Color: Purple

Confetti Type: Paper, Biodegradable

Size: 18" Long | 2" Diameter

Our 18" purple confetti cannon is great for any party or event. To operate, simply twist the base to launch a blast of confetti 15 feet! The purple confetti is perfect for Mardi Gras, weddings, birthdays, and more!

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Color: Gold

Confetti Type: Mylar Confetti

Size: 12" Long | 2" Diameter

Perfect for any occasion, our 12", Gold Metallic Confetti Cannon is great for smaller rooms or venues. This cannon is loaded with gold, mylar confetti that really shimmers when light hits it! Though shorter than some of our confetti cannons, it will still launch a shower of gold confetti 10 feet!

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Color: Gold

Confetti Type: Mylar Streamers

Size: 18" Long | 2" Diameter

Our 18" Gold Metallic Streamer Cannon is great for weddings, graduations and other special events. This cannon is loaded with gold mylar streamers that shoot up to 30 feet, and are easier to clean up than confetti.

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Color: Orange, Green, Aqua, Blue

Size: 6 Inches Long

Unit: 4-Pack

Each pack includes 4 vibrant colors with animal-print spots and stripes! The glow sticks are 6 inches long, and come with red lanyards.

Color: Multi-Mode (Blue, Purple, Red, Green, White, Color-Changing)

Size: 1.25" Cube (approximate)

Unit: 12 Pack

Colorful LED ice cubes with 6 different modes and simple one-button operation. The waterproof design is perfect in drinks or ice buckets, and also makes a colorful alternative to tea-light candles in our Floating Water Lanterns!

Size: 16 Inches Long

These 6-mode LED foam sticks are a great addition to parties and concerts! The simple one-button operation toggles between solid colors, color-changing, and strobe.

Color: Multi-Color

Size: 6" x 6" Base, 9" Tall

Unit: Pack of 12

Vibrant floating luminaries or wish lanterns that create a colorful ambience on any pool, fountain, or lake. The lanterns are made with a bamboo base and flame-retardant white paper, and include water-proof LED light cubes for illumination. Each pack contains 12 lanterns.

Color: Gold Sparks

Duration: 45 Seconds

Size: 10" Total Length, 3.5" x 3.5" Star

Unit: 72 Sparklers Per Pack

Star-shaped sparklers are a unique and fun way to celebrate birthdays, graduations, the Fourth of July, and New Year's! Plus, star-shaped sparklers burn down both sides at the same time, giving you twice the sparkle of a traditional sparkler! The golden sparks are bright and beautiful, and the wire core means they burn with minimal smoke.

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Color: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple (2 of Each)

Size: 39" Tall, 24" Wide

Unit: 12 Pack or 72 Pack

This 12-pack of sky lanterns features 2 each of 6 vibrant colors, making them perfect for any celebration! They are made with 100% biodegradable, flame-retardant materials and come fully assembled (no need to attach a fuel cell).

Unit: 6 Packs of 50 Snappers

The classic snappers that everyone knows and loves. A fun noisemaker that you throw on the ground for a satisfying pop! 6 packs of 50 snaps each, for a total of 300 snaps.

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