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Frequently Asked Questions


What length of sparklers should I use for a wedding exit?
We offer two sizes that are perfect for weddings — 20" and 36". The performance is identical, so the main difference is the duration. Our 20" Wedding Sparklers last 2 minutes, which is plenty of time for most exits, and our 36" Gold Sparklers last over 3 minutes, which gives maximum flexibility on the timing while everyone gets ready. If you opt for the 20″ size, just make sure everyone is organized to light sparklers together with a lot of lighters distributed through the line for everyone to be able to light their sparklers quickly. Also, be sure to coordinate with your wedding planner or photographer to see if they have a preference as well based on their previous experience with sparkler exits.
How many sparklers do I need for my wedding exit?
You only need one sparkler per guest that participates in your exit, and it's worth considering that this is generally fewer people than your total guest list. We know it's commonly recommended to have 2 sparklers per guest, but we recommend against giving guests multiple sparklers to hold during your exit for safety reasons. If you're concerned about sparklers lasting long enough, we recommend using the 36" sparklers.
That said, extra sparklers can always be used by guests after the exit, given as favors, or saved for another occasion!
Does the sparkler length include the handle or only the part that sparkles?
Sparkler sizes are listed as the full length of the wire, which includes both the portion you hold and also the dipped portion that sparkles.
Are these "cold" sparklers?
No, we offer traditional, handheld sparklers, which burn hot and should be handled with care. There are machines marketed as providing a "cold spark" effect, but those are generally provided as rentals through special event companies.
Do sparklers expire? How long can I keep my sparklers before using them?
Sparklers will last many years as long as they are kept dry, so you should have no problem buying them early as you plan for an upcoming event, or using leftovers for a future celebration.
What's the best time to have the wedding exit?
Scheduling your sparklers is an extremely important part in your wedding itinerary. You want it to be at a time when you have plenty of guests on hand, but you definitely do not want to "exit" your party too early. Your wedding planner will be your best resource in determining what time you schedule the send-off.
Let your guests know when you plan to do sparklers so that everyone who wants to be there stays for it. Your photographer will also need to plan for that time and can help you decide the best place to stage the send-off. You want a large, open space clear of low ceilings or brush. Hire a driver to pick you up in your chosen getaway car.

Confetti Cannons

How do you operate the handheld confetti cannons?
You simply twist the base! 🎉

Gender Reveal

How do you tell the difference between the blue and pink versions of your gender reveal products?
We intentionally do not publicly post how you can tell the difference between the blue and pink versions of our gender reveal products, but there is a subtle, yet simple, way to tell them apart. If you order both blue and pink versions of our confetti cannons or powder cannons, we'll include a card that shows you how to tell them apart. If you order both the blue and pink versions of the Gender Reveal Fireworks (less common), reach out to our team, and we'll be happy to give you that information.
Can I buy both colors and return the one I don't use?
Absolutely, we accept returns for most items! See our Return Policy for full details. The main exception is that we can't accept returns for fireworks.
Do you offer colors other than blue and pink for a gender reveal?
Sure, we have plenty of exciting colors available for our confetti cannons and powder cannons! However, they don't come with generic labels, so you'll want to conceal the color with your own fun wrapping paper or craft paper. Get some great inspiration for this fun project here.

Shipping and Returns

How long will it take to receive my order?
Not long at all! Orders placed by 3:30 p.m. ET ship the same day, aside from weekends and a few holidays. Transit time for ground shipping typically takes 1-5 days depending on how far you are from our location in Orange Park, FL, and you'll get an estimated delivery date for your location once you enter your ZIP code in your shopping cart before checkout.
Where do you ship orders from?
We ship orders from our location in beautiful Orange Park, FL. Come enjoy the sunshine with us sometime! 😉
My order didn't arrive, or arrived damaged. What do I do?
Contact us right away and we'll help! Shipments get lost or damaged sometimes, unfortunately, but we can ship a new order right away or offer a refund if there's not enough time for a new shipment to arrive.