Updated Heart Sparklers Are Here!

New Heart Sparklers!
We are excited to announce that we recently brought to the shop an updated version of our popular heart sparklers.  They now have longer handles so they’re easier to hold.  Last summer, our heart sparklers were featured in Martha Stewart Weddings!  Hold on, let me pinch myself!  Martha Stewart is full of wedding inspiration including this picture she featured online.

Our Heart Sparklers were featured in Martha Stewart Weddings!

I absolutely love the idea that Martha came up with – “Let Sparks Fly”.  She even includes the “let sparks fly” and the cute sparks matchbox wraps as two free printables on her site. You should note, however, that while decorative matches are fun wedding favors, they aren’t the best to use for lighting sparklers.  We recommend using a long grill-style lighter to get things started and then light the other sparklers off each other.

Also, my husband & I recently celebrated ten years of marriage!  I’m not sure that heart sparklers were around when we got married but we did use sparklers on our way out.  I would love to have some heart sparklers all around me!

My wedding exit!

Head over to the shop and check out our updated version of the heart sparklers!

I’d love to hear from you.  Did you use any sparklers in your wedding or have you been to any weddings that used them?  Let me know!


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