Sky Lanterns

Sky Lanterns

Sky Lanterns

  • White
  • 39" Tall, 24" Wide
  • 12 Pack
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Product Details

Sky Lanterns are an amazing addition to any celebration. Sky Lanterns (sometimes called wish lanterns) are basically small, translucent hot-air balloons. They have a small fuel source in the middle that, once lit, will lift the lantern slowly into the sky with a soft glow. These lanterns are made with fire-retardant, 100% biodegradable material. To achieve the best effect, at least 10-20 should be used at one time (the more, the better). Sky Lanterns are a fantastic wedding sparkler alternative, if your wedding venue does not allow sparklers!
Each Sky Lantern comes folded and individually packaged. When fully inflated, our Sky Lanterns measure 39” tall, 16” in diameter at the base of the lantern, and 24” in diameter at the top of the lantern.

Product Number: N-KM65434-12

4.8 Stars from 45 Reviews
97.4% of respondents would recommend this to a friend.
By Steve
From Berkeley

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Quite pleased Quite pleased
By From Berkeley

Comments about Sky Lanterns:
We'd wanted some sky lanterns to send off at a dear friend's memorial. Considering ourselves crafty we thought they'd be a breeze to make. Not so much. Finally deciding to maybe order them online, we were very pleasantly surprised by how easy, affordably, and how fast we had far more lanterns in our hands than ever imagined. They're beautiful and we look forward to sending them off with joyous tidings. Thank you.

Service and Delivery Comments:

By c
From ohio

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Good lanterns Good lanterns
By From ohio

Comments about Sky Lanterns:
Lanterns worked very well for our wedding.


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Love it Love it

Comments about Sky Lanterns:

Service and Delivery Comments:
Was great on time

By Shlack Niner
From Tiujana

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I Would continue to buy from Superior I Would continue to buy from Superior
By From Tiujana

Comments about Sky Lanterns:
Neighbors think it's a UFO

By Dors
From KY

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The night was magical! The night was magical!
By From KY

Comments about Sky Lanterns:
The night felt like a movie from Tangled.

Service and Delivery Comments:
Delivery was fast and on time.

By K
From South Carolina

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Great buying experience Great buying experience
By From South Carolina

Comments about Sky Lanterns:
Fast shipping. Product is good size, appears larger than most lanterns.

By McKi
From Charlotte NC

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Perfect idea for a little girls birthday party. Perfect idea for a little girls birthday party.
By From Charlotte NC

Comments about Sky Lanterns:
Great product

By Kee
From Colorado

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Beautiful Beautiful
By From Colorado

Comments about Sky Lanterns:
I bought these for my SIL's memorial and they were perfect. The only thing I had trouble with was getting some of them lit but eventfully they worked.

By scott
From St Pete FL

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memorial memorial
By From St Pete FL

Comments about Sky Lanterns:
We used these to celebrate a dearly departed father, husband and father in law. Couldn't have thought of a better way to send our love to Heaven.

By Missing Him
From Saginaw, MI

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Memorial Memorial
By From Saginaw, MI

Comments about Sky Lanterns:
I released the laterns at my brothers grave for his birthday. They arrived on time and performed as expected. It was my first experience but the directions were easy to understand.

By Dr. G
From Bolinas, Ca

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great product! great product!
By From Bolinas, Ca

Comments about Sky Lanterns:
Lanterns come well packaged and easy to open and launch. We live in a rural area and were careful to make sure the weather conditions were suitable for launching the lanterns...The directions suggest that it is best to launch when wind speed is less than 5 mph. Launched the lanterns with my 9 year old granddaughter and she loved it!

By lisa
From ft worth/ dallas tx

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great product great product
By From ft worth/ dallas tx

Comments about Sky Lanterns:
large lantern used on new years eve. looked beautiful and was easy to use

By TBD513
From Portland, Maine

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Sky Lanterns Are The Real Thing Sky Lanterns Are The Real Thing
By From Portland, Maine

Comments about Sky Lanterns:
I've only tested one lantern so I can't give them a stunning review yet but I was impressed. The lit lantern climbed well, better the expected. These lanterns are the real thing. Expect quality flights to impress a crowd. Shipping was fast the and the price was good for a 12pack.

By Suzique
From Baton Rouge, LA

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By From Baton Rouge, LA

Comments about Sky Lanterns:
The lanturns were awesome! They were very large and performed just as advertised. Caution should be exercised while lighting and flipping the lanturns. A lighter with a long extension is ideal. We wrote messages on them before we sent them up to heaven. I would definitely recommend these lanturns. The quality was superior.

Service and Delivery Comments:
Delivered timely just as promised.

Sending lighted lanturns up to Paw Paw in heaven

By Polly
From Rockford, IL

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Lighting the sky Lighting the sky
By From Rockford, IL

Comments about Sky Lanterns:
We had a blast sending our lanterns off into the sky. Every person made a wish and then sent off their lantern. I was a pretty cool sight. Make sure there is almost no wind when flying your Sky Lantern.

By Gma O
From Cleveland OH

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Sky Lanterns are great! Sky Lanterns are great!
By From Cleveland OH

Comments about Sky Lanterns:
Weather has to be perfect, kids aren't happy when it's windy and we postpone it. Neighbors loved them, they ordered some too!


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Sky lanterns are amazing. Sky lanterns are amazing.
By From UTAH

Comments about Sky Lanterns:
My family loved the sky lanterns. haven't tried the sparklers. One of my daughters (age 34) passed away Oct. 27, 2013. I heard that at our cemetery people go to the cemetery Christmas Eve, light candles, put lights on the wreaths and send lanterns into the sky. I couldn't find any in town to buy, to looked online and found yours. They were AMAZING!!! They worked really well, went really high up in the sky and we all loved watching them go so far! Probably, the best thing was watching the teenage boys. They were really into it. They loved lighting them, watching them for a long time and they thought their Nana was super for finding such a great thing to do for their Aunt. Her son, who is nine, loved it also. There is quite a large flame. I don't think I would use them in the summer in our dry area. It's freezing right now, so I felt that if it came down, nothing would catch fire. Please let me know how you feel about this. THANK YOU for making such an great lantern. It was large and as long as the guys would listen to my instructions as to how to light them, they worked perfectly! Meralyn Thanks for asking, b/c i had wanted to write you a note, and, probably, wouldn't have gotten it done. The delivery was very timely!!!

By kchaney33
From Toledo Il

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Beautiful on a cold starry night Beautiful on a cold starry night
By From Toledo Il

Comments about Sky Lanterns:
We used these New Years Eve and it was a very cold and starry night. But they were so beautiful floating up into the sky. So easy to use. Big (which I didn't expect)the lighting pads were very easy to use and took off quite fast. I was a little concerned since it was so cold. But they took right off. Hope to make this a yearly event

Service and Delivery Comments:
Very prompt. Very easy to work with.

By Gabby's Mom
From Houston, Texas

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I'm so glad I bought these. I'm so glad I bought these.
By From Houston, Texas

Comments about Sky Lanterns:
I was pleasantly surprised how easy they were to use. I was impressed how quickly they arrived and packaged well. We watched it glide across the sky till it was a tiny spot in our sight. It was a touching memorial for my daughters birthday, who left us earlier this year. We will make this a family tradition to honor her on her birthday every year. Thank you

By Bud
From Boise,Idaho

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Great Sky Lanterns Great Sky Lanterns
By From Boise,Idaho

Comments about Sky Lanterns:
These Sky Lanterns are good. I have only used two of them so far and they worked great.