Confetti Cannon

Confetti Cannon

Confetti Cannon

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Product Details

Size: 18" long | 2" diameter
Confetti Type: Paper, Biodegradable
Confetti Color: Multi-Color
Our compressed-air Confetti Cannons are perfect for big parties and celebrations, and the tissue-paper confetti is biodegradable! To operate, simply hold with both hands and twist the base of the unit; the confetti will blast into the air with a nice "pop"! These large Confetti Cannons are non-pyrotechnic; instead, they use compressed air to fire the confetti, which means no smoke or hot tubes after they are used! Our Confetti Cannons can be used indoors or outside, and will shoot confetti over 20ft. into the air!

For outdoor events, we also recommend our Multi-Color Wedding Confetti Cannons with water-soluble confetti.

Product Number: N-SF40002

4.8 Stars from 81 Reviews
100.0% of respondents would recommend this to a friend.
By Edge Entertainment
From West Bend, WI

Verified Buyer

Great Product! A ton of Fun! Great Product! A ton of Fun!
By From West Bend, WI

Comments about Confetti Cannon:
This was a great product! I got 7 of them for New Years Eve! Only one of them did not fully go off, but the rest did and it was awesome!

Service and Delivery Comments:
Shipping was fast and secure!

By Flowcats
From Saratoga Springs, NY

Verified Buyer

Thes are so fun,but be prepared to sweep up a mess! Thes are so fun,but be prepared to sweep up a mess!
By From Saratoga Springs, NY

Comments about Confetti Cannon:
Used at midnight New Years Eve.....perfect explosion of color!

By dano
From NJ

Verified Buyer

Will definitely buy this again Will definitely buy this again
By From NJ

Comments about Confetti Cannon:
Excellent display, the room was covered with colorful fluttering confetti. Best part was that it was easy to clean up with a brush and dustpan, and then a vacuum, since the individual pieces were large, visible pieces of paper. Others we have used in the past were tiny foil fragments, which we were still finding months later.

Service and Delivery Comments:
Fast delivery.

By The MAX Challenge
From New Jersey

Verified Buyer

By From New Jersey

Comments about Confetti Cannon:
bought 12 of these for a workout convention and all of them shot off with so much confetti! totally recommend it

By Betzy2023
From Long Island, NY

Verified Buyer

Always impresses a crowd Always impresses a crowd
By From Long Island, NY

Comments about Confetti Cannon:
I really enjoy buying these cannons. They are easy to use and the kids have so much fun playing with the confetti. They are a great price and add excitement to every celebration!

By party animal
From Philly, Pa

Verified Buyer

Made our Finale Fabulous! Made our Finale Fabulous!
By From Philly, Pa

Comments about Confetti Cannon:
Used these Confetti cannons for the second year in a row at our school play at the finale. What a great way to end the show! Adds so much excitement to the show from the audience and the cast and crew on stage. Always a crowd pleaser.

By DJ Topliff
From Dallas tx

Verified Buyer

Great product Great product
By From Dallas tx

Comments about Confetti Cannon:
Used for wedding reception. Great for dancing and make awesome photos.

By RQJDsmom
From Los Angeles, CA

Verified Buyer

Perfect!! Perfect!!
By From Los Angeles, CA

Comments about Confetti Cannon:
I bought six of these for an elementary school celebration in an average-size (for elementary school) auditorium with high ceilings. It was SUCH A HIT! The kids LOVED IT. I was nervous at first that the popping sound would scare the children (and parents!) Although it was a fairly loud popping sound, it was exciting rather than scary. Phew!! We had mostly dads and two moms shoot them off, and no one seemed to have any trouble, and they all worked. It was the perfect end to our celebration!

By Betzy2023
From Long Island, NY

Verified Buyer

Supper Fun Supper Fun
By From Long Island, NY

Comments about Confetti Cannon:
Bought these for New Year's and they were a big hit!!! The kids, ages 9 and 13, loved the colors and the tremendous amount of confetti that came out. Just like a Super Bowl celebration, they made snow angels and had fun wadding it up and throwing the confetti at each other.

By Chae
From Laguna Niguel

Verified Buyer

Streamer and Confetti Cannon Streamer and Confetti Cannon
By From Laguna Niguel

Comments about Confetti Cannon:
When they work they are awesome. They worked for our test run but when we shot our video several didnt work and my reaction is seen in the video. Wasnt great. Thankgoodness the others ones worked. Still a little disappointing.

By Electric Promotions MW
From Fort Wayne, Indiana

Verified Buyer

Fantastic Product Fantastic Product
By From Fort Wayne, Indiana

Comments about Confetti Cannon:
I purchased 16 of these hand-held confetti cannons and used them during an Electronic concert as party favors. Each time the djs used one of the confetti cannons the crowd was instantly re-energized. This is a great product that I will definitely use again at future events.

By StephenD

Verified Buyer

Big fun in a little tube Big fun in a little tube

Comments about Confetti Cannon:
We did a event for the closing of an elementary school due to downsizing. I took ten cannons with us and what a response from the kids. They loved them. Parents were asking where we got them at. The local newspaper captured a photo of the children reaching up for the confetti and they were smiling from ear to ear. I have used them before and they add to a party. Great time. I keep a supply on hand for DJ events.

By Caleycoo
From Southern California

Verified Buyer

So much fun! So much fun!
By From Southern California

Comments about Confetti Cannon:
Used these at our high school graduation. Kids and parents loved them! So many people asked where they could get them and I shared this website.

From Indiana

Verified Buyer

Consistently Fabulous! Consistently Fabulous!
By From Indiana

Comments about Confetti Cannon:
I used a batch of 20 of these two different times in a school spring show performance. Each one worked perfect. Really pleased! Will use again.

By Steve
From Oil City, PA

Verified Buyer

Will buy again soon Will buy again soon
By From Oil City, PA

Comments about Confetti Cannon:
Worked great at indoor dance along with my DJ lights and sound. Every one loved them. When I announced Confetti canon coming up next song, they flocked to the dance floor. They sweep up easy. Will purchase again for sure. Your shipping was fast and well packed.

By ShellyR
From Cartersville, GA

Verified Buyer

By From Cartersville, GA

Comments about Confetti Cannon:
We used these to welcome our millionth visitor to our business - which happened to be a group of 3rd graders. They squealed with delight when we popped the cannons! Media was invited to the event and the promo piece was, of course, the confetti shoot!

Tellus Museum celebrates ONE MILLION visitors!

By Student Activities Director
From Watertown, Wisconsin

Verified Buyer

Great Effect!! Great Effect!!
By From Watertown, Wisconsin

Comments about Confetti Cannon:
We used 50 of these cannons for an indoor celebration and it provided a great effect in our gymnasium. We don't have a pyro license, and couldn't afford to rent large-scale confetti launchers. These hand-held cannons worked just as well, if not better! It was a great way to ge the crowd in on our celebration. I will definately use these again for future events!

By bmr024
From Houston, TX

Verified Buyer

Confetti Cannon Confetti Cannon
By From Houston, TX

Comments about Confetti Cannon:
Only thing I would change is to make it biodegradable.

By Tucci
From Cortlandt Manor, Ny

Verified Buyer

The BEST Confetti Cannon EVER!!!!!!!!! The BEST Confetti Cannon EVER!!!!!!!!!
By From Cortlandt Manor, Ny

Comments about Confetti Cannon:
What an amazing sound and the confetti that shot out was absolutely beautiful. Used it for my daughters Sweet 16 and she was in total shock!!! This would definitely add a spark to your party! LOVE THIS ITEM and will repurchase in the near future.

By pegala
From Milwaukee WI

Verified Buyer

I would recommend this product. I would recommend this product.
By From Milwaukee WI

Comments about Confetti Cannon:
I used these during my daughter's surprise party and they were a huge hit. Wish I had purchased more though. A bit messy to clean up, but so worth it.