4-Shot Electric Confetti Launcher

4-Shot Electric Confetti Launcher

4-Shot Electric Confetti Launcher

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Product Details

This launcher allows you to remotely fire any of our electric confetti cannons with a DMX controller or lighting console (not included), or the included wireless remote! This launcher supports firing individually or up to 4 at a time, including sequenced firing modes. Each channel and firing mode has its own DMX address:

  • Channel 1: Launch position 1 (DMX only)
  • Channel 2: Launch position 2 (DMX only)
  • Channel 3: Launch position 3 (DMX only)
  • Channel 4: Launch position 4 (DMX only)
  • Channel 5: Launch all cannons simultaneously (DMX or remote)
  • Channel 6: Launch all cannons sequentially left to right (DMX or remote)
  • Channel 7: Launch all cannons sequentially right to left (DMX or remote)
  • Channel 8: Launch all cannons sequentially inside to outside (DMX or remote)

For DMX operation, you assign the address for the first channel, and the rest increment from there. For example, if you set "001" for the unit, then the 8 channels are 1-8, but if you assign channel 128, the channels are 128-135.

The unit includes a remote, a powerCON to Edison power cable, a 3-pin DMX cable, and 4 test lights. It's perfect for DJs, churches, and theaters who want to add confetti to their productions!

Product Number: L-SX12162

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