American Flag Sky Lantern

American Flag Sky Lantern

American Flag Sky Lantern

  • American Flag - Red, White, Blue
  • 39" Tall, 24" Wide
  • 12 Pack or 36 Pack
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Product Details

American Flag Sky Lanterns are the perfect for your next patriotic celebration! These Sky Lanterns have a small fuel source in the middle that, once lit, will lift the lantern slowly into the sky with a soft glow. These American Flag lanterns are made with fire-retardant, 100% biodegradable material.
Each Sky Lantern comes folded and individually packaged. When fully inflated, our Sky Lanterns measure 39” tall, 16” in diameter at the base of the lantern, and 24” in diameter at the top of the lantern.

Product Number: N-KM65435

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By Gary
From Cincinnati

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Nice sky lantern Nice sky lantern
By From Cincinnati

Comments about American Flag Sky Lantern:
Works very well!

By Tiffany
From Fort Myers, FL

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Very Special People Working for you :) Very Special People Working for you :)
By From Fort Myers, FL

Comments about American Flag Sky Lantern:
My best friends son was killed in a training accident in Marine Corps training recently getting ready to go overseas to fight for freedom, life and liberty for our country at the young age of 19. He died in a tragic accident that forever changed our lives. Our HERO, Lance Corporal Austin Ruiz. The 19 beautiful American Flag lanterns represented his age, his country, his fight for what he wanted to do for us all. Protect, Honor and Serve. Semper Fi! It was such a tough time having to order these beautiful lanterns to light and set free. They came in 12 or 30. I needed 19. I asked if Superior Celebrations if they would donate 7 free lanterns since they come in 12 and I needed 19. Without question or hesitation he said yes. They clearly give back and understand circumstances and helped honor Austin for his service and honor in their way. Giving back. To a company that understands, empathizes and hires really professional and warm customer service representatives, THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for you kindness and universal love. Tiffany Sweeney

By Jeff
From Illinois

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These are awesome These are awesome
By From Illinois

Comments about American Flag Sky Lantern:
Used them at our 4th of July pool party and they were a huge hit.

By Steve
From Chicago, IL

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Great Product, Worked Great. America. Great Product, Worked Great. America.
By From Chicago, IL

Comments about American Flag Sky Lantern:
Bought them for the 4th of July.

By rick
From alabama

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I would buy this product again. I would buy this product again.
By From alabama

Comments about American Flag Sky Lantern:
Looks good gently floating away. Very calming. Kids love them.