly what Joe Montana was up to, who went to the championship game, and what all star players were drafted that year. Ask him where he left his keys and you’ll see that his memory is laser-beam focused on football. My point is, football trivia is fun and exciting to football fans. Why not make a game of it with this free trivia printable?

Super Bowl Trivia

No matter who wins this weekend, we hope you spend your day enjoying friends, family, and food. If you put out a super spread, we’d love to see it! Be sure to tag us on Instagram with #superiorcelebrations. Have a fun, everyone!

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