Color: Green (2-tone)

Confetti Type: Paper Confetti, Biodegradable

Size: 18" Long | 2" Diameter

Our 18" Green Confetti Cannon is great for any party or event. To operate, simply twist the base to launch a blast of green confetti 15 feet! The biodegradable green confetti is perfect for St. Patrick's Day, sporting events or other green-themed celebrations!

Ground Shipping Only Ground Shipping Only

Unit: 5 Balloons Per Pack

These balloons contain a bright LED light inside a white balloon. By pressing the button at the tip of the balloons, they toggle between fast flashing, slow flashing, and steady on. Illuminated white balloons are a great addition to any wedding!

Color: Green

Confetti Type: Rice Powder

Size: 12" Long | 2" Diameter

A blast of green powder that's perfect for outdoor color events! These compressed-air cannons are filled with a water-soluble rice powder and are super easy to use. Just twist the base to launch a cloud of color!

Ground Shipping Only Ground Shipping Only

Size: 12 Inches Long

Unit: 4 Pack or 24 Pack

These glow sticks are a full 12 inches long, and are divided into red, green, and blue glow sections. We offer both a 4-pack and a 24-pack. Great for parties!

Color: Multi-Color

Size: 6" x 6" Base, 9" Tall

Unit: Pack of 12

Vibrant floating luminaries or wish lanterns that create a colorful ambience on any pool, fountain, or lake. The lanterns are made with a bamboo base and flame-retardant white paper, and include water-proof LED light cubes for illumination. Each pack contains 12 lanterns.